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The Importance Of Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to know, identify, manage and control your own emotions as well as the emotions of others.

There are four branches of Emotional Intelligence namely:

Perceiving Emotions: Perceiving emotions might involve understanding nonverbal signals such as body language and facial expressions.

Reasoning with Emotions: Use emotions to improve thinking. Emotions prioritize what we pay attention to and how we react to…


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Frivolous lawsuits and how to avoid them

No one wants to find themselves at the receiving end of a lawsuit, but we also should be concerned about whether we want to begin them in the first place. While we all want justice, regardless of the extent of any damage done, we also should be prepared in the best possible ways in seeking it. In the end, obtaining proper legal advice from a professional will always be the best way to go forward.

Frivolous lawsuits are very famous news stories from all over the world. Most of us know…


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7 Reasons Why Media Monitoring Is Essential To The Success Of Any Business

The last few years have seen the rise of many social networking sites; there are now hundreds of them ranging from the most popular, general sites like Facebook, to the less known or well used sites, such as 43things.  This site is dedicated to listing your goal or goals and connecting with others who have the same goal; the purpose is to aid each other to achieve your goals.

It is fair to say there is now a social media site for everyone.  This means that your customers and potential…


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Global Entrepreneurship Week: Are you in need of Bankable projects?

So putting on my Afribiz hat, I would like to invite you all to register and participate in our upcoming Venture Development and Project Development workshops as highlighted below. 

All of us involved in projects and business development know just how hard it is to access funding.  In discussions with major role players we are told that they are desperate to receive proposals for funding that are viable. Come and join us and find out for yourselves.  If there are financing houses or…


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How to coach and mentor an apprentice

Coaching and mentoring a young mind can be an easy job if you have the patience and skill. Many employers hire interns, and then leave them with the appropriate department for their chosen field, never to spend time with them for the entire duration of their internship. That is how it works, but if you want to take an apprentice under your wing to teach them the tips and tricks of the trade, they will be forever thankful for you taking the time out your day to help them. Make them feel at…


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Thought for today

"if you keep my commandments and love the Lord your God, and serve Him with all your heart and soul, then I will give you the rain for your land in it's season, the early rain and the latter rain, and you may gather in your grain, your new wine and your oil". (Deuteronomy 11; 13-14).

Perhaps this is why we have a drought in South Africa at present - just a thought???

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Why you (probably) haven’t been promoted yet

Big promotions will probably only come by a few times in your life, but when they do, it’s a different kind of accomplishment to finishing college or landing your first job. A promotion is the affirmation that you have been noticed and that someone up there thinks you’re going places.

But what if you wait for a promotion that doesn’t come?

If time is moving on and you aren’t rising up the ranks, you might think it’s time to seek out a new employer where you will be better…


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How mentoring is essential to business

There are many strategies to get a business to work well as there are businesses. Yet, key to all business, is being able to succeed and grow - which only happens when the people who make the business do so. A key way to aid this is to focus on making those who already are part of the business into more competitive and skilled than they are right now.

Ideally, we’d want employees to be the best anyway - but considering there are always areas to grow, this means we should rather have…


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Finding the bad employee

There are always few rotten apples among the bunch, but getting rid of them before they spoil the rest is the difference between company success and company failure. Many may think, what harm can come from keeping them on? The harm comes when they are opposing the system and creating unnecessary hassle for everyone else - ultimately creating an unsavoury atmosphere in the office.

When they are always giving ultimatums

There is a right way and a wrong way to ask for a…


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Registering as a constituent assessor - what does it mean?

I receive so many queries from "QUALIFIED ASSESSORS" asking how do they become constituent assessors. This makes me wonder what our providers are teaching when they train assessors?

I am posting a previously published article for the benefit of all.

The need for assessors and moderators…


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How not to anger your employees

Company culture is very important. Want to know what’s bad for company culture? Annoying your employees. Follow these simple rules (and others like them) so you don’t run the risk of alienating your most important resource.

Don’t have favourites

It is human nature to like some people more than others, but don’t show favouritism between your employees. Even if you do like some more than others, try not to let it show. That is a short road to resentment and…


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Service SETA Annual General Meeting

Dear skills-universe members, we have received the following advice from Services SETA of their AGM. 

Please see attached:

Services SETA AGM 2015

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WEST COAST TO SKILL 40 SOCIAL WORKER SUPPORT STAFF: Adopt a Learner to fund shortfall of Learnership grants


A special Project has been launched in the Vredenburg area of the West Coast to provide unemployed and employed youth with skills which will qualify them as Social Auxiliary workers and Youth and Child Care workers.…


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Hair Tearing - Is Your Social Media Content D.O.A.? Try This. (Infographic)

I have been posting on this forum for some time now and using it as a sales platform. It was really succesful at one stage but it appears that a drop has taken place in some cases. What have I being doing "wrong"? This info-graphic explains some top tips of gaining attention via social media. 

Is Your Social Media Content D.O.A.? Try This. (Infographic)

(excerpt from …


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You need project management skills in your business

Every business needs its systems and processes so that tasks get completed as efficiently – and profitably – as possible. If these systems and processes are flawed or badly managed that says a lot about how the business is operating in general.

This is why you need project management skills in your business. Even if you don’t have a fulltime project manager, you still…


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4 Step guide to managing an office full of emotions

Hiring a manger to take on tasks and implement working solutions, can be a somewhat of a crucial procedure. As an HR, you basically need to ensure that you can instruct the basics to an employee. For some this may be easy, but the office manager is the life blood of the company. Failed minor details, can lead to major mishaps, and this all on the watch of the office employee.

Set the precedent

Do not allow your office to intimidate you and avoid office politics at all…


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Work for the night is coming - it may well be your last

Work for the night is coming

Anne L Coghill (1836 – 1907)…


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'Locust leg' hits the airwaves!

The talk 'There is a Locust leg under my Pap' featured on Cape TV on Monday 31 August 2015. Shoni Khangala was invited as Guest on 'New Horizons' on C-TV, where he shared insights behind this powerful and inspiring narrative.

Below is the link to the 6 minutes Showcase of 'There is a Locust leg under my Pap'.

The talk encourages and inspires others to find your own 'Locust leg'.…


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Coach Training


Not only is Shoni Khangala (CEO and Founder of Potential Exponents) a Certified ILS Master Coach, he is also a Licensed and Qualified InnerLifeSkills® (ILS) Master Trainer.

What does this mean?

This means Shoni Khangala can train you or your employees to become Certified ILS Coaches; or train your employees and management to acquire coaching skills through any of ILS Coaching Courses, which have ACSTH (Approved Coach Specific Training…


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Never mind the naysayers. You are OK. Keep on doing the right thing!

For those of you who plug away, against mindless criticism, to make a difference in your homes, for your family and the World... 

"It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the…


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