Heartlines Mentors

Today I met with Stacey Dlamini who together with her husband Buhle is heading up the Heartlines Mentors. This looks like a great informal way to get into mentoring . Their brochure states the following: The Heartlines Mentorship initiative seeks to support ordinary South Africans who wish to journey alongside a young person who is already known to them.
This is the process to follow if you are interested:
Go to their website for more details.www.forgood.co.za
Click on the Mentor tab and follow the links.
Those without internet access can apply by smsing the word “mentor” to 33250.
The sms costs R1.00.
Their call centre will call you and ask you some questions to approve your status as a mentor.

They have produced some great material to help you with the mentoring process.

They hope to recruit at least 10 000 mentors and get young people connected with mentors that will walk a road with them.

This is a wonderful way to support one young person in our country and start to make a difference.

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