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Test your right-brain skills. I am offering a FREE Brain Profile to anyone who can solve the puzzle at Ultimate Puzzle The challenge you face is to discover a thinking process linked to the ancient mysteries: the Green Language, the Philosopher’s Stone, and the Kabbalist’s Daath. There is an innate […]

Ultimate Puzzle – ALT(Mx)

I am very interested in the sourcing of human resources, services and products for training providers. If i would like to assist training providers with their day to day management and sourcing of products, services and human factor such as moderators, assessors, and product developers. How do i go about […]

How do we go about…………….?

I feel that there should be a high degree of quality when it comes to printing of training material. It is essential that the learner have access to clear and readable training material in order to achieve the highest score. We offer quality printing of training material such as learner […]

Printing of Training Material