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What incentives do employees respond well to?

by Lia Marus

The chronic skills shortage we're experiencing in this country is making it very difficult to retain one's staff because recruiters and other companies are hungrily preying on those who have those skills which are in such short supply. Company loyalty has become a thing of the past because of the tough economic times we find ourselves in and employees will go to the employer who pays the most.Is it possible to retain…


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Small Business & Entrepreneurship in Action.

Congratulations to our democratic government in initiating a Ministry for Small Business Development and recognising that the best part of our national economy is driven by entrepreneurs and small businesses.

It is a breakthrough for entrepreneurs and for the black masses of potential business people in that some major corporations and major sectors in our economy were certainly ensuring that such a ministry were left off the political agenda for the past twenty years in developing…


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Stakeholder engagement is key to balancing employer/employee requirements

by Kim Lombard

This is part two of a three-part series.

If you want to balance your needs with those of your employees, the trick is to engage all your company's stakeholders in authentic and transparent communication. This so that you can design a…


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SOR Number PROBLEMS : service provider/edtp seta

Dear Friends at Skill Universe,

you all have got to have a good chuckle about this........( yes my sense of humor is dwindling)

I  feel very Frustrated with the service that i have had from a service provider that i did my assessor qualification with( august 2012) , i have to date only received a competency cert from them,  which took 6 months to get out of them ( as they lost my POE and then found it ).

Then the  coordinator that was in charge of…


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What to do when your employees won’t follow your lead

by Juliet Newton

 It's all terribly simple. You're in a managerial role because you've proven yourself and have been the most adept at 'getting stuff done'. Unfortunately, being responsible for employee management isn't simple: achieving an objective yourself, and the ability to get a group of people to achieve those same goals, are two very different skills sets. What happens when your team won't move in the same direction or aren't…


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HR directors: A detailed profile

by Frew Murdoch

Today, South African business faces a variety of human resources-related challenges, from workforce instability and talent management strategy through to regulatory compliance needs. "Perhaps the most significant of these challenges," says Anja van Beek, HR director at Sage VIP, "lies in aligning the company's people, with the vision of its leadership and the culture of the company." In this context, what are the most…


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The Hunt for the Perfect Employee

Google is well-known for its rigorous interviewing process and its out-of-the-box interview questions. Whatever they’re doing, it’s working, and they can command the best of best of the best. Don’t think you have to wait until you’re a big shot like Google before you can start being more picky and get a team of superstars. It’s when you’re employing the best that you become the…


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Aligning personal and company values

by Cynthia Schoeman

Values can be different for different people. These differences can also lead to inconsistences between employees' personal values and the values of the organisation. Acting against this may appear to be curtailed by the fact that everyone enjoys the right to their personal values, a right supported by the bill of rights in the constitution. This personal right doesn't, however,…


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Time for pest control in education and training?

My summary of background is to contextualise my concerns.

I have been a co-owner of a small/medium retail business for 10 years, sandwiched between training and development experience totalling more than 20 years, in smaller organisations (but with contracts from major national companies) and large organisations. So I have been exposed to and practice best practice in education and training and I am also au fait with retail marketing techniques.

I remain puzzled (I can't say…


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Simply Communicate? What can they do?

How do you introduce yourself and your business? How can we make ourselves heard above the noise and, once heard, remembered?

I put my story into a poem and won a lunch at our local chamber of business for the effort.

It’s a bit of a mess, I think you’ll agree.…


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5 Reality checks for recruiters

by Kay Vittee

Career advice articles litter the Internet - how to write a cover letter, how to write a CV, how to interview well and how to get the 'dream job'. Most articles repeat the same-old sage advice that quite frankly most career seekers should already know. Some try to get creative with clever intros and themes but most simply skim the surface of what is a really deep and desperate issue. They tiptoe around the truth with euphemisms and…


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Vacancies: GM Innovative Learning Solutions,Managers Outcome Based Learning & Artisan Development

 A client has an urgent need of the following - can you assist?

 Please refer to the Job Specs:

General Manager: Innovative Learning Solutions

Manager: Outcome Based Learning

Manager: Artisan Development

Just send me (  your e-mail contact address and I will put you in touch with the client. Only experienced and dynamic people please - no experience do not respond please.

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How sick is your sick leave?

Most managers have a love-hate relationship with sick leave. We want to be understanding and compassionate – after all, as employees will tell you, they don’t ask to be sick. On the other hand, sickness seldom strikes at…


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Ethics is not just about corruption and compliance

by Cynthia Schoeman

Managing misconduct is often described as 'a fight'. This illustrates that looking to eliminate, or even reduce, misconduct isn't an easy task: it can feel like an ongoing battle. However, this can lead to a major imbalance when organisations focus virtually all their attention in the field of workplace ethics on curbing misconduct. While this focus is vital, it isn't enough.

Taking away misconduct…


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Are Managers Born or Made?

Is good management a natural aptitude that someone is either born with or not? Or must talent first be developed through training and experience? This is an interesting question to ask, because it leads to another, more pressing one: can anyone be a manager?

Arguing the case that managers are born

If you wanted to make this side of the argument, you would say that not everyone is cut out to be a manager – and that sounds like a fair statement to make. …


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What is an employer's duty to report on vacancies?

by Kirsten Caddy and Silindokuhle Malaza

The Employment Services Act, No. 4 of 2014 (ESA) was assented to by President Jacob Zuma on 3 April 2014 and promulgated in the Government Gazette as legislation on 7 April 2014. The act will come into operation on a date to be proclaimed by the president in…


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The danger of burnout

by Celéste Olivier

Have you ever (or overhead one of your employees complaining about) felt that every day is a bad day or caring about your work or home life is a waste of energy? Are you exhausted all the time? Do you feel nothing you do makes a difference or is appreciated? If you, or one of your employees, answered 'yes' to one or more of these questions, you might be on the brink of a burnout. The good news is that this can…


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Economic Suicide.

If anyone or any business boasts the employment of talented MBA's (Masters in Business Administration) then I will be ashamed as it is precisely their knowledge and wisdom over the past thirty years (at least) that has resulted in the economies of the world, America, Europe and Britain in particular that have either shown a rapid decline or absolute bankruptcy in certain regions of the globe.

It is shameful that the focus is now on how to corrupt and destroy the African economies by…


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Top 100 scarce skill occupations in South Africa

Top 100 scarce skill occupations in South Africa


A list containing the top 100 occupations in South Africa that are in short supply has been released for comment by the Department of Higher Education and Training. This list, which will be updated every two years, will…


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