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Revisiting the Peer Education model before World Aids Day 2013

There has been much debate over the effectiveness of peer education training projects over the years.

Companies have abandoned doing anything about HIV/Aids because of other pressing problems. The fact that treatment is widely available has…


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Expert Advisor
Understanding Moderation


Moderation ensures learners are assessed in a consistent, accurate and well-designed manner. It ensures all assessors who assess a particular unit standard or qualification, are using comparable assessment methods and are making similar and consistent judgments about learners’ performance. 

The unit…


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How to overcome procrastination.

Some people love to procrastinate. They find many reasons why they cannot start or do something. Others are in the habit of putting off difficult tasks.

You can break this habit by:

a. Admitting it. This is always the first place to start when a personal reason prevents your success. Facing up to the truth sets you free to seek solutions and help. It is usually fear that causes procrastination. Fear of failure, the unknown, discomfort or effort.

b. Realizing a number…


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What is happening with the NQF?

I have reported before on the decision by higher education not to recognize the Level 5 Certificate or the Level 5 Diploma in ECD as an entry level to the Bed Degree:  Foundation Phase.  Up to the end of 2011 students with these qualifications were allowed to enter the Bed Degree and continue on the career path in ECD.  In the beginning of 2012 we were informed that it is no longer recognized as an entry requirement.  Students first had to complete a generic Level 5 ABET-qualification of one…


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Increase in Earnings Threshold BCEA & Change in Definition of "Earnings"


Please note that there is a change to the definition of earnings, and that overtime payments are no longer included in the definition of "earnings", so employees will not go above the threshold based on their overtime earnings.



       No. R. 422

        13 May 2011



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