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Talent management strategy: Are you building your competitors’ talent pipeline?

by Kim Dowdeswell

As organisations look to drive growth in challenging markets, they recognise the need – in their talent management strategies - for a strong bench of rising talent that evolves with the shifting needs of the business. Our research shows that organisations with stronger leadership gain double the revenue and profit growth compared to companies with weaker leadership. This means that developing effective leadership from…


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Attention HR profession: How to deal with a scapegoat in your company

by Ivan Israelstam

We've been consulted when there's been a crisis in a workplace (e.g. important clients were offended or the company lost money) but an innocent person has been blamed. It's been our experience – as reported by members of the HR profession - that when this happens, managers run for cover while pointing fingers. Sometimes, the accusing finger is in fact pointed in the right direction but just as often the wrong person's…


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Managing repeat offenders in the workplace

I am often asked to help deal with a troublesome employee where the ‘trouble’ has been going on for some time. But there is no record of any previous counselling or disciplinary action. Can anything be done?

In a small organisation, or where happy relationships between staff and managers are the norm, minor…


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On the Forbes List’s Ladies and Professional Aggression

The latest Forbes’s list of global billionaires welcomes more newcomers than ever. The additions include moguls hailing from the US, China, Germany and Brazil. With a combined worth of US$510 billion, the group are currently worth more than the GDP of Norway.

Another record has been set with…


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Talent mapping: How to navigate your workforce

Talent mapping by Frew Murdoch

Talent mapping is a formalised process of aligning the talent on hand to the talent required to meet business strategy and goals. This means that it's an excellent method of talent planning. Talent managers need to focus their efforts on aligning talent management with strategic planning to see increasingly greater value in talent mapping. However, creating a comprehensive and value-generating talent plan is…


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Dealing with Unwanted Calls and Callers

I am certain that at some stage you have received one of "those" calls. The question is, in what manner are we dealing with them?

When training and exercising one's voice, I always encourage my clients to not scream, shout or strain their vocal chords in any way. Obviously, it is easier to remember this aspect during the voice training session. However, to remember this aspect and many others at all times, becomes tough especially when you are new at voice…


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Project Management facilitator, assessor & Moderator

Good day and compliments of the new year,

the is the period when training providers are busy trying to build a value added database of seasoned facilitators, assessor and moderators.

For a seasoned project management (US 50080) facilitator, assessor and moderator coupled with many other programmes, my story is simply; check my personal website for details at

book mark my…


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The Interpersonal Skills a Manager Needs

For a long time, IQ was lauded as the measurement of how likely one was to succeed. Many years and much research later, it was shown that in actual fact one’s EQ (emotional intelligence) is a clearer indicator of potential business success than not only a high IQ, but even of relevant previous experience.

The EQ is closely related to interpersonal skills. For someone in a managerial position,…


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Managing people, making a difference

Managing people within the South African labour-legislation framework can become a nightmare of us versus them, management against the unions, the boss cajoling employees. It may be any or all of these, but that is not where it starts or where it has to…


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Miners don’t appreciate what strikes do to the economy

I read, with horror, that around 200 members of the National Union of Mineworkers marched to the Mining Indaba, which was held in Cape Town this week, to protest against how Rio Tinto miners are supposedly being ill-treated in other parts of the world. Don’t they realise that another strike in the mining sector will merely 'strike' (pun intended) another nail in the coffin of our economy?

Don’t get me wrong - I do empathise with what the miners are trying to…


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What is poor work performance?

by Ivan Israelstam

Many employers fire poor performers hastily while others wait too long before taking strong action. One reason for unnecessary delays in firing bad performers is the employer fears being taken to the CCMA and forced to reinstate the employee and/or to pay compensation.

Part of the solution to this nagging problem is for you to understand how the law judges dismissals for poor performance:

  • Item 9 of the Code of Good Practice:…

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New year's resolutions for the payroll department: This year will be different!

by Ian Hurst

It’ll be different this year! This year, don’t make resolutions, for your payroll department, with a definitive end goal in mind that have a measurable result and a defined due date. This year, rather, focus on these five processes, which will bring you the results you want.

1.    Automate where you can

Examine every manual process carefully to see if you can automate it. See if you can eliminate punching in any data and look…


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We need robust, ethical leadership for these turbulent times

by Sandra Burmeister

Turmoil, uncertainty and risk are the watchwords of the global economy today. Businesses operate in a complex, unstable environment where old models and systems are no longer reliable.

The rules have changed, which demands a new kind of leadership. We are in the midst of one of the greatest changes in modern times:

  • Old centres of power are faltering,
  • Technology is driving innovation,…

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The way forward: Aligning your rewards strategy with your overall business strategy

by Frew Murdoch

What came first: The chicken or the egg?

Do you align your reward management model with your overall business strategy or vice versa? The usual management model is to create wealth and then share it, as in the company first focuses on business strategy, then HR management (people management), which is then followed by business results. Only after all this is a performance and rewards strategy considered. But isn’t there…


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Who’s responsible for talent management?

by Ingrid Ashwin

Before I even contemplate who’s responsible for talent management, I think it’s best to clarify the "what and why", "What is talent management" and "why do we need talent management?"

What is talent management?

In recent years, I’ve asked my clients how they define “talent management” and am yet to receive a common or clear definition. In fact, at times they are almost contrary. While…


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How to enable women to get higher positions

by Portia Moyo

Considering that having women in the workplace has been a common occurrence since at least the 1960s, why do we still harp on about the issue? As long as women at all levels continue to express their dissatisfaction with working conditions, South African companies will have to address the issue of what they should do to make their workplaces more attractive to the fairer sex because, in short, is that it makes economic sense: research has shown that…


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Are You Ready to be a Manager?

There comes a time in your career where you think you’re ready to step up and become a manager. But are you really ready? On the flipside, perhaps you don’t think of yourself as being quite ready to take on the added responsibility, when actually it is the right time to move into the new role.

To help you know whether you’re ready or not, here are some questions to ask yourself. 

Are you an organiser?…


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Implications of Credit Amendment Bill for Human Resources Management

by Jenny Reid

While being in debt isn’t a crime, reckless lending and irresponsible credit laws are sending people into a brutal credit storm, one that can have repercussions on business owners throughout South Africa - especially with the Credit Amendment Bill being pushed through by government. What does this mean for HR?

The blanket credit amnesty, proposed by this bill, will remove about two million names from credit blacklist databases, and…


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Change management and the secret to everlasting improvement

by Debbie McCarthy

Good is the enemy of great; however, it’s really difficult to be great when things are good and there is no need for change. People don’t often give up smoking until they have a major health issue. Companies rarely take business improvements seriously until these threaten the company’s survival. So rather than having change forced on you, force change on yourself!

We all know that change…


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What are the benefits of an applicant tracking system?

by Mark Gray

While large companies will often look to their enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems to assist with the recruiting process, they should rather be considering the benefits of using a dedicated application tracking system (ATS).

It’s understandable that recruiters will look to their ERP systems as these have the functionality to support recruitment. However, ERP systems are cumbersome for several reasons:…


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