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Threshold theory,how smart do you have to be to succeed?

A few years ago I decided to leave working in the Corporate world. This was for many reasons, the biggest being I no longer wanted to work with or for people I did not resonate with. This did not change for at least a year after I left the workplace and set out on my own. I found that because I was desperate for business I made alliances that were as lying, cheating and downright unpleasant! I however have just about reached and tipping point. Things have improved - only because I stuck to…


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Meeting Tutu

It feels as if we have so few leaders in this country that stand for equal rights, humanitarian insights and fair Governance. Our own environment in education and training seems as if its losing the sights of where we all wish to be. Yes, there are glowing lights, but it feels that they are few and unseen. So when working with people who have the backing of one of the most decorated peace individuals this week, I felt hugely humbled. 

I was so blessed to have met Bishop Desmond Tutu,…


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Are you addicted to productivity porn?

Yes you read right - Productivity porn - this is an tongue in cheek look at how we get caught in the busyness trap of being the best we can by doing doing doing...

Enjoy the read - SOURCE: 

About 7 years ago, my career took a turn from being mostly in the field, hanging lights and designing projects on the fly to being mostly behind a desk designing projects at a computer. It…


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Here are 11 things I wish I knew when I started my business.

I wish I could take credit for this article, but this landed up in my InBox and I simply had to share. It had me laughing and nodding all the way!

Here are 11 things I wish I knew when I started my business. I hope they will save you some time, but at the very least, some anguish because — experience is a good teacher here — the sodium from your tears acts as a corrosive melting agent on all brands of premium ice cream, but otherwise, makes a superb saline…


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Free Lance Rates - interesting read

freelancentral's guideline rates for freelancers (2014) (31.10.13)

31.10.13  Freelancentral's guideline rates for…


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Anna Breytenbach - Animal Communicator

Not your usual post - but I know there are many here on SU that are animal lovers and share a keen interest in Conservation. 

Anna is a professional animal communicator who has received advanced training through the Assisi International Animal Institute in California, USA and has been practising for 12 years in South Africa, Europe and the USA with domestic and wild animals. The DVD is intermittently available for purchase…


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Doris Lessing on Education

Doris Lessing, the eleventh woman and the oldest person to ever receive the Nobel Prize in Literature, turned 94 yesterday. I love this beautiful woman.

Here's an excerpt from "The Golden Notebook" that every teacher and parent should read:

"Ideally, what should be said to every child, repeatedly, throughout his or her school life is something like this: You are in the process of being indoctrinated. We…


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South Africa Education Department bans Open Source Software!

Please tell me this is not true - Please tell me this is just media getting it wrong...the ramifications?!

Derek Keats reports..

Today I received a copy of a Circular…


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DANCE! 71489 Further Education and Training Certificate: Contact Centre Operations passed

Always good news to share - our latest offering 71489 Further Education and Training Certificate: Contact Centre Operations was passed today by the Services Seta evaluator... Great news... this means our full suite of Contact Centre from 2 till 4 is A for Away... connect with me for our accreditation (super) ready material NOW.

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Revive your Formative Assessments with Improvisation Techniques

Are your formative assessments boring?

I have been producing learning material for a number of years now, and also have included simple group work and really relying in the back of my mind on the ability of the facilitator to make things come alive in the class room.

This outlook changed a year a two ago, when I was introduced to Improvisation Theatre in the class room. This form of training the mind has changed the way I create formative assessments. Understandably the shy…


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Sound Familiar?

Found on…


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New DNA Bill has been passed today!!!

Did you know that DNA testing or use of this science was not mandatory until today? Read a bit more about it here. Such amazing news that this FINALLY has been passed - a mile stone for prevention of crime in SA...

The information presented on the website is pre the bill being passed today but gives all the information on what this actually means.…


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Breakfast at Avontuur!

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Top 10 questions to ask yourself before you start a business

Below is an article that I cam across form de Martini. I am usually wary of shiny gurus but this is what he had to say.

If you want to open a powerful new business, read the 10 questions below. If you can answer “yes” to the majority of them, you’re pretty sure of success. “No” answers to three or more questions mean you need to stop, think and spend some time and ink strategising exactly how you’re going to turn the negatives into positives and enhance your chances of success.…


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E- Learning Platform

I am researching what e-platform would be best for me to upload and sell courses online. What platforms do you suggest?

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Then there is this:

I am saddened to read this!

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Improv and Business

London, England (CNN) -- In a business world that's more uncertain than ever it pays to be able to think on your feet. That's why some business schools are using improvisation classes to teach skills such as creativity and leadership.

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Top 100 companies use Applied improvisation

Worth reading the link, if you would like to get your training staff on par with this cutting edge method, or if you wish to use this method in effective changes in training your staff. Contact me!

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Public Speaking - sticking my neck out a bit...

I recently received a mail from Skills Universe regarding Andy Harrington the public speaker. I was delighted to receive a free ticket (I suspect that all the tickets were free?) I have been wanting to seriously step into public speaking for some time. Its part and part of the dream life that I am creating. He was good... really good and gave some excellent tips. I was one of the bold people that volunteered to try one of his speaking methodologies regarding…


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Beat the Midday Slump

Perhaps there are many of you out there that do not have this happen... but invariably somewhere in the afternoon our energy levels drop. I personally go and sit outside or go for a walk. But here are some tips and tools to help you. Taken from

If you’re like many people, shortly after lunch your head begins buzzing, your…


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