A Poem for Jacob Zuma 3

This took my breath away enjoy dear friends!!!!!!

Well another election has passed and despite the apprehension which each of us felt, we can again be proud of the peaceful and successful way in which the process was carried out. Now it’s time to get stuck in and give the new leaders our support. Mark Berger conveys most of our feelings in the light hearted poem below.


O JZ dear JZ
Our new leader you are
From humble beginnings
You’ve really come far.

And now is your time
To shine and be strong
And make a real difference
And prove them all wrong.

We hope you will show us
The man that you are
With the mind of a politician
And the voice of a rock star.

The ladies will swoon
And many will say
That you use much less botox
Than Zille of the DA.

You’ve shrugged off the charges
You’ve given us hope
You even have managed
To fight off the COPE.

We hope you are firm
We hope you are fair
We hope you will never
Put colour in your hair.

We hope you can calm us
When voices are shrill
We hope you get along with
Patricia de Lille.

As well as the opposition
Who will question you so
And challenge your decisions
To ensure that we grow.

For we really do need you
And you really need us
But who really needs
The Freedom Front Plus?

Our politicians are many
Their ideas are too
But it’s not what they say
It’s about what they DO!

We want you to solve
The serious dilemma
Of that very strange man
Called Julius Malema.

And also the Taxis
Who break all the rules
And endanger our lives
And drive like real fools.

We need lots of jobs
And houses and things
And maybe in our parks
For the kids, some swings?

We need much less crime
And violence and fear
And much less of those who
Make corruption their career.

We want service delivery
And efficiency and speed
And competent people
We do urgently need.

To run the departments
Which impact the lives
Of our sons and our daughters
And our parents and wives.

And Africa she needs us
To show her the way
Out of gradual decline
And rapid decay.

But don’t try to fix Africa
By neglecting the South
As was tried by Mbeki
With his pipe in his mouth.

Our economy is strong
And it can still get stronger
If the minister of finance
Could just stay a bit longer?

Cause we want this to work
And we need you to win
And make better lives for those
Who voted you in.

Without grabbing the farmland
Without calling for war
Without making the mistakes
Of Mad Bob next door.

We’re a Banana Republic
I’m hearing some say
But I think we are more like
A Choc Nut sundae.

With some white and some brown
And some nuts in between
And a warm, rich black topping
With a dollop of cream.

So we hope you’re a fighter
Who will fight the good fight
For the blacks and the coloureds
And indians and whites

We hope you will lead us
With vision and grace
So we can become
A much better place.

Yes you are our leader
And we wish you the best
As the next few years
Put you to the test.

So we send you best wishes
And hope you do well
And as they say in the classics

Good Luck Msholozi!

Mark Berger

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3 thoughts on “A Poem for Jacob Zuma

  • Robert Sekwele Post author

    I would just like to say i did not write the poem, as you see at the bottom Mark Berger is the author, i just thought it was so cool!!!!!

  • gaildewaal

    JZ is in a similar position that Nelson Mandela was when he left prison and stood in front of the masses – his message was to determine the direction our country would move in – he chose reconciliation, true freedom and foregiveness – he made the right choice. Now Jacob Zuma again stands in front of the masses and he can make a choice to determine the direction our country will move in – as you say, only time will tell!