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Democratic Constitution & Bill of Rights - Most unequal socio-economic & political society !

Call it what you like, it remains government with a strong nationalist foundation equal to that of an oppressive and discriminatory National Party government. Nationalism breeds discontent and justice and freedom are compromised.

Xenophobia is at the core of a fragmented government that tells the world of a democracy constitution when in fact most minority South African groups are disadvantaged through various discriminatory government policies and regulations that result in practices…


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The Annual Budget Speech following the State of the Nation address by Honourable State President Jacob Zuma.

"When you lying awake with a dismall headache and repose is tabood by anxiety, I conceive you may use any language you choose without impropriety" .................

Now is the time to change direction and forget the nonsensical that follow after both of these announcements. Professor after professor of economics, political science, and the financial fundis will be there to help you in your stress and anxiety by overcoming the "bull" and to give the masses of people a sleeping pill. It…


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The Rights of the Speaker of the House of Parliament in Joint Sittings of the House.

The Honourable State of the Nation Address at a Joint Sitting of Parliament, Thursday, 11 February 2016.

The Speaker has the democratic power and right to call the House to Order.

The Speaker has indicated that there is only one matter that will be dealt with at this evening's sitting of the House is to allow the Honourable President to give his State of the Nation Address.

No member of the House has the right to bring the Speaker to order, nor to bring the House…


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Economic Progress in a truly democratic country where all our young adults are treated fair and equal.

It is a travesty of justice and in direct conflict with principles of freedom and democracy when the government enforce legislation based on race and culture on the commercial and business sectors as well as on civil society, that feed the mouths of the politicians and the nation at large.

The courts of law, political parties, and the corporate sectors, including religious organisations and academic institutions are silent on these issues in-spite of visible proof that the masses of…


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Economic Savvy - Beyond Leadership

The most critical challenge for business, government and labour is to deal with any potential and significant investment that may be injected through BRICS, Britain, France, Germany and the United States. Our labour force deserves the best and with all of these challenges come opportunities, accountabilities and most importantly our responsibilities.

I am not sure whether we as a nation is able to match the human capital that may be required in order for the machinery of the economic…


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Economic Transformation The Quantum Leap.

"Die een se dood is die ander se brood" Europe is in die nood, Amerika en Britanje is hopeloos te laat.

Africa has a major role to play in world economics and South Africa whilst still reeling from its racist past, need to "smell the coffee" and take corrective action NoW rather than later in contributing to racial and cultural emancipation and rescind all laws that prohibit the equal freedom, liberties, rights and support of all citizens as expected in a country that portrays freedom…


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Let's get the nation to work and awake government and the corporate sector away from "Day Dreaming".

The President of our nation has made great comments in proposing the industrialisation of the South African economy and also acknowledging that the global economies are "sick". We truthfully agree to these sentiments and we are prepared to assist and support our "rainbow nation" in accelerating the vision.

The notion of "..... the evil in men doth lie is oft interred in his bones ......." need to be remedied by all of us and we must be bold and prepared in creating the necessary…


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Economic transformation will change South Africa in the formidable free nation that it must aspire to become.

Now that I really have the attention of those who really believe that hanging on the culture-based sectarianism is the answer to the nation's survival must admit that Employment Equity (EE), Black Economic Empowerment (BEE), Affirmative Action (AA) and Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (BB-BEE) legislation have been central in the decline in our national economic position, as well as the decline in our quality of life, UBUNTU, security, business and entrepreneurial…


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Economics - The way to effect real change & transformation.

My conscience has been challenging my Heart for over 20 years into our democracy and repeatedly tell me that Affirmative Action (AA), Employment Equity (EE), Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) and Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (BB-BEE) are are the latest "buzz" words for job reservation, Pluralism, segregation and Apartheid. It smacks as much like racism and oppression to me.

Can anyone justify that this system portrays a "free and fair" country that is sacred to its national…


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Beyond Leadership - A Programme that will incite good attitude, accept responsibility and meaningful change in attitude.

Beyond Leadership.

Leadership is about you and no-one else ...........

Leadership has no partner and it is all about your attitude ..........

Attitude can change ourselves in how we see others demonstrating their determination for real growth & development ..........

We need to change our attitude towards ourselves and towards the betterment of people ..........

Beyond Leadership will effectively develop people towards responsibility and efficiency…


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Economics & Entrepreneurship Inspired - I need a skill to stimulate the economy

It is indeed challenging to recognise the many opportunities that are facing South Africa and its citizens in-spite of various negative sources on how the country is managed.

South Africa is in a quantum leap situation and have to look at all socio-political and economic scenarios that will create sustainable and measurable opportunities and jobs in order to ensure more equality and stability. The business sectors and civil society need to be much more active in developing and…


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Economic Driven Challenges For All Entrepreneurs & all Humanity.

It is realistic to assume that micro entrepreneurship can make a significant difference in creating opportunities for start-up businesses, and thereby creating essential jobs critical in the reduction of unemployment.

Mindset, however, will have to focus more on practical skills and labour intensive production and in spreading the profits more equitably with the workers. It is necessary that we spend more of our national resources in developing human skills and human capacities, build…


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Small Business & Entrepreneurship in Action.

Congratulations to our democratic government in initiating a Ministry for Small Business Development and recognising that the best part of our national economy is driven by entrepreneurs and small businesses.

It is a breakthrough for entrepreneurs and for the black masses of potential business people in that some major corporations and major sectors in our economy were certainly ensuring that such a ministry were left off the political agenda for the past twenty years in developing…


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Economic Suicide.

If anyone or any business boasts the employment of talented MBA's (Masters in Business Administration) then I will be ashamed as it is precisely their knowledge and wisdom over the past thirty years (at least) that has resulted in the economies of the world, America, Europe and Britain in particular that have either shown a rapid decline or absolute bankruptcy in certain regions of the globe.

It is shameful that the focus is now on how to corrupt and destroy the African economies by…


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Human Capital Developers - Your Chance To Speak And To Act.

The politicians had the opportunity, so did the various education departments and academic institutions, not forgetting the business sectors who incidentally is now feeling the pinch of the economic downturn.

"For crying out aloud", what has become of those astute economists and entrepreneurs who were doing so well in keeping us proud in what we do well in keeping sustainable development of our economy on a reasonable growth path? How do we understand "freedom", "free market…


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Education And Welfare Foundation *Registration No. 066 - 896 - NPO * Public Benefit Organisation No. 930035277

It is with humility that I have accepted to serve as the Treasurer and the Education Project Director of The Education And Welfare Fondation.

Purpose: Is to promote and develop social and education projects for the people from the townships of the Western Cape that will enhance the quality of life of various disadvantaged communities and to build and strengthen the capacity and empowerment of the nation.

There is…


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Culture & Behaviour Leadership - 76 - Toss & Turn The SETA Landscape, The Outcome Is Procrastination

One feels somewhat helpless when the powers to be in creating a turn-around strategy in the human capital that are required to empower the helpless to enter the 1st & 2nd economies are not effective as the approach of leaving it up to the Sector Education & Training Authorities (SETA's) to give impetus to sustainable economic growth & development is a tall order indeed.

It will be interesting to attend sessions between SCOPA, SETA's and a Parliamentary Select Committee to…


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Workers Day - A Commitment to the down-trodden disempowered South Africans.

The portrayed "democracy" that is shared smacks of racism and has put the shackles of oppression around the necks of each and every one of us.

The government has certainly improved on the manner of racial divide in identifying its subject as African, Coloured, Asian or White and ensured the recognition of the disabled as a bonus. The law has with great talent exposed itself by giving advantages to their subjects based on the colour of skin. The government just uses the term…


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"You blocks, you stones, you worth than senseless things. O you hard hearted men" ........................................of a vicious government. Do you know the meaning of freedom. Do you genuinely believe that your executive, management and those who follow blindly practice freedom? Do you understand impeccable trust when you are accorded a position of Leadership of a country where inhumanity towards humanity was the practice for hundreds of years, here in our country. What did you mean…


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I find the entire debacle around the "Pale Male" appointments hilarious, revolting and almost an insult to say the least.

In reality the creation of employment equity in its present form pointing at Senior Executive Level is costing our economy a pretty penny in lost opportunities, investment growth, poor results for sustainable socio-economic development of the masses of disadvantaged communities.

The system is not working, not since democracy in 1994, twenty years later our…


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