Will our 2010 service delivery score an own goal? 2

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2010 provides us with an opportunity to showcase our country and our talents; all visitors will need to check into hotels and boarding establishments, and they’ll all need to eat and drink. Riaan Oosthuizen’s article – previously published on www.hotelandrestaurant.co.za – asks whether our hospitality industry is adequately preparing and up-skilling the staff who will provide these services.

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2 thoughts on “Will our 2010 service delivery score an own goal?

  • Sylvia F. Hammond Post author

    Hi Peter, this is definitely “signpost” time as I have also been training today – entrepreneurs mainly involved in hospitality & tourism & related businesses, such as guesthouses, crafts, tour operators, and I am so motivated by their response & the potential they display – we have so much to offer & as you say the outcomes could be so good.

  • Peter John Trollope

    Wow, talk about synchronicity, I was involved in a similar discussion this morning. Last week I had to develop a training program for staff not normally involved directly with tourists, eg. cleaning and other contractors at airports, shopping centres and so on. The program creates huge awareness of the economic benefits of the tourism and travel industry to our region and country, and then build on this through the way the particular staff can contribute within their own work roles. Also covered was preparation in case of direct contact – eg. interaction, and body language, courtesy and also being prepared with an understanding and knowledge of layout and facilities.

    This is a new brief for me as I have not been involved directly with Hospitality before, but in researching and developing and commencing with the pre implimentation briefing of facilitators, I realised the magnitude of work that still has to be done -not only in direct but also indirect industries.

    The facilitators where excited and concerned. “This should be shouted out from the roof tops, featured daily in community newspapers etc. ” they said.

    They were reacting to one of the mind blowing stats I unearthed from my research. The Global Tourism market was worth USD 856 Billion in 2007. South Africa is not featured anywhere in the top performing 10.( I am not sure of our actual ranking – anyone please?)

    If just 2 additional out every 100 tourists per year decided to choose South Africa as a destination we would have 0 unemployment, huge rise in average income and living standard and an economy like an Ox. Even an additional 1 would be great.

    Considering everything we have to offer, it seems like a worthwhile goal to me. The 2010 event could be the catylist for this.

    Serious GOYA material?