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Neuro-Ludus Brain Training Game

Neuro-Ludus Brain Training Game to Improve Information Processing Skills

There is a general consensus among employers and policy makers that analytical and information processing skills are key transversal skills necessary for a competent and productive workforce. Educators also recognized that learners need to have well developed analytical and information processing skills in order to be able to learn effectively and efficiently. Analytical skills regulate the information…


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Free Generic Management Skills Training for Transport Industry Companies & Staff

Calling all transport industry management You are invited to apply for the Generic Management Skills at NQF Level 5.

The opportunity is open to all transport Industry workers.

Minimum Requirements:

  • matric,
  • 3 years or more experience,
  • SDL number from TETA.

This is a once in a lifetime…


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Community Development Initiatives International (CDII) seeks your support

Community Development Initiatives International (CDII) 

CDII operates as a non profit company and is committed to supporting communities and encouraging sustainable livelihoods.…


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Teacher Development gets support

Teacher Development gets support


NAPTOSA, the second largest Teacher Union, has put its weight behind SACE’s Teacher Development strategy.


Government’s strategy to introduce a formal professional development programme for Teachers was implemented early this year. At last weeks KZN Naptosa Congress some 400 participants gave support for the teacher development system developed by…


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Women's Day at Staffing Direct

Marking Women's Month, I was lucky enough to be invited to spend the day with one of our wonderful and long standing clients Staffing…


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The other day I was having a discussion with someone who is more than 20 years my senior. He remarked how complex and difficult business and life has become. Things are being done so differently and technology dominates the marketplace. He admitted to being a technophobe and for the most part either unwilling or unable to make use of the various technologies that so many of us take for granted. It is challenging enough to get him to use his cellphone for much more than taking and…


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CPTD FOR TEACHERS: Continuing Professional Teacher Development

The Eazi Study Teacher Development Centre contains 20 different CPTD short courses, the revised Curriculum documents (CAPS); Government and DBE Policy documents, articles on education matters, research studies and news items. Teachers are invited to participate in the forum discussion and…


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Aligning personal and company values

by Cynthia Schoeman

Values can be different for different people. These differences can also lead to inconsistences between employees' personal values and the values of the organisation. Acting against this may appear to be curtailed by the fact that everyone enjoys the right to their personal values, a right supported by the bill of rights in the constitution. This personal right doesn't, however,…


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How Does a Company Assess its Communication Return On Investment (ROI)?

What is  Return on Investment (ROI)? Does one size fit all businesses? How does one assess ROI when it comes to communication, and particularly the training and coaching of communication skills? If your business is not grappling with these questions then it is likely missing out on a critical component of improving sales, customer experience, staff satisfaction, improvements in productivity and increases in revenue.…


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Maximising returns on employee training

For a business to flourish, it is important to stay abreast of new technology, methods and developments in industry.  It is therefore vital for business owners and personnel managers to keep updating the skillset provided by their company.

Training staff to implement new processes, or fill gaps in the business structure can be expensive. Besides course fees, employees undergoing training are not meeting their usual quota of production. So how can we ensure funds spent on…


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Why Can't The Man On The Street Learn To Speak ?

 One of my favourite musicals "My Fair Lady" has always had, and always will have, a great and very positive impact on both my life and my work. Funnily enough, I was even referred to by one of my many clients as "the Fair Lady." The ability to communicate and express oneself genuinely, whether through a musical instrument, vocally, artistically or through dance has becoming…

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"A la Carte" Restaurant Communication

I recently attended a business lunch at a restaurant that I had not visited in several months. On arrival, I was greeted by the waiters and manager at the door and was then shown to my table. Once I was seated, the waiter handed me a menu and immediately asked me what I would like to drink. Seeing that I had just sat down, I decided to take a few minutes to make the decision. General greetings and exchanging of handshakes took place and within two minutes of having been seated,…


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Crushing That Job Interview!

Attending a job interview can be quite nerve wracking. This process can either make or break the person involved. The process can sometimes be long and frustrating and you really have to have a very thick skin in order to withstand all the personal and uncomfortable questions that you will be asked. Self preparation is very important and often many people who find themselves working through this process find it tough to prepare themselves correctly and as much as possible. Many times…


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Skills degradation and obsolescence caused by long periods of unemployment need to be addressed


It can take up to 6 months or more to find a job during a period of unemployment. Globally, on average, the unemployed are experiencing longer periods of joblessness than before the financial crisis. Employers are favouring the newly unemployed when jobs do become available. This increases the risk of skills degradation and obsolescence. The resultant skills mismatch…


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Dealing with Unwanted Calls and Callers

I am certain that at some stage you have received one of "those" calls. The question is, in what manner are we dealing with them?

When training and exercising one's voice, I always encourage my clients to not scream, shout or strain their vocal chords in any way. Obviously, it is easier to remember this aspect during the voice training session. However, to remember this aspect and many others at all times, becomes tough especially when you are new at voice…


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Eduloan simply delivers employee training

Sourcing the right training programme for your employees from a trustworthy training provider is not an easy task. The additional burden of finding cost effective courses that will give a return on investment can leave HR practitioners at a loss.

Companies who don’t have the necessary human resources experience are in danger of engaging with bogus training providers or participating in subpar training programmes.

However, Eduloans new Training Fund Management service is there…


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Project Management facilitator, assessor & Moderator

Good day and compliments of the new year,

the is the period when training providers are busy trying to build a value added database of seasoned facilitators, assessor and moderators.

For a seasoned project management (US 50080) facilitator, assessor and moderator coupled with many other programmes, my story is simply; check my personal website for details at

book mark my…


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Opportunities for senior citizens not a priority

I recently wrote an article on whether government’s plan to produce 30 000 artisans by 2030 is a plausible one.

According to the Ekurhuleni Skills and Training Center SA can reach this target if government provides development opportunities for older semi-skilled workers as well as young people.

This comment got me thinking about the current focus on youth development, youth employment, youth subsidies.

No-one doubts that investing in our young…


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White Paper for Post-School Education and Training Released

The Minister of Higher Education and Training has released the White Paper for Post-School Education and Training - and we have it available for download from our website.

The White Paper was approved by Cabinet late in 2013 and has only now been released to the public. The document outlines the government's strategy to build an expanded, integrated and effective post-school education and training system.…


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Request for quotations for delivering HIV Training



Description: Scope of work:



Appointment of Accredited Training provider to train 44 Community Health Workers to implement HIV/AIDS programmes.(Special emphasize during the training should be focused on HIV/AIDS Management and recordkeeping.It is further…


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