Sharp Sense: Promoting the safety of health care workers

Sep 12, 2011
Healthcare workers face the risk every day of exposure to bloodborne pathogens because of needlestick injuries. In this short video, a nurse, an HIV/AIDS counsellor and an HIV/AIDS physician share their personal experiences with needlestick injuries. This program stresses basic protection and prevention, personal coping with needlestick injuries, and management of potential risk with post-exposure prophylaxis. It underscores the importance of occupational health and safety interventions by health worker trade unions and hospital management. The protection offered by safety-engineered devices such as retractable needles is highlighted, notably because of the possibility of eliminating needlestick injuries through their widespread introduction.
18 mins.

"Sharp Sense" was produced by Public Services International with partial support from the PSI-affiliated unions ST and VISION of Sweden, and LO-TCO Bistandsnamnd, the Swedish trade union movement's international cooperation organisation.

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