One year until the Fifa 2010 World Cup 1

It is now less than one year until the start of the Fifa 2010 World Cup. This time next year the world’s focus will be on South Africa where they will be watching the soccer action, and watching how well we run the event.

The stadiums will be ready but will the rest of our national infrastructure be able to cope? The head of communications authority Icasa has already warned the cellphone networks that they have to increase their capacity to ensure that they will be able to handle the rush during the campaign.

Will our service levels stand up to the demands of international visitors? Still too often I experience great venues but terrible levels of service which shows me that customer service training is not happening.

Then again maybe we just suffer from a national disease of underestimating what we can achieve! I’ve also had terrible service overseas so maybe we shouldn’t give ourselves such a hard time. There will be problems, there always are with international sporting events, but I’m confident that the Fifa 2010 World Cup will be a great success.

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