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Talent management is a vital edge in the digital agency world

by Andre Steenekamp

For a business that's so driven by its people, the digital agency environment is one characterised by high levels of staff turnover and burn-out. What's more, many agencies are also finding it difficult to keep their skills base up to date in an ever-evolving landscape. These realities show just how important it is for digital agencies to start thinking about talent management as a strategic priority. Management needs to take charge and understand that…


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Is an extra year at school the solution?

Government is proposing that another year be added to the education system, which means that in future children will be in the system for 14 years rather than 12.

The introduction of another grade at the foundational level is believed to be a stepping stone for rural children who have shorter schooling hours.

It is expected to strengthen the foundation of the child’s schooling career and ensure that basic numeracy and literacy skills are grasped at an early age.



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I read a research paper that I would like to recommend :  “An exploration of successful school leadership in a challenging school context:  Case studies of two Secondary School in Soweto”.  The research was done by Linda Ramatseba in 2012 in…


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FET colleges are the way to go


By  Gabi Khumalo…

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Universal call for parenting education

Responding to recent horrors - the mass killing of schoolchildren in Newtown CT and the brutal rape and murder of a young woman in Delhi India - the International Federation for Parenting Education (FIEP), based in Paris, has issued a call for universal parenting education.

Who raised the young men who perpetrated these atrocious crimes?

"The questions we ask," say the authors of the call, "is not only, Who raised the young men who perpetrated these…


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Pupil played with gun during break

Cape Town - A Cape Town pupil in custody for allegedly shooting two fellow pupils apparently kept the pistol with him the whole day, the Cape Times reported on Thursday.

Oaklands High School pupils had seen the 14-year-old boy play with the gun during break time.

"He brought the gun to school and had it in his bag during class time. At first break he and some of his friends were playing with it. I saw him in the taxi…


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Rules of weighing school bags and text books

I was totally shocked to see this morning that my daughter could not get her lunch in her school bag because of all her books and textbooks. No, she is not in High School but only in Grade 6. She was forced to get and extra bag to take her books in.


I asked her why does she have all your books everyday and she said she needs it for homework.


I am shocked to think that there is no management from the teachers that offers the various subjects. She has homework…


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ANC 'appalled' by FNB adverts - (Have You seen the video we posted)

The FNB "You Can Help Campaign" is an attack on the ruling party and its leadership, the ANC said on Monday.

"The African National Congress is appalled by First National Bank (FNB) advertisements in which the ANC, its leadership and government, is under attack on an commercial masqueraded as youth views," said spokesperson Jackson Mthembu.

"What is of concern to the ANC is that the advert content is [an] undisguised political statement…


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Heroic teacher recounts US school shooting

Newtown, Connecticut - The 15 first graders cowered in a dark, barricaded bathroom as gunfire boomed outside, shot after shot after shot killing their classmates and teachers.

Terrified as they were, their teacher played loving mother hen, even as she feared they - ages 6 and 7 - and she were next and would die any minute.

Sandy Hook Elementary School teacher Kaitlin Roig cried, sniffled and fidgeted as she recounted her harrowing and…


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Remembering the beauty of reading a Book compared to the Big Screens

The hunger feast takes over Cape Town as Breaking Dawn 2 takes over the cinema and all our fantasies. Hitting record high at Nu Metro and Ster-Kinekor.  


My new years resolution was to read a book first before watching a movie. I started with Eat, Pray, Love and sadly found myself stuck in the middle feeling uninspired and bored. Still curious as I knew there was a buzz surrounding this book, so I cancelled my New Years resolution and decided to take the easy road and watch…


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The Letter from the Bergvliet High School Principal. Read it & weep. Cry beloved Country.....

A Cape Town’s high school principal’s open letter to South African…


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Help please with a Personnel Management assignment

Hie guys,i have a Personnel  Management assignment at school.In groups of  five,we  are expected to approach a company to  gather information about:

1(a)Background of that company(10 marks)

2(a)How do managers motivate employees(20  marks)

  (b)Challenges that managers face in motivating   employees(20  marks)

  (c)Solutions to these challenges(20  marks).

In this assignment we are required to  draft  some questions  which  we are going to ask the  Human…


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School @ the Centre of Community - societal change process


Mobilising citizens and communities to partner with teachers to educate our children


Dear Sylvia


We have received many requests for more information about the School @ the Centre of Community societal change process and specifically the Partner for Possibility leadership development part of the process. I am sure you would know that this makes me very happy as we remain committed to mobilise South…


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Close schools for national strike: Cosatu

Johannesburg - Schools should close on March 7 for a national strike against labour brokers and Gauteng tolls, Cosatu said on Tuesday.

Gauteng secretary Dumisani Dakile told shop stewards in Soweto that every part of society had to be mobilised.

"Schools are a big part of this," he said.

The strike would be called off only if the government agreed to support the Congress of SA Trade Unions in doing away with labour brokers.

"We have had…


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Parents asked to participate in SGB elections

 Basic Education Minister Angie Motshekga has called on all parents of learners to participate in the 2012 School Governing Body (SGB) elections at their children’s schools.


The elections - to be held during March - will see parents, teachers and learners in over 24 000 public schools electing new representatives of the SGBs across the country, who will continue the work of promoting school excellence.


Addressing the media on Monday, Motshekga said the new…


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Katlego Learnership 2012 (FNB)

We are introducing the Katlego Learnership to the Business. The Learnership sponsors unemployed learners, who receive a stipend while completing their studies.


... · To give branches the opportunity to employ matriculants of high calibre in their areas at a reduced cost.

· Give matriculants the opportunity to obtain a qualification and working experience in the Banking industry.

· To…


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Facebook etiquette: dos and dont's

Here are some guidelines on how to keep yourself safe and not offend your friends on Facebook.

Since its launch in 2004, Facebook has taken the world by storm, clocking up to 800 million users by January 2012.

So popular, in fact, that US…


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It's that time of the year


Yes! Can you believe that another year has come and gone. Some of us have fulfilled our goals, while others are…


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This week is FREE National Parks Week - that means free access (with exceptions)

South Africans, young and old, are encouraged to take advantage of a once in a life time opportunity to visit the country’s national parks free of charge for this week only. 

This week is National Parks Week and during this period, people will get a chance to enter into the parks free of charge during the day. The free access does not apply to overnight visitors in any of South Africa’s national parks. 

Launching National Parks Weeks in George, Water and Environmental Affairs…


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President Zuma expresses condolences on death of 15 people killed in bus accident

24 August 2011

President Jacob Zuma has expressed utmost shock at the death of 14 children and the school bus driver who all perished when a school bus plunged into a river in Knysna, Western Cape, this morning.

"It is tragic beyond words,” President Zuma said.

"On behalf of government and the people of South Africa, let me convey my deepest and sincere condolences to the families of the driver and the children who passed on, to the surviving learners and teachers at…


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