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Theory on Eskom and the Apocalypse

I thought I should share my emotional state where Eskom is concerned. 

I very often, tend to watch Discovery channels and find the many few american people a bit over the top.  They always preparing for the 'End of Days' and now lately most of these movies tend to have scenarios of these events, and how one man finds a way to survive.

Is this really far fetched?

Let's take Ebola, conspiracy theory is that rich power countries are testing the strain on…


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Your purpose is your power

You are on this planet for a very specific reason. To positively impact people the way that ONLY you can. This is your service to humanity. 

It means finding and using your strongest talents.

Where you are right now (your career) is part of your purpose. But it may also be a necessary step towards greater fulfilment.

Your purpose is your passion and your power. It is the underlying driving force of your life. It gives your life meaning and direction. This driving force…


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Lighting The Way

Mr. Wadongo himself went without eating to fund the start-up costs associated with his business. “All along, I had been skipping two meals a day, so that I [could] construct the lamps,” he says, and construct…


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Address by President Zuma at re-opening of Camden Power Station Ermelo Mpumalanga

Honourable Ministers of Public Enterprises and Energy

Barbara Hogan and Dipuo Peters;

Deputy Minister of Public…

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