10 days of prayer against corruption

By dessquire, 12 December, 2017

I read with interest a section in a book by Johan Piper (Don't waste your life page 131/132) where he encourages us all to adopt a "wartime mentality" in approaching various areas and aspects of our lives. There is a battle currently being fought "between good and evil in every human heart"

The ANC conference will commence in the next 4 days and I would like to encourage all members of this forum, irrespective of faith or belief to join in prayer for the success of the conference.

In particular I would like to encourage all to pray for those involved in the war between "good and evil in every human heart...between truth and falsehood in our country.... between justice and injustice in our legislature....between integrity and corruption in all areas of our society and government... between love and hate in every ethnic group".... and for the removal of all those in power who have their own self interest at heart.

Over the next 10 days I urge all to join in prayer that love, honesty and fairness will prevail. Pray that the future leaders of our country will become more aware of the meaning of truth, justice and honesty and put an end to corruption and dishonesty. Pray that the new leaders will put the interest of our country and of our people first - above their own selfish self interest.

Please pass this prayer request on to all your friends and associates and let us join together for the eradication of corruption, dishonesty, selfishness, self interest. Let us pray that God may take control of what is to happen in the next 10 days and that He will lead those involved to make the right decision for the right reasons.  ys



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