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I would like to hear from anyone who has registered with the NPI or Productivity SA as a service provider. The financial audit requirements appear to be a bit onerous so I am wondering if anyone has any advice to offer?
Turnaroundsolutions & ProductivitySA

The Social Plan Technical Support Facility, a unit of Productivity SA is inviting consultants to register on their service provider database. The unit provides turnaround solutions to companies facing business decline and facilitates proactive problem solving that prevents decline of stable companies. Productivity SA therefore invites applications from consultants that are qualified and experienced in the following areas:

Turnaround Project Management: This involves selling the Social Plan to potential clients, signing up the clients and managing the turnaround project. Must have knowledge of financial and productivity indicators
Diagnostic investigation of business performance – determining the causes of company decline and recommending interventions for the turnaround
Industrial Engineering techniques – eg TQM, Layout, Inventory, Production Planning etc
Development of Business Plans & financial restructuring: Compilation of business plans in formats acceptable to targeted funding institutions; also restructuring of debt, equity & asset structure to maximize returns
Negotiations & collaboration between management & workers – facilitation of enabling agreements in situations of conflict; facilitation of a culture of collaboration
Human Resource Management: Organizational design; skills development planning; reward and recognition systems, employee motivation etc
Training: Development of skills through classroom and on-the-job training techniques.

Interested parties should send a profile, detailing experience, competencies and contact details to Productivity SA on e-mail: or fax 011 848 5555 or contact us on 011 848 5310.

The Social Plan, an outcome of the Presidential Jobs Summit, emphasises the tripartite relationship in both governance and delivery. Organisations in decline should strive to avoid job losses and engage the Social Plan to help them devise turnaround and redeployment strategies.
Productivity SA was tasked at the Jobs Summit with the responsibility for the first phase of the Social Plan. This phase urges organisations in decline and the unions to collaborate in establishing Future Forums that would look ahead to identify problems, challenges and possible solutions through turnaround and redeployment strategies.
A fundamental element of the Social Plan is recognising that every effort at achieving economic growth involves people. Programmes are to be introduced to address skills development and to empower retrenches to face demands in the workplace. …

Technical assistance
The Social Plan’s Technical Support Facility provides assistance and support to organisations and industry sectors to prevent future job losses and employment decline. The Facility will assist and support Future Forums on a partially subsidised basis … Social Plan funds are available to cover the cost of strategic interventions and if applicable, the organisation must agree to cover its portion of the project costs.

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