Pres. Thabo Mbeki speech at USB on Knowledge

Jan 19, 2012

Watch the full keynote speech of the honourable Thabo Mbeki, former president of the Republic of South Africa, delivered at the opening of the University of Stellenbosch Business School (USB) International Knowledge Management Conference on Monday, 16 January 2012.
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Comment by Klaas Riemann on January 24, 2012 at 18:51

Dr Mbeki's keynote speech about 'Knowledge Management' highlights with many examples the use of extensive misinformation to further the agendas of the military industrial financial political power centres, and he wishes for 'Democratisation of Knowledge' to further 'Human Advancement'. He asks the conference to fill in the details.

Another take on the subject is to allow that 'Human Advancement' is happening when the energy consumption per citizen increases and the 'Country Inequality Coefficient' decreases. Different scenarios exist depending on a country's mineral and energy resources.

Where there are no resources left, like in Germany for instance, a high energy consumption (equivalent to a 'rich' lifestyle) can only be maintained by ensuring the rest of the world buys BMWs, VWs etc - knowledge is crucial to maintain the edge over the competitors.

In warm South Africa, with the world's cheapest powerstation coal and abundant mineral resources (2nd richest in the world (Platinum mainly)) our energy consumption per person (ref. Nationmaster)is the same as in the UK and 17% less than that of Germany, and 40 times that of Kenya. Knowledge is not crucial in maintaining our rich status. However, our inequality index is the 10th biggest in the world (Denmark, according to surveys rated the happiest country, in spite of the weather, has the most equal citizens of all countries!).

The talk should be all about reducing inequality. Ban ruinous chinese imports to create jobs, put corrupt people into jail (from suppliers also) instead of redeploying them,  use exports mainly to purchase capacity building goods and services, use education funds to educate and skill people. We have every advantage, except the will. And role models.

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