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Marketing a Consulting Practice 7 July 2015

Dear Colleagues,

You are invited to attend my Marketing a Consulting Practice workshop that will take place at the Apollo Hotel, Ferndale (around the corner from Multichoice) on the 7th July.

This workshop now in its 18th year equips consultants, business development managers and those running professional practices to market their consulting practices elegantly and effectively.

Featuring information gleaned from 25 years worth of research into what works and doesn't…


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Unleashing Potential in Learners

I had the privilege of training learners in the unit standard 'Facilitate Learning Using a Variety of Methodologies'.  This training was facilitated to learners who have been unemployed for more than twelve months, with more than 90% being matriculants.  My main concern at the onset was how I was going to simplify the facilitation process for people who are not practitioners, who do not have much experience in the field of training and development and who may not have the confidence of those…


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We invite those interested in Leadership Coaching and Mentoring to be part of this programme that starts mid-July 2015. 

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How to avoid having pointless meetings at work

Poorly managed meetings will take employees away from what they are being paid to do; leaving phones unattended, emails unanswered and delaying in getting unfinished tasks up to date. The fact of the matter is that people come from meetings with more to do than what they could have accomplished in an hour. That’s not to say that meetings need to be taken out of the workplace completely. There are better ways to have successful meetings without wasting anyone’s time.

An hour…


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Sales Consultant: Skills Development



Growth Institute (PTY) Ltd requires the services of an experienced skills development sales consultant that can sell learnership programs in Gauteng.

Candidates must meet the following non-negotiable requirements:

  • Proven…


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What brings positivity in the workplace?

We generally work best when we feel comfortable and happy about what we do. Unfortunately, we’re not always happy and we’re not always comfortable with the work we do. Don’t expect the best work ever from a disgruntled employee, you may be in for a surprise if you underestimate the feelings of an unhappy person at work. A positive attitude brings about a positive amount of work flow.

Open communication

A transparent form of communication addresses the employee’s need to…


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Re-registration of qualifications SAQA announcement -08 June 2015


Every three years, all qualifications that are currently registered on the NQF are considered for re-registration.  This consideration has been in progress for several months now, as per the decision of the SAQA Board in October 2014 to approve, with certain exceptions, the re-registration of all currently registered qualifications for the period from 1 July 2015 to 30 June 2018.

These exceptions are:

·        Qualifications that have been reviewed…


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Dionysus Training Programmes

Detailed list of Learnerships and Skills Programmes to suit your skills   needs. The information below is a list of offerings.

Learning Programme number   linked to SAQA Qualification

Learning Programme/SAQA   Qualification names…


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How to deal with a difficult employee

In a perfect world every employee would always do their best, in both job performance and attitude. Unfortunately, however, as an HR professional one of the toughest aspects of your job is dealing with “problem” employees.

There are a few key points to bear in mind when handling this thorny issue to promote the best outcomes for all parties involved.

Distinguish between substandard job performance and misconduct

These two transgressions are…


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SACAP Coaching & Leadership Talk: 2020 Workplace - 5 Generations in the Workplace

VENUE: SACAP Cape Town Campus

DATE:24 June 2015

TIME:18:30 - 19.30

SPEAKER:George Phipps

COST: Sponsored by SACAP

2020 Workplace:

5 Generations in the Workplace

“The workplace of the future is being shaped today, primarily by breakthrough social media technologies and the millennial generation. The workplace of tomorrow is being shaped primarily by globalization, shifting technologies and the shifting demographics of the workforce”

(Meister &… Continue

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B - BBEE Compliant 100% Black Women Owned

B - BBEE Compliant

100% Black Women Owned

Train the Facilitator Course Accredited with the ETDP SETA

Facilitate learning using a variety of given Methodologies learning prgrame of the National Certificate: Occupationally Directed Educaton Training and Development Practices.

This is an NQF registered unit Standard (SAQA US ID No 117871) Level 5. This programme is for any individual who is, or wishes to be involved in the education and training mainly facilitation… Continue

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Win a life-changing education One deserving individual will win an MBA from the University Of Cape Town Graduate School Of Business

Win a life-changing education
One deserving individual will win an MBA from the University Of Cape Town Graduate School Of Business

Click on the link

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Assessors and Moderators

Precision Human Resource consultants is urgently looking for Assessors and Moderators registered with Services Seta for the following unit Standards:

-8420, 10170, 9533, 14357 and 119465

3-5 years exprience

If you do not meet the criteria do not bother to apply please.

Send your CV and valid scope to the following email:

Phone 011 039095 

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E-Learning Content Developer


I'm interested in entering the e-learning content developer/designer field - are there any specific qualifications or certificates that I could "study" to become such?

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What are the accreditation and registration requirements for safety and occupational health training?

To all skills-universe members knowledgeable about accreditation processes - please assist.  

Before the implementation of DHET, the Department of Labour registered/accredited training service providers.  As I recall this was for the safety type training, equipment, fire-fighting, and possibly related occupational health issues of chemical inhalation and so on.

Once again I have been asked for clarification.  

Please will you assist me to respond to the following…


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WHAT NOW: Evidence is lost

I have a situation where three students lost their portfolios of evidence.  It was assessed and the assessor kept record. When the portfolios had to be returned the one of the students informed us that her home burnt down and that all their portfolios were destroyed in the fire.  The second student’s abusive husband burnt her portfolios while she was at work.  A third student said that there was a burglary and her bag with her portfolios and books were…


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In the new gazette the 26 new qualifications that are open for comment is listed.  The gazette can be found on:

To find the new ECD qualification, ECD Practitioners Level 4 (131 credits) go to the QTCO website: ; Click on "Occupational qualifications Development" and then click on…


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I hope this was not published before on 'Skills Universe' ...

I want to share the following  from an article in a Mango inflight magazine (9 February 2011):

“My South Africa is the working-class man who called from the airport to return my wallet without a cent missing. It is the white woman who put all three of her domestic worker’s children through the school that her own child attended. It is the politician one of our rural provinces, Mpumalanga, who…


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Adding Value

I enjoyed ‘breakfast with Blade’ recently. The Minister of Education and Training, Dr Blade Nzimande, and the FP&M SETA teamed up to engage with stakeholders in the sector.

Dr Nzimande expressed concern, among other things, about how South Africa’s raw materials leave the country to…


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We are busy with a RPL pilot project.  There is no stipend attached to the project because one of the criteria is that learners must be employed. They do not have to pay for the course and get all the learning material for free.

The learners were very excited when they were informed that they were selected.  At orientation they were informed that there will be no stipend but only a transport allowance of R200.  It is now…


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