The Power of Continous Training 5

I have been working with a dynamic financial services company of 42 staff, since June 2008. My mandate was to lower the staff turnover and change the negative culture. The company had a staff turnover of 60%. After doing a needs analysis I designed and implemented a holistic programme delivering both soft skills and technical skills. The results are phenomenal. We turned the whole company around – we dropped the employee turnover down to 7% and upped the production by 20%. The company culture has improved dramatically – they are now cooperative and positive. It is such a great feeling to see first hand the true impact of my involvement. It is great when people begin to see the earning benefits of continuous learning.

I am now hungry for more such opportunities….

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5 thoughts on “The Power of Continous Training

  • ingridartus

    It seems that when staff feel that their employers invest in them, they in turn are motivated to invest in the company in turn. Loyalty, a sense of empowerment and good staff morale are great fringe benefits from investing in continuous training. Well done on such a fantastic tunaround Frances!

  • ansiefourie

    Congratulations! You are so fortunate to have such opportunities. According to my study, your sense of psychological empowerment is improved when you can see the impact of your efforts and to be able to empower others.