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Please help.
I am looking to buy training materials for some in house training I need to do and am finding it impossible. This is not accredited training and is just something we want to do to create an interest in further learning, to establish training needs, create some uniformity and awareness of standards within the company.
We would like to do this with our Foremen and Operators and plan to build on this project with accredited training by training providers through out the year, but I have drawn a blank with regards to finding “ready made” training materials, which can be modified slightly to suit our needs.

Any advice on where I can find some generic manuals would be greatly appreciated. Even the companies I use on a regular basis to do my accredited training are unwilling/unable to help. I am not sure if it is because I am just looking in the wrong places or if it is because it does not exist.

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3 thoughts on “Construction (Roads and Infrastructure)Related Training Materials

  • Donald Hanneman

    Hi Diane,
    I would suggest you do a skills audit to determine individual training needs in your company. You need to word your questionnaires / interview questions in such a way that you can determine what motivates different individuals. To create uniformity in your company you need to map your business processes and adjust your policies to each individual processes output needs. You can then design procedures for every activity. Standards are then set to ensure achievement of desired performance norms for each activity/process.
    Once you know the needs you simply have to design programme material that will benefit both individuals and the company. Training for the sake of training without benefit to the individuals and company is a waste of money. Consider external / internal mentoring for individuals with potential.