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Hi all, I have never joint groups ever, if I say groups I mean mix it, face book, or chat rooms. But seeing that this is more of a Business side I thought well let’s try it out. So about myself, I worked at one of South Africa’s largest Tele […]


To those interested, Throughout the years, I’ve learnt a lot. Every time I made a mistake or wrong choice I took the positive. That’s how you learn, making mistakes – if you don’t make mistakes how can you grow? My motto in life is “you can”, try everything (except Bungi […]

Trying a New Venture

Proudly South African Dave is an internationally recognized marketer, trainer, consultant, entrepreneur, professional speaker, and acclaimed author of the bestsellers ‘Up where you belong’ and ‘Have Be Do Anything you want’. Dave is a trusted member of the prestigious EMA International’s Global Facilitator Network™. Dave is a people development practitioner […]

Dave Boreham – Professional Speaker- International Consultant and Facilitator

Khanyisela Training’s 100% BEE status, together with its accreditation, ensures that it is favourably situated to deliver a world-class service to its clients. Khanyisela Training is an accredited training company, providing corporate training to large and small companies, corporations, private enterprises, government bodies, NGO’s and other training institutions. Having been […]

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