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I am interested in information regarding learner success rates for SDF workshops. Various Providers are offering courses of between 4 and 8 days in duration and it seems that many Learners loose interest after attending contact sessions and never submit their portfolios.

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One thought on “Skills Development Facilitator training

  • Linda Ingram

    Hi Russel. We’ve been running SDF training courses for a while now. We have changed the way in which we manage the process though to ensure that our learners hand in portfolios. The manner in the training is expected to be delivered, is that you cover a topic in a training session and then leave the learner (with guidance where required) to implement what they have just learned. By managing the training in this fashion the work that is done by the learner between the training days produces the evidence they need for their PoE’s. Hence our last training days are usually spent assisting them to complete the PoE and they would hand this in on the day. The OPEN LEARNING GROUP will go the extra mile for the learners and assist them in the registration process at the SETA too. This method of delivery has certainly improved our success rate by more than 100%.