Neethling Brain Instruments

I’ve attached a free e-book to explain the system. NBI is one of the world’s leading batteries. Trainers, consultants, HR professionals, executive coaches, psychologists, business people from all walks of life, students and parents use the NBI products and services to help their clients and themselves take the guesswork out of personal and professional growth.

Available NBIā„¢ Profiles: Adult Instrument; Teacher/Trainer; Eating Habits; Student; Parenting style; Leadership style; Relationship style; Creativity; Learning style; Personal Skills; Personal Negativity; Rugby; Rugby Referee; Soccer; Golf; with more in the pipeline. These profiles can be done online and only take about 20 minutes.
You can email me at for special rates on individual profiles or package deals.

Download the NBI e-book Discovering your whole brain_LR.pdf.

I use this system because it offers inexpensive profiling that is simple to use and effective in dealing with all kinds of problems that arise from us all having different thinking styles.

I use it as a platform from which to launch into teaching a right-brain language of symbols in modules that start with advanced mind-mapping that anyone can learn. What follows is training in an alternative language of thought that appeals to special interest groups, those who have a sense of there being a missing language with which to harness whole-brain thinking.

I also use it as a tool to help with HR/IR interventions such as conflict mngt, perf mngt and performance mngt. One of the advantages is that we can generate team profiles to get insight into decision making styles.

Quote from D.Bohm “Indeed, for both the rich and the poor, life is dominated by an ever growing current of problems, most of which seem to have no real and lasting solution. Clearly we have not touched the deeper causes of our troubles. It is the main point of this book that the ultimate source of all these problems is in thought itself, the very thing of which our civilization is most proud, and therefore the one thing that is “hidden” because of our failure seriously to engage with its actual working in our own individual lives and in the life of society.”

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