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Jack Hough has written a fascinating article on the real value of a four-year university education, in terms of value spent and value gained. Reducing a degree to a financial decision, Hough takes the example of two matriculants – one who earns a degree using a financial loan, and by […]

The value of 4-year degrees

I’ve attached a free e-book to explain the system. NBI is one of the world’s leading batteries. Trainers, consultants, HR professionals, executive coaches, psychologists, business people from all walks of life, students and parents use the NBI products and services to help their clients and themselves take the guesswork out […]

Neethling Brain Instruments

Sincerity can be defined as the act of expressing the truth about our thoughts and feelings, free of lies and double mindedness. It comes in many forms, one of which is honesty. If the sincerity of your words is questionable, then nothing you say will be trusted. By saying what […]

About Sincerity

Labour Minister Membathisi Mdladlana is now in his eleventh year heading his department and shows no sign of slowing down. Speaking ahead of his budget speech to parliament Mdladlana explained that nearly all of the country’s labour laws will be amended in the coming months. The Labour Relations Act will […]

SA labour laws up for review

I have studied the financial disciplines and have also seen the chaos of ’95 in South Africa and what that caused. I have seen who profited and who lost from it. Also trained in banking and understand clearly how the system works, who it profits and who it costs. I […]

Justification Against Debt

This was the subject of this week’s Business Pulse survey. We wanted to know which platform would be the choice for businesses at this point next year. The results broke down as follows: LinkedIn — 39 percent Facebook — 26 percent Twitter — 19 percent Other — 12 percent MySpace […]

Business Pulse Survey