SAQA Amended Policy for Evaluating Foreign Qualifications

By sylviahammond, 2 June, 2024

nqf subframeworksThe South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) has published an amended Policy for Evaluating Foreign Qualifications within the South African NQF (National Qualifications Framework). This 2024 policy amends and replaces the previous Policy and Criteria for Evaluating Foreign Qualifications within the South African NQF published in 2017. 

The policy includes the right of appeal and the processes to follow, and also includes the right of SAQA to revoke a previous evaluation, and the rights of the holder in those circumstances.

In terms of the NQF Act 67 of 2008, SAQA holds the mandate to advance the objectives and oversee further development of the NQF. SAQA is also required to coordinate the NQF sub-frameworks. They are: Umalusi, responsible for qualifications on the General and Further Education & Training Sub Framework (GFETQSF); the Council on Higher Education (CHE)- responsible for the Higher Education Qualifications Sub Framework (HEQSF); and the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations - responsible for the Occupational Qualifications Sub Framework (OQSF). The updated policy is  attached. 



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