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Goodbye Wayne Dyer

As you are all aware two Great men passed this weekend, Wayne Dyer and Oliver Sacks. Both of them gave insight into our humanity. Wayne had this to say about what we hold inside.


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Let's get the nation to work and awake government and the corporate sector away from "Day Dreaming".

The President of our nation has made great comments in proposing the industrialisation of the South African economy and also acknowledging that the global economies are "sick". We truthfully agree to these sentiments and we are prepared to assist and support our "rainbow nation" in accelerating the vision.

The notion of "..... the evil in men doth lie is oft interred in his bones ......." need to be remedied by all of us and we must be bold and prepared in creating the necessary…


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Economic transformation will change South Africa in the formidable free nation that it must aspire to become.

Now that I really have the attention of those who really believe that hanging on the culture-based sectarianism is the answer to the nation's survival must admit that Employment Equity (EE), Black Economic Empowerment (BEE), Affirmative Action (AA) and Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (BB-BEE) legislation have been central in the decline in our national economic position, as well as the decline in our quality of life, UBUNTU, security, business and entrepreneurial…


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Economics - The way to effect real change & transformation.

My conscience has been challenging my Heart for over 20 years into our democracy and repeatedly tell me that Affirmative Action (AA), Employment Equity (EE), Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) and Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (BB-BEE) are are the latest "buzz" words for job reservation, Pluralism, segregation and Apartheid. It smacks as much like racism and oppression to me.

Can anyone justify that this system portrays a "free and fair" country that is sacred to its national…


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Beyond Leadership - A Programme that will incite good attitude, accept responsibility and meaningful change in attitude.

Beyond Leadership.

Leadership is about you and no-one else ...........

Leadership has no partner and it is all about your attitude ..........

Attitude can change ourselves in how we see others demonstrating their determination for real growth & development ..........

We need to change our attitude towards ourselves and towards the betterment of people ..........

Beyond Leadership will effectively develop people towards responsibility and efficiency…


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5 step framework with 15 most important variables that underpin cutting edge leadership conversations i explored in my studies.


C -




O -




S -




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SAQA update on qualifications registered on 30 July 2015

For members who have not yet subscribed to the SAQA update - this is a copy of the latest information - please see below on how to access information on latest additions to qualifications registered:

LATEST ADDITIONS - 24 August 2015…


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Services SETA announcement: Re-registered Qualifications and Unit Standards

The following letter has been received from the Services SETA:

"18 August 2015

Dear Skills Development Providers

Re- Registration of Services SETA Qualifications and Unit Standards

This letter serves to inform Services SETA skills development providers that registered qualifications and unit standards which fall within the scope of Services SETA have been re- registered by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA). Qualifications and…


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Managing your money the right way

What exactly is the right way to save money? Could there ever be a wrong way to save? If you’re only saving 5% of your income, then it’s wrong.  If you’re saving, but retract the money you’ve put in after a month because you “need” it, then it’s wrong. Changing bad habits are never easy, but the only way to change is the substitute that habit with a good one.

Take a good look at what is making you spend money on insignificant things you don’t need. Then challenge yourself to change…


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Economics & Entrepreneurship Inspired - I need a skill to stimulate the economy

It is indeed challenging to recognise the many opportunities that are facing South Africa and its citizens in-spite of various negative sources on how the country is managed.

South Africa is in a quantum leap situation and have to look at all socio-political and economic scenarios that will create sustainable and measurable opportunities and jobs in order to ensure more equality and stability. The business sectors and civil society need to be much more active in developing and…


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Netiquette - a reminder of good manners

Netiquette refers to the ethical behaviour online. This also has a sub topic of what NOT to say online. The internet is an open highway where you are exposed by what you say.  As an example ranting on your Facebook page about how much you hate your job, or simply bad form and attacking peoples comments and being generally rude to others. Just because you are behind a keyboard does not mean that you are invisible. Bad behavior online can cost you your job and you can lose business! Here are…


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Paying your employees: A checklist for a pay-out service provider

A business exists so that it can bring in money. But equally important is being able to pay out money, particularly when it comes to paying your employees’ wages and salaries.

The right pay-out service provider helps you pay your employees, while protecting them and you. Choosing the right provider can be a headache if you don’t know what to look out for, so here we outline a basic checklist for you.


Both you and your employees…


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The relationship between HR and social media

One of the most important ways to keep track of people is to keep track of how they communicate. Today, we all use emails and cellphones, but also social media. With major platforms like Facebook and Twitter, we are broadcasting conversations, ideas, articles, views and so on that convey a deeper understanding of who we are. This could also convey potential employees, who display talent, intelligence or skills in areas you might find useful.

This is an area…


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Increase your staff productivity

It’s early morning and everyone is fresh and ready to get the first morning meeting out of the way. This is when it gets decided who is going to do what, with added motivation to get everyone fired up. Short and sweet.

But that’s not how it goes. Poorly managed meetings could end up ruining your business and keep employees away from what they’re being paid to do. People walk out of the boardroom with more work on their plate than what they could have accomplished in an hour. Meetings…


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Economic Driven Challenges For All Entrepreneurs & all Humanity.

It is realistic to assume that micro entrepreneurship can make a significant difference in creating opportunities for start-up businesses, and thereby creating essential jobs critical in the reduction of unemployment.

Mindset, however, will have to focus more on practical skills and labour intensive production and in spreading the profits more equitably with the workers. It is necessary that we spend more of our national resources in developing human skills and human capacities, build…


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Skills they don’t teach you at school, but should know

 “Japanese elementary school students don’t get any exams until they reach grade four because the goal for the first three years of schools is not to judge the child’s knowledge or learning, but to develop responsibility, establish good manners and to develop their character.” – Arun Pandey

And then people wonder why their economy is thriving…

There are a few crucial life skills that you need to learn while you’re still young, so that you’re well-prepared for the world that’s…


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There is a Locust Leg under my Pap…. I have been invited to be one of the 9 Speakers at the Cape Town Pecha Kucha Speaker event on 18th August 2015. My talk ‘There is a Locust Leg under my Pap’ inspi…

There is a Locust Leg under my Pap….

I have been invited to be one of the 9 Speakers at the Cape Town Pecha Kucha Speaker event on 18th August 2015.

My talk ‘There is a Locust Leg under my Pap’ inspires people to take stock of their life experiences, to accept and embrace even some of the…


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A guide to keeping retail employees happy

Tracy works for a well-known clothing label; the hours are long and her once pretty feet now looks like stale whole-wheat bread. She endures the harassment of pervy old men and she has come to learn that the customer is not always right. Tracy looks forward to month-end because then she gets employee discount, but what she really wants is to be valued for the work she does.

There are many Tracy’s out there. There could even be a Tracy in your store right now. She was once a star…


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Generic Job competencies

Hi All

Hope there is someone out there who can assist.

I have been looking for a long time for generic or specific job competencies for jobs in the country.  E.g. the job competencies and skills needed for a PA, Security Guard, Finance Clerk, etc to do their jobs effectively.  At one stage there was a company building such a reference tool, but I have never heard of it again.  I am sure it is a big job to compile something like this, but something really needed and…


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