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Democratic Constitution & Bill of Rights - Most unequal socio-economic & political society !

Call it what you like, it remains government with a strong nationalist foundation equal to that of an oppressive and discriminatory National Party government. Nationalism breeds discontent and justice and freedom are compromised.

Xenophobia is at the core of a fragmented government that tells the world of a democracy constitution when in fact most minority South African groups are disadvantaged through various discriminatory government policies and regulations that result in practices…


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Road Safety Education Programme

We wish to team up with a consultant who has extensive experience in Road Safety Education to engage in a three-year project to educate primary school learners on road safety matters.

Kindly contact me urgently if you have the experience.

Sbusiso Mathe


330 Antone Lembede Street

Salisbury Center


Tel: (031) 301 6579

Cellphone: 076 773 2746

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International Congress on Vocational & Professional Education & Training - Switzerland

Received this information courtesy of the UNESCO-UNEVOC site and thought that this may be interest to skills-universe members - particularly those who conference attendance will be funded.

Subject: VPET Congress: Detailed Programme available now

20 – 22 June 2016 in Winterthur,…


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Services SETA Quality Management Stakeholder Capacitation Workshop - Gauteng

The Services SETA Quality Management Division invites stakeholders to a capacitation workshop.

The workshop aims to capacitate Skills Development Providers to improve quality education and training that will meet sector needs.

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Venue: TBA

Time: 09h00 – 15h00

RSVP’s should be forwarded to Mehlote Hlongoane on on or before 19 February 2016

For more information contact the Gauteng office on 012 300…


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The Annual Budget Speech following the State of the Nation address by Honourable State President Jacob Zuma.

"When you lying awake with a dismall headache and repose is tabood by anxiety, I conceive you may use any language you choose without impropriety" .................

Now is the time to change direction and forget the nonsensical that follow after both of these announcements. Professor after professor of economics, political science, and the financial fundis will be there to help you in your stress and anxiety by overcoming the "bull" and to give the masses of people a sleeping pill. It…


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What should you promote in an employee

When considering who you want in your company, there are many factors aside from someone’s skill level to consider. For example, you can have the best doctor in the world, but if he treats others badly, you might want to consider hiring him.

An important and often overlooked ability is emotional intelligence. This is the ability to perceive, control and evaluate emotions. Emotions have an impact on others and not having a handle on them could…


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Services Seta 2016/2017


Workplace Skills Plans/ Pivotal Training Plans /Annual Training Reports and Pivotal Training Reports Submissions



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What are the obligations of an assessor and /or moderator?

Back in the dark ages - March 2013 - I wrote an article on understanding assessment. I later followed this with an article on understanding moderation. The assessor article can be found by following the link below....

My question now is - what are the…


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How to understand African business today

The rise of African business isn’t just important to the continent itself but all who have a vested interest in the business world. Many experts have focused their research on how rapidly the African business scene is growing.

This is particularly the case for the African consumer-facing industries, which McKinsey…


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Trainability Tests

Dear Skills Universe members

A friend phoned me today asking if I could assist with 'trainability tests'. They have a client who would like to put their staff through a 'test' that sees if the person is 'trainable' or not. I told him that I only know of skills audits and training needs analysis.

Has anyone ever been involved with or know how to do 'trainability tests'. I would appreciate it if you could let me know? There might be some business in there for you…


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The Rights of the Speaker of the House of Parliament in Joint Sittings of the House.

The Honourable State of the Nation Address at a Joint Sitting of Parliament, Thursday, 11 February 2016.

The Speaker has the democratic power and right to call the House to Order.

The Speaker has indicated that there is only one matter that will be dealt with at this evening's sitting of the House is to allow the Honourable President to give his State of the Nation Address.

No member of the House has the right to bring the Speaker to order, nor to bring the House…


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Economic Progress in a truly democratic country where all our young adults are treated fair and equal.

It is a travesty of justice and in direct conflict with principles of freedom and democracy when the government enforce legislation based on race and culture on the commercial and business sectors as well as on civil society, that feed the mouths of the politicians and the nation at large.

The courts of law, political parties, and the corporate sectors, including religious organisations and academic institutions are silent on these issues in-spite of visible proof that the masses of…


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Removing Racism: A conscious effort

In her poor excuse for an apology, Penny Sparrow said her racist comment wasn’t meant to be taken personally. She missed the point entirely. It is precisely because her comment about people being ‘monkeys’ was not directed at a particular person acting in a particular…


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The ROI Content Every Education Provider Website Needs

For generations both students and parents have looked at private higher education as an investment with a view on gaining “tangible returns”. These returns whether in the form of a secure job after graduation, potential for career advancement or even the opportunity for increased income play an important…


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Top Tips to Address in Your Firm’s or Company’s Social Media Policy

Recently employees from prominent South African companies hit the headlines for wrong reasons when it was discovered that staff were ‘insulting’ people on Facebook and Twitter. Let’s just say that these companies are not the only to have been troubled by employees’ social media usage. Any quick search on Google will be peppered with articles about how employees were sacked for talking about people, their bosses or customers in a derogatory manner on any of the big social media…


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Beware the poison of prejudice – set our children free...

The free spirits of our children, are in our hands.

Thirty Zulu community leaders sat in a dusty rural school room. It was 1995 in the newly free South Africa, at a village called Molweni, near the great harbour city of Durban.

The delegates watched and listened as I showed and spoke…


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Re" how to apply for an honors degree

Hello all, now that the Det has finally confirmed in writing that my NQF - N6 is equivalent to a degree and that I have 360 credits, which  institution  or university will give me accreditat ion to study further for an honors degree?

Can someone help out. University of South Africa failed me in the past however that is before I got a confirmation.  I do value your opinions and suggestions.

Thank you

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Top 5 Health Information Technology Careers

If you’re looking to break into a technical career within the health industry or are a newcomer to the job market but want an exciting career where your work impacts the lives of many, then you need to check out careers in the information technology (IT) field. Not knowing where to start or attempting to choose a path can seem daunting and intimidating but have heart, a beginning in any of the related fields will almost certainly guarantee that your choice will lead to a challenging and…


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Register for the workshop

South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) will be hosting a workshop to engage with NQF leaders and stakeholders around the 2014 and 2017 NQF Impact Studies.
Interested stakeholders and individuals are hereby invited to attend. To enquire or register for the workshop, email:

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Achieving Personal Vision for Unprecedented Success


The year has started and people are of good cheer, full of optimism about the year ahead. There is a great deal of

sentiment about what one is going to do differently this year. Yet all of it gives me a sense of shallowness, don’t…


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