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Fax Scam!
I am still receiving feedback from candidates who receive an unsolicited email requesting them to fax their updated CV and supporting documents (which generally includes ID, Drivers licence and certificates). The fax number 086 email to fax number and in some cases they also claim to be contacting you from one of the larger recruitment agencies! Unfortunately scammers use this information to steel your identity and qualifications and in the worse case marry you off or open up accounts in your name!

So in short…
1.If a recruiter wants to do an education check on you then they need your signed permission and a copy of your certificate. However these checks cost money, so it is cheaper for them to interview you first. Recruiters usually request that you to bring this information with you to your interview.
2.When applying for jobs don’t send all of your supporting documentation. At this stage of the recruitment process they will only need your CV to see if you qualify for the current position. And let’s face it no one wants to download large files and attachments!

If you are worried that the fax request is legitimate and that you may miss out on a job opportunity then do a quick Google search. Find the agencies contact number and phone and ask to speak to the relevant consultant. This way you can phone to find out if this is a legitimate request and will have an opportunity to sell yourself into being granted an interview.

Paying to put your CV forward for a position

The law clearly states that a recruiter is not allowed to charge you to put your CV forward for a position. However by law you are not allowed to rape, hi-jack and murder people so don’t think that this is not happening!

Recruitment agencies make their money from charging their client (the employer) so legally they are not allowed to charge a candidate during a recruitment process.

If you are asked to pay “to apply for a job” or an “administration fee” then warning bells must be going off in your head! Always ask yourself what are you paying for? And what do you receive for your money?

Candidate Assistances does not put you forward for a position however our services provide you with the searching and interview skills to find your own job. Which include but are not limited to Mock interviews (to find out where you are going wrong), Candidate Pack including: 170 interview questions, personalised agency list, covering letters and various scripts. And therefore we are allowed to charge for our services.

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3 thoughts on “Scams in the recruitment environment

  • Bronwyn Newman

    I must thank you for the warning you gave. I received 4 emails today requesting that exact information – Having read your blog last week , i was not encouraged in anyway to submit my personal details, even more so since i have not been applying for any job.

  • Denise Mc Creadie Post author

    Hi Mario

    Under normal circumstances I would agree with you about the ID number and Passport number. However in the 15 years of screening CV’s the 1st 2 things that I think of when I see a CV with out the ID number is:

    1. This person is very old and is trying to hide their age
    2. They are an illegal immigrant

    I would then look at their high school details to see what year they and where they matriculated, to confirm my suspicions. Depending on the position (and how many CV’s I had to screen) if I could not confirm that they are South African and I could work out their age I would move on to the next CV.
    Unfortunately recruiters spend very little time on each CV so you have to make sure that they can see your nationality and date of birth.

    I know that this sound very discriminatory… but unfortunately recruitment is discriminatory by nature (as only one person is going to get the job). So just make sure that your CV “sells” you correctly and that you are not regretted because the recruiter could not see that you were suitable for the position.



  • Miro Bagrov

    Reduce the risk by: Never Including any personal detais such as ID numer or Passport number.

    Remember that the “check ups” on such things such as valididty of ID books are conducted by emploers at the final stage, just before emplyment. That is the only time to disclose.