The NCV has been somewhat of a disater at most colleges and I think many will be happy to focus again on skills training with more mature learners. However, the colleges will not be able to cope with the volume of people and so private providers will have to be utilised. Hoepefully the QCTO will streamline some of the procedures needed as registration through the SETA’s is somewhat nightmarish for smaller providers and even the courses run at FET colleges.

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  • Samantha Schwenk

    Hi Tessa,

    Not only at smaller Colleges, but at some SME’s too. The problem they have is that even though it is on a level 2, the pitch is more of a level 4. So the screening of these learners/students is critical to success. The other problem is that the facilitator/lecturer may not have the relevant experience to carry across some of the unit standards to the learner/student and therefore they get behind. NVC is suppose to be a process of off learning and end result of having your own business, which is built up on your business plan. This is not happening. So definitely critical points, good mentors (business people), good facilitator (relevant subject matter expertise) and proper learner/student selection, will ensure that the project is a success.