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Don't Ever Underestimate Experience

Taken from LinkedIn - An update from Mark Varner (Belt Press and Dewatering Equipment Rentals)

A ship engine failed, no one could fix it. Then they brought in a man with 40 yrs. on the job. He inspected the engine carefully, top to bottom. After looking things over, the guy reached into his bag and pulled out a small hammer. He gently tapped something. Instantly, the engine lurched into life. The engine was fixed! 7 Days later the owners got his bill for 10k. 'What?!' the…


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Thank You Skills Universe

I thought that I understood the value of this platform, until last week. As Skills Universe error 500'd and then poof vanished, I realized that Skills Universe is an integral part of my business.

And all for Free.

So a big shout out to everyone that worked round the clock to get SU back up. I deeply appreciate everyone who works behind the scenes to make this all…


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Stop Wasting Time!

When will companies or new Training Service providers realise that when wanting to go the Accreditation route there are NO SHORTCUTS. A few weeks ago I write a blog about people usually taking good care when it comes to buying their car but actually don’t seem to care about the quality of the Training Material OR bother going the route of getting an expert in to help with Accreditation.

I wish there were a really good English version of “Goedkoop is Duurkoop” (Penny wise/Pound…


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Shopping Tips for Training Material

I am re posting this older blog of mine and have added a few more items to the Tips List.

I operate as a Hub for developers, we have over 20 different extended networks of reputable developers that we draw material from. We receive many requests. The most frustrating issue is the following:

Service providers sending us long lists of Topics that they want to train in. For example Providers ask for "Project Management" - there are many US that cover this topic, and also…


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Differentiation - Another method of Learning and Instruction

We can write the best manuals in the world but the Facilitator still needs to have some structure in the classroom, and the Facilitator Guide can help a great deal here. I have been doing some research on various manners in which knowledge can be permanently transferred to adult learners. I came across Differentiated Instruction and looked into it. Some of the principles are known in our SA environment.

Although this methodology is used in the GET band,  I wonder if it cannot be used…


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Caught in the Busy Trap? Suffering from Info Besity?

Are you caught in a busy trap, are suffering from info besity?  I am a public speaker and one of the topics that I like to speak on is the Busy Trap. 

I have been a practitioner of meditation and self awareness methods for the fabled 10000 hours and still am realising that I do not know much! But all the same feel that I can speak on this. I attended a meeting a while ago where there appeared to be a frenzy, this made me deeply uncomfortable. Tweeting while speaking, two screens up...…


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Hair Tearing - Is Your Social Media Content D.O.A.? Try This. (Infographic)

I have been posting on this forum for some time now and using it as a sales platform. It was really succesful at one stage but it appears that a drop has taken place in some cases. What have I being doing "wrong"? This info-graphic explains some top tips of gaining attention via social media. 

Is Your Social Media Content D.O.A.? Try This. (Infographic)

(excerpt from …


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Goodbye Wayne Dyer

As you are all aware two Great men passed this weekend, Wayne Dyer and Oliver Sacks. Both of them gave insight into our humanity. Wayne had this to say about what we hold inside.


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Netiquette - a reminder of good manners

Netiquette refers to the ethical behaviour online. This also has a sub topic of what NOT to say online. The internet is an open highway where you are exposed by what you say.  As an example ranting on your Facebook page about how much you hate your job, or simply bad form and attacking peoples comments and being generally rude to others. Just because you are behind a keyboard does not mean that you are invisible. Bad behavior online can cost you your job and you can lose business! Here are…


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Threshold theory,how smart do you have to be to succeed?

A few years ago I decided to leave working in the Corporate world. This was for many reasons, the biggest being I no longer wanted to work with or for people I did not resonate with. This did not change for at least a year after I left the workplace and set out on my own. I found that because I was desperate for business I made alliances that were as lying, cheating and downright unpleasant! I however have just about reached and tipping point. Things have improved - only because I stuck to…


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Meeting Tutu

It feels as if we have so few leaders in this country that stand for equal rights, humanitarian insights and fair Governance. Our own environment in education and training seems as if its losing the sights of where we all wish to be. Yes, there are glowing lights, but it feels that they are few and unseen. So when working with people who have the backing of one of the most decorated peace individuals this week, I felt hugely humbled. 

I was so blessed to have met Bishop Desmond Tutu,…


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Are you addicted to productivity porn?

Yes you read right - Productivity porn - this is an tongue in cheek look at how we get caught in the busyness trap of being the best we can by doing doing doing...

Enjoy the read - SOURCE: 

About 7 years ago, my career took a turn from being mostly in the field, hanging lights and designing projects on the fly to being mostly behind a desk designing projects at a computer. It…


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Here are 11 things I wish I knew when I started my business.

I wish I could take credit for this article, but this landed up in my InBox and I simply had to share. It had me laughing and nodding all the way!

Here are 11 things I wish I knew when I started my business. I hope they will save you some time, but at the very least, some anguish because — experience is a good teacher here — the sodium from your tears acts as a corrosive melting agent on all brands of premium ice cream, but otherwise, makes a superb saline…


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Free Lance Rates - interesting read

freelancentral's guideline rates for freelancers (2014) (31.10.13)

31.10.13  Freelancentral's guideline rates for…


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Anna Breytenbach - Animal Communicator

Not your usual post - but I know there are many here on SU that are animal lovers and share a keen interest in Conservation. 

Anna is a professional animal communicator who has received advanced training through the Assisi International Animal Institute in California, USA and has been practising for 12 years in South Africa, Europe and the USA with domestic and wild animals. The DVD is intermittently available for purchase…


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Doris Lessing on Education

Doris Lessing, the eleventh woman and the oldest person to ever receive the Nobel Prize in Literature, turned 94 yesterday. I love this beautiful woman.

Here's an excerpt from "The Golden Notebook" that every teacher and parent should read:

"Ideally, what should be said to every child, repeatedly, throughout his or her school life is something like this: You are in the process of being indoctrinated. We…


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South Africa Education Department bans Open Source Software!

Please tell me this is not true - Please tell me this is just media getting it wrong...the ramifications?!

Derek Keats reports..

Today I received a copy of a Circular…


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DANCE! 71489 Further Education and Training Certificate: Contact Centre Operations passed

Always good news to share - our latest offering 71489 Further Education and Training Certificate: Contact Centre Operations was passed today by the Services Seta evaluator... Great news... this means our full suite of Contact Centre from 2 till 4 is A for Away... connect with me for our accreditation (super) ready material NOW.

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Revive your Formative Assessments with Improvisation Techniques

Are your formative assessments boring?

I have been producing learning material for a number of years now, and also have included simple group work and really relying in the back of my mind on the ability of the facilitator to make things come alive in the class room.

This outlook changed a year a two ago, when I was introduced to Improvisation Theatre in the class room. This form of training the mind has changed the way I create formative assessments. Understandably the shy…


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Sound Familiar?

Found on…


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