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Birthday Wishes to Sylvia Hammond

To an amazing creator of Skills-Universe, Sylvia, Portal Publishing would like to wish you a very Happy Birthday and a prosperous year ahead.

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Statement: Fire at Van der Sterr Building

On Sunday morning, 22 February 2015, a fire damaged parts of the Van der Sterr-building on the campus of Stellenbosch University (SU).

Just before 09:00 a fire alarm was activated in the control room of Campus Security and within 10 minutes Campus Security, the fire brigade and senior SU-staff were on the scene. By 09:15 it was confirmed that no staff or students were inside the building. At around 11:00 the fire was under control. On Sunday afternoon the fire brigade was still on the…


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Let's be positive about low shedding

Like most South Africans we are really frustrated with Eskom.

We have been lied to, manipulated by the truth, bullied into paying more n more for electricity and now we have load shedding that leaves us having to constantly check social platforms to make sure if it is happening and not just randomly suspended.

We are told to exercise caution now by switching off all our appliances by the plugs and also unplugging them.

Work is affected being shut down for 2… Continue

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Theory on Eskom and the Apocalypse

I thought I should share my emotional state where Eskom is concerned. 

I very often, tend to watch Discovery channels and find the many few american people a bit over the top.  They always preparing for the 'End of Days' and now lately most of these movies tend to have scenarios of these events, and how one man finds a way to survive.

Is this really far fetched?

Let's take Ebola, conspiracy theory is that rich power countries are testing the strain on…


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Invitation to Bid - Services Sector Education and Training Authority (SSETA)

The Services Sector Education and Training Authority (SSETA), a statutory body established in terms of the Skills Development Act of 1998, seeks to appoint service providers for the provision of the services listed below to be contracted for the duration of the SETA’s licence period which ends 31 March 2016.

Proc-T244: Appointment of an Insurance Broker to Provide Comprehensive Business Insurance Services

Briefing Session Details: Compulsory Date: 11…


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Women's Day at Staffing Direct

Marking Women's Month, I was lucky enough to be invited to spend the day with one of our wonderful and long standing clients Staffing…


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Lie on your CV and face jail, job seekers are warned

The Southern African Fraud Prevention Service and iFacts background screening company have both warned prospective job seekers planning to lie about their qualifications that they are committing a serious act of fraud and that they could be facing jail should employers choose to prosecute.

Image: …

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Request for quotations for delivering HIV Training



Description: Scope of work:



Appointment of Accredited Training provider to train 44 Community Health Workers to implement HIV/AIDS programmes.(Special emphasize during the training should be focused on HIV/AIDS Management and recordkeeping.It is further…


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Appointment of Accredited Training Providers for implementing the following Learnerships


TENDER NO: 02/CSS/HR/2012/13






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Respect In The Workplace

Published Articles by David Balovich

Title: Respect In The Workplace
Published in: Creditworthy…

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Our Phones ~ Wireless

Cooking ~ Fireless

Cars ~ Keyless

Food ~ Fatless

Tyres ~ Tubeless

Dress ~ Sleeveless

Youth ~ Jobless

Leaders ~ Shameless

Relationships ~ Meaningless

Attitude ~ Careless

Wives ~ Fearless

Babies ~ Fatherless

Feelings ~ Heartless

Education ~ Valueless

Children ~…


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Unfriending without offending


We all have that friend on Facebook – the one who clogs up your news feed with pictures of cats/their children/themselves pouting. Annoying, right?

Unfriending may seem like the simple solution – Facebook won’t notify them, after all. But what happens when they suddenly wonder why you…


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FREE Fasset Lifelong Learning Event - Valuing Diversity in the Workplace


Fasset invites registered members to join us in a full day workshop entitled Valuing Diversity in the Workplace.


You will learn to understand and handle diversity effectively, help contribute to an inclusive and welcoming work environment and a more productive…


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Getting ready for matric exams?

What you need to succeed

At Eduloan we aim to unlock your potential, so we have compiled a list of things that you can keep in mind while getting ready for your matric exams:

Study Tip One

Focus on time management! Compile a…


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Private life vs work life: don't let one wreck the other

Keeping your private and professional lives separate can be difficult. Sometimes the one gets in the way of the other.

The key is to keep them both in perspective in an effort to ensure one doesn’t wreck the other. Here are some tips:

Don’t talk…


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How the new Protection from Harassment Act protects you

The long anticipated Protection from Harassment Act is due to come into operation on 27 April 2013.

This Act is a great advancement in the protection of victims of harassment (including sexual harassment), in order to enforce the right of all people in South…


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Mandatory Grant due date 30 June 2013: Download your application forms now

The deadline date for submission of the Mandatory Grant is 30 June 2013.

As the 30th of June is a Sunday, Fasset offices will be closed on the weekend. We therefore encourage all employers who wish to handdeliver their documents to do so before 16h00 on Friday 28…

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