Women and Child Abuse By Dr John Mbuya

About this book—————-

This book is not an academic treatise, but rather anecdotes and observations personally experienced by an African who is interested in transforming the plight of women and children in our society. The style has been deliberately borrowed from African and European traditional story telling and you may find it high-flown, fast-moving and too simplistic. The aim of this book is to awaken the reader about the plight of women and children in a civilized society. This book will play a critical role in breaking down the walls of silence and setting free millions of women and children in our society who are being subjected to inhuman treatment by the society in general.

The book will take you through the definition of the problem of abuse in our society, the myths and facts about battering and abuse, emotional abuse, physical abuse, verbal abuse, sexual abuse and the finally the cycle of abuse. The cycle of control and the psychological effect of battering have been researched thoroughly. The book will take you through the cycle of abuse and control with special emphasis on why women stay in an abusing relationships, the characteristics of the abuser and his /her victim, the warning signs, the excuses abusers use, effects of abuse on children, crisis counseling, voicing the violence, crisis intervention, qualities of a good crisis counselor, planning to leave, personalized safety plan, what to take when you leave, legal remedies and many useful tips and hinds. Part two of the book will take you through over 50 real life case studies of abuse in our society. All case studies have been taken from all over the world, from Cape Town to Cairo, North Pole to South Pole, New York to Tokyo.

My gratitude goes to all the people around the world who contributed to the case studies. Your contributions will make this world a better place for all of us.

For further information please visit www.riskcycles.com

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