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We would like to make a difference, when business is quiet.

Our company makes a huge difference in corporate and governmental organization – through providing transformational team-building. This can be team building which touches and builds people through their own humanness, or diversity training which positively impacts relationships and teams.

It has been described by a Legal Aid as, “Afro centric linguistic and cultural basis” for training people to manage inter personal relationships.” More feedback below…

Making a difference.

We have a few open days on our calendar. As our focus is on making a difference, this means that we do not make as much of a difference as we normally do. We are not going to let an “economic crisis” stop us from positively impacting the world.

So we have decided to offer one opportunity to the right team/s to use our services, for free. Should this be accepted in the spirit in which it is offered, we will do more of the same in the future.

The offer

We are offering a free 2 day team building, for one such group, at our cost. We can cater for up to 24 people and are happy to work with any charity, NGO, or group of SMMEs. We are able to build teams, within teams.

Mthimkhulu International will supply two highly qualified multi-lingual facilitators, music, audio visual systems, systems, materials, manuals and photographs on DVD.

The offer excludes the cost of the venue, conferencing costs and the cost of travel and accommodation for facilitators, if it is outside the Gauteng area. Perhaps one of the more socially responsible venues/corporates/ government bodies, could partner with us to handle the conferencing aspect. Alternatively the selected group, can fund the conferencing.

Our contribution is over R 30 000. The potential to transform conflicted/ non-performing and challenged teams is huge. Please see feedback – below.

Do you know of any potential teams that need our services?

Should you know of any such group that wants/ needs a team build, we would love to hear from them.We need a response within 7 days, so that we can either make a difference – or find another way to get our skills out into the World.”

We will choose a group/ team within 1 week of the closing date – 12/6/2009. We will put that decision, in this blog. Please note that we will carefully consider our decision – and that the decision will be final.

We can all make a contribution.

John Kehoe, the author of Mind Power says, “Always give more than you are paid for.”

We also encourage others who have skills and/ or resources to share, to do the same. There comes a time when we make a difference, because we can, not simply because it makes us money. In this way we begin the system of “paying it forward.”

Kind regards,

Brian Moore
082 554 2188

Client feedback

On behalf of “Team U.S.” from the U.S. Consulate General in Durban, I write to extend our appreciation to the entire Mthimkhulu team for an unparalleled experience in cultural sensitization and team-building!

The two-day session with Mthimkhulu made our diverse team stronger and more supportive of one another. We have participated in team-building activities for the past several years, but many of my colleagues told me that Mthimkhulu’s program was by far the most meaningful and most effective in fostering good communication, mutual respect, and a strong spirit of cooperation among our multi-cultural staff– “exactly what was needed” in the words of one staff member.

I particularly appreciate your thoughtfulness and absolute dedication to Mthimkhulu’s goal of “bringing change to the world,” which came across in all that you did, and made the session so worthwhile. Your organization was selected to conduct our team-building in large measure because follow-through beyond the event is an integral part of your method. We did not desire a once-off feel good event. You more than met our expectations, providing a kick-start and a path for us to engage in a fun but serious process of continually developing and nurturing our Consulate team.

I look forward to staying in contact with you and your team so that we can maintain the positive impact of our Mthimkhulu experience.

With sincere thanks and warm regards,

Jill Derderian,
Consul General

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