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Hi all Assessors,

I am new in the profession having been a teacher at High school for five years and a lecturer for a year and experience in HR and recruitment. I am registered with the SSETA for various Unit Standards and I am in the process of extending the scope of registration to include many qualifications that are business and HR related. I hold a BCom Hons in HR and a Social Science degree in Industrial, Organisational and Labour Studies majoring in HR.

I need guidance in pricing of both facilitation and assessing. How does one price the facilitation of a single Unit Standard and a Qualification? Does one have to price it in terms of hours or the whole Unit Standard? If it is a qualification how is pricing determined ?

If its the whole qualification, what is the cost of assessing the POEs?

Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.

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One thought on “Facilitation and Assessor Pricing

  • Tricia Jones

    Hi Fikile,

    In my experience, facilitation can be charged as a daily rate and assessment as an hourly/consultancy rate.
    But all in all it’s your call… it’s your service and you decide how best to cost it, as long as at the end of the day it is justifiable….

    Hope that helps?