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Creating a safe work environment for employees

Employers may find it difficult to establish a safe and healthy working environment due to the different varieties of…


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The work life of an HR person

The human resources (HR) department has their plate full with all kinds of daily enquiries, especially if they’re part of a…


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New service offering

Hi all,

Khoikhoi Skills Consultants is now offering EEA2 and EEA4 reporting services as well as Basic life support(BLS) for those in the nursing field and CPR training for family and friend and organisations.

All enquiries can be done through my website: or 0117621754 / 0815603643

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Knowledge Management vs. Knowledge Creation: a Function of BENEFICIAL Learning in an ever Changing Organisational Environment - Part 7 of 7.

The Role of Management


The preceding articles identified a number of management responsibilities that need to be in place in order to ensure that ‘Beneficial’ learning takes place in organisations;


  • Part 2/7 – “It is ultimately the responsibility of Leadership and…

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Tooth and Nail

Assisting a new client to get their accreditation and see the business get off the ground is one thing.  Seeing a client soar to exciting heights such as that of Bukani Mngoma's and beyond is incredibly motivating for my staff and I! Read full article on our website…


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APPETD launch Policy Conversation Series First discussion - Ministerial Draft Policy for Articulation

To all skills-universe members

I have been asked by the APPETD CEO Cynthia Reynders to post this Invitation as they would like to have input from all providers - irrespective of whether they are members or not.

"APPETD is initiating a new series of workshops that will focus on policies that have an effect on the operations of our members.

We begin with a workshop on the Ministerial Draft Policy for Articulation, which was published at the end of March…


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Are companies being ripped off by certain training companies and getting away with it?!!

I am not a regular blogger. However i feel I need to ask you your opinion and therefore i will elaborate on the title above.

There is an important argument against the mandatory ‘comply or else’ framework: a ‘one size fits all’ approach cannot logically be suitable, because the types of business and enterprises carried out by organisations are so varied. Further, the danger is that the governing body may become focused on mindless compliance instead of applying its mind to the…


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How to loose your accreditation in 14 ways!

loosing your hard earned SETA accreditation! I’m sure it’s apparent – and by now it should go without saying that we’re genuinely passionate about empowering our training providers to become the best that they can be and so for this reason I’m going to... See more on our website:…


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Human Rights & Investigation Techniques training wanted

Good day

I am looking for a provider that can do accredited Human Rights as well as Investigation Techniques training.

Please contact: Herman Groenewald / / 0815899946

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How Your Morning Mood Affects Your Whole Workday

Have you ever thought about what happens to your employees right before they get to work? Sometimes we all wake up on the wrong side of the bed and just find it hard to get our bearings. At other times, we might start out fine, but have a horrible commute or a screaming match with a teenager just before going to work. Paying attention to the morning moods of your…


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Our Country needs an RDP of the Soul

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How a Recruiter Views Your LinkedIn Profile

People are researching you. All kinds of people use all kinds of ways to learn about you. LinkedIn gives you an opportunity to control what they discover about your strengths and, more important, about your brand. Who are these people? People you know. People who want to know you. People who matter: Your prospects, employees,prospective employers, managers, clients, board members etc. They all use LinkedIn to learn about others. They search for you before meeting you for the first time or…


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A poem for Madiba



This man of honour, integrity, truth

An example to all, the young and the old

A leader of men, with foresight and vision

A man…


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Sero discordance is a situation in which one of the partners in a sexual relationship tests positive for the HIV. On the other hand, sero concomitance is a situation in which both partners in a sexual relationship test positive for the HIV.…


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Knowledge Management vs. Knowledge Creation: a Function of BENEFICIAL Learning in an ever Changing Organisational Environment - Part 6 of 7.

The Neuroscience of Learning 


“In the last few decades, this fixed idea of the brain has been discarded. Instead, we talk about the brain being “plastic”, meaning that the brain changes its own wiring, perhaps almost continuously. Like a piece of silly putty, the brain is moulded and reshaped by the forces of life acting on it. Our wiring grows and…


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Choosing the best domain name

When considering a domain name, you need to keep in mind that it holds the same significance as a company name. A lot of…


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Knowledge Management vs. Knowledge Creation: a Function of BENEFICIAL Learning in an ever Changing Organisational Environment - Part 5 of 7.

The Ever Changing Organisational Environment

“The ability to learn faster than your competitors may be the only sustainable competitive advantage.”

                                                                                                       Arie De Geus…


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“That’s it. I’m outta here” – a focus on student retention

Have you ever had students that seem to just disappear as the semester moves on or wonder what happened to a particular student? Do you care what your students think about your course or ever have students come back to visit?


Training organisations spend so much time and money recruiting students that they often lose sight of what’s most important - ensuring that their students successfully complete their studies. It is far cheaper to retain a current student than to…


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The Value of a Retainer

The Retainer ensures that our Retainer Clients understand and embrace the QMS document and in this way maintain their Accreditation.  Furthermore, we hone in on capacity building our training providers to raise the bar on their business goals!  For as little as R1999 per month, a client can get on with their business - PAID TO TRAIN - AND to keep getting PAID TO TRAIN while we assist in managing the detail!!

>>>> read full article on our website:…


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The Benefits of Coaching when dealing with Stress in the Workplace


Coaching has the potential to increase individual performance, potential and initiate behavioural changes in thinking, doing, and acting that have positive long-term impacts on organisations. Organisations are under tremendous pressure to continually change and adapt to both external and internal demands in order to retain their competitive advantages. These demands…


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