Cathy Foden and Dawn Harrison are both ex teachers who have taught at both government and private schools in Kwazulu Natal. They have resigned from the comfort and security of regular jobs to research and investigate the reasons behind our Nations poor Matric results and want to make a difference!

During their research and findings the reasoning behind the poor results in South Africa were found to be complex and varied, however, the major focus of their new enterprise is that teachers in South Africa need empowering. Respect for the teacher is sorely lacking juxtaposed with the implementation of the new curriculum which has caused much angst among teachers.

“I find that I have become an administrator rather than a teacher,” was a common complaint.

They believe with firm conviction that teaching is a calling over and above earning a monthly salary. Dawn and Cathy have written courses addressing the plethora of problems that face teachers today and believe that they offer solutions to the many frustrations. Their courses range from assessment issues to discipline in the classroom and good old fashioned teaching skills.

They both are of the firm conviction that teachers need to be motivated, encouraged and reminded of why they chose the profession in the first place.

“I could not imagine myself doing anything else,” was the opinion of a teacher who was interviewed. Both Dawn and Cathy felt that this was the main focus of many teachers who are trying to empower our youth and has propelled them both into investing time writing courses to address the unique situation in South Africa.

Both Cathy and Dawn have had 25 years experience in the teaching profession and are fully committed to empowering and restoring pass

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