I read an interesting article: COMPANIES NOT RECLAIMING SKILLS REBATE, Cape Argus of July 1, 2009
The purpose of the SDA is to create a formal framwork to educate and upgrade people’s skills.

Companies can claim back a percentage of the money spent on training. I cannot understand why companies do not send their staff more on training. I am fortunate to be at an institution that believes in staff development and not once that when I’ve applied to be send on a course, denied my application. The college encourages us to go for training, because they realize that it is to the advantage of the institution PLUS they can claim back a percentage of the money.

According to the article I read, more than 80% of companies that are eligbible for the levy rebate don’t claim back any of the money for the training their staff went on. What can be the reason for this? Don’t they realize that the money that they contribute to the NSF is not money ‘down the drain’? Do they know how to reclaim the money … is that the reason?
Wilma de Villiers

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