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I have never joint groups ever, if I say groups I mean mix it, face book, or chat rooms. But seeing that this is more of a Business side I thought well let’s try it out.

So about myself, I worked at one of South Africa’s largest Tele communications Company as an ETDP Practitioner for 11 years. Had a great impact on the service I rendered to internal employees, even launched a great learnership for the company, it took me about 4 years to decide to open my own company. The thinking behind this was if I had such a great impact internally imagine what I can do externally to help our country the great South Africa.

The company I started is called 4 The Future Training & Development Consultancy, at the same time I opened a 3* B&B called Eureka’s. Eureka’s had at least welcomed a view, customers but not busy at all I wanted to see more bumps on the bed weekly but that’s not happening. 4 The Future Training & Development Consultancy well (I don’t want to even go there) this is the most over populated market ever seen. Yet government screams, Skills, Skills, Skills, where did the providers go wrong?

So at the end of February 2008 I left to make a difference in S.A with regards to closing the Gap in the skills market. Only to my surprise, on the findings I came across the (nibbling theory) it is very much at large in the Business world. I think 1% of companies will practice synergy (1+1=3) rather than nibbling.

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2 thoughts on “THE BUSINESS WORLD

  • Amanda van der Merwe

    We can all sail together! What’s the odds. Just shows you! I will say it again.. the different goverment bodies (DOL, DTI, DOE and Seta’s, mis-communicates).
    I went through a similar experience with my “New venture” in 2007. My market reseach was right on the spot. Skills, skills, critical, scares, skills and more skills. I’ve added a bit more gravy – free training for the unemployed and unskilled people within specifically Lwandle and Khayelisha, depandable on fundings from government. Feed the learners before starting, and give them food when leaving … attending their monthly community meetings, knocking on doors of government, bla bla bla…
    At least I’ve given 11 grannies the skills to read and write for the first time, and given 24 yougsters some life skills and communication skills. (the positive side)
    Everybody said it was an excellent idea, but when it came to money, all doors was shut in my face!

    I am still keen to resperate my baby to life, but being depended on money from government, its a no-go!

  • chettur rajagopal

    Wow !! We sail in the same boat !!! Fed up of double standards, I quit a lucrative job in Training, and started… Fortunaetly I have ONE, commited client.. I spose many drops make an ocean !!! Good luck to you Nadenza !!