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Using the stages of team development for improved efficacy

You can’t expect a new team to work well together at first. Sadly, the reality is that there will be teething problems during the first days, weeks and months of a team working together. As much as you would like to hit the ground running with your new team, a period of adjustment is needed until the team is able to work effectively.


This model was first proposed by group dynamics researcher Barry Tuckman in his…


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5 Leadership Lessons from Disney-Pixar

When I sat down to write my latest article, I started thinking about what makes a leader great. Are people born with the personality traits and charisma to lead? Do we learn leadership like any other skill? Or just maybe it is a combination of both and relies on the right set of events, circumstances or a defining moment that allows natural ability and situational learning to intersect and bring out the greatness in an individual.  

We can…


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How to identify the perfect project leader in an interview

Although most experienced interviewers can spot an unreliable CV a mile away, there are a lot subtle challenges when it comes to hiring the perfect candidates for your business. This is especially true when it comes to employing someone to fill a leadership role.

Simply put, a great leader is not afraid of hard work, but not every hard worker is meant for leadership. How do we identify the candidate who would not only be a great employee, but also an asset to the business in…


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What incentives do employees respond well to?

by Lia Marus

The chronic skills shortage we're experiencing in this country is making it very difficult to retain one's staff because recruiters and other companies are hungrily preying on those who have those skills which are in such short supply. Company loyalty has become a thing of the past because of the tough economic times we find ourselves in and employees will go to the employer who pays the most.Is it possible to retain…


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What to do when your employees won’t follow your lead

by Juliet Newton

 It's all terribly simple. You're in a managerial role because you've proven yourself and have been the most adept at 'getting stuff done'. Unfortunately, being responsible for employee management isn't simple: achieving an objective yourself, and the ability to get a group of people to achieve those same goals, are two very different skills sets. What happens when your team won't move in the same direction or aren't…


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Are Managers Born or Made?

Is good management a natural aptitude that someone is either born with or not? Or must talent first be developed through training and experience? This is an interesting question to ask, because it leads to another, more pressing one: can anyone be a manager?

Arguing the case that managers are born

If you wanted to make this side of the argument, you would say that not everyone is cut out to be a manager – and that sounds like a fair statement to make. …


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We need robust, ethical leadership for these turbulent times

by Sandra Burmeister

Turmoil, uncertainty and risk are the watchwords of the global economy today. Businesses operate in a complex, unstable environment where old models and systems are no longer reliable.

The rules have changed, which demands a new kind of leadership. We are in the midst of one of the greatest changes in modern times:

  • Old centres of power are faltering,
  • Technology is driving innovation,…

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Don’t make this classic leadership mistake when you lead Millennials

by Ryan Jenkins

Leaders are struggling to come to grips with the new generation of workers that’s occupying the 2013/2014 workplace. The mistake they’re making is believing that the highest priority of Millenials, is their pay packet. Those that continue to make this leadership mistake will get a nasty surprise.Why you ask? You’ll just have to keep reading…

The chart below is from a study done by Boston College’s Centre for Work…


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How to enable women to get higher positions

by Portia Moyo

Considering that having women in the workplace has been a common occurrence since at least the 1960s, why do we still harp on about the issue? As long as women at all levels continue to express their dissatisfaction with working conditions, South African companies will have to address the issue of what they should do to make their workplaces more attractive to the fairer sex because, in short, is that it makes economic sense: research has shown that…


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Leadership development: The definition of insanity... The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results

Research indicates that 75% of organisations are not happy with their leadership development programmes. But when you look at the fact that today’s leaders are being taught the same leadership ‘principles’ as their predecessors were, it is not difficult to understand why this is the case. With organisations doing the same thing over and over again - and not drawing on any new research - leadership development has become stuck in a rut.

Natalie Cunningham,…


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Resilient leadership: Don’t just empower – emancipate!

I’ve had many managers in my time and these individuals have had very different managerial styles. It goes without saying that the people who’ve led me in a nurturing and uplifting manner have had more of an impact on my development and growth as a person – both in my career and personally – than those who merely shouted at me and insulted me when I did something wrong. These managers are not just managers; they are resilient leaders.


According to Bonang Mohale -…


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Big Business outdoes Government on Leadership Ethics

Government and Big Business have something in common – corruption. They seem to be head to head in a reckless scramble to outdo each other in the high-stakes corruption game. According to Transparency International’s Global Corruption Barometer 2013, between 40% and 50% of South Africans have paid a bribe over the past year, with the most prominent accomplices being – in order of severity – the police, political parties, public officials and parliament. And then there are, of course,…


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Leadership from within: It starts within ‘me’

by Susan Grobler

Imagine your organisation with individuals who have the desire to perform to their fullest potential because they experience meaning in performing the tasks they execute, resulting in peak-performing employees who take responsibility and accountability for their individual roles as well as the organisation’s strategic intent.  To accomplish this, the organisation’s leadership team needs to facilitate the alignment of the…


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Madiba’s Teabag Laws for Leadership Success

Great leaders do not have to be firebrand orators who make rousing speeches. Few will dispute the leadership credentials of Nelson Mandela, yet he was not a particularly good speaker. To quote from Rick Stengel’s book Long Walk to Freedom: "People often tuned out of what he was saying after the first few minutes." What differentiated Madiba as a leader, however, was his authenticity as a person and his moral authority and willingness to stand up and be counted in the face of…


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I read a research paper that I would like to recommend :  “An exploration of successful school leadership in a challenging school context:  Case studies of two Secondary School in Soweto”.  The research was done by Linda Ramatseba in 2012 in…


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More confident women and inclusive environments are key to empowering women

While there are more women in leadership and management positions than ever before, the workplace remains a male-dominated terrain, with men still holding the majority of top positions in government, commerce and industry.

Though Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook CEO ranked as one of Time's 100 Most Influential People in the World, is widely known for her…


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How can your HR processes support your company's leadership brand?

by Carl Eichstadt

In this highly competitive modern business world, South African companies need to find solutions to differentiate themselves from competitors in the global and local marketplaces. One of the ways to assist with this is to develop a unique leadership brand for your company. 

What is your company's leadership brand? 

Whether we like it or not, our employees and our company’s external…


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ANC 'appalled' by FNB adverts - (Have You seen the video we posted)

The FNB "You Can Help Campaign" is an attack on the ruling party and its leadership, the ANC said on Monday.

"The African National Congress is appalled by First National Bank (FNB) advertisements in which the ANC, its leadership and government, is under attack on an commercial masqueraded as youth views," said spokesperson Jackson Mthembu.

"What is of concern to the ANC is that the advert content is [an] undisguised political statement…


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Nominate your Tomorrow's Leaders

You know who they are... The individuals in your company blessed with that indefinable X factor for success. The ones you know are destined for senior executive roles in your organisation, the ones whose names always crop up when succession planning is discussed. Well they may still be waiting in the wings, but you have an opportunity to let them know that you recognise and appreciate their talent. Nominate them today for a place in the coveted Tomorrow's Leaders Alumni…


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