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How to Build A Successful Mentoring Program

Mentoring is an effective way to boost employee retention. According to the Association for Talent Development, 77 percent of companies that implemented mentoring programs reported that they were successful in increasing employee retention. In addition, 35 percent of employees who do not receive regular mentoring after a period of 12 months reported that they were more likely to look for another job. A mentoring program not only can boost employee retention but also help your company prepare…


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It’s not ME it’s YOU!

Complacency is rife. HIV is still here, believe it or not!


Yes, I can hear your eyes rolling in the back of your head, thinking, not that again!


HIV has not disappeared off the face of the earth, let alone South Africa. Hiding under that wonderful bush of ours or playing ostrich with…


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Material wanted for purchase - Cash - Qualification ID 61595

Fellow brother, sisters and colleagues lend me thy ears!

Yours truly is looking to procure an accredited set of learning material for Qualification ID: 61595 Further Education and Training Certificate: Business Administration Services. Please, kindly I beg thee, to render a quotation to M3iSD, PC. Wepener, 173 Oliver Makgatho Drive, Sinoville, 0129. Email to or phone me at 082 556 7467.

If thee would be so gracious to confirm that the…


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Hiring – Insights From Google

How much time do you spend on hiring? How important is it for you to get the right person? Google managers believe that hiring is the most important thing a manager or senior executive does.

I highly recommend Google: How Google Works by Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg. It is…


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Why study if it is not going to improve your career prospects?

This is a question that was asked by many people when they found out that I was enrolled for a Masters Degree. Not even progress to a higher salary scale?

After school I studied because I needed the qualification to become a teacher.  Then I enrolled through UNISA for two qualifications thereafter and the reason was that I wanted to increase my knowledge specifically in the ECD field.

So why did I enroll, already in my fifties, for the Masters of Education in…


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Call for Nominations for Chairperson Local Government SETA LGSETA

Minister Nzimande has gazetted a call for Nominations for the role of Chairperson of the Local Government SETA (LGSETA) for the period until end March 2016.

For details please click on the following link:


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3 Qualities to look for in Health and Safety Officers

The health and safety department in a company oftentimes operate in the background, as revenue-generating practices enjoy most of the attention on a daily basis. It should never be forgotten, however, that the health and safety of staff are as important as other operations.

The persons responsible for ensuring a safe and pleasant working environment would be health and safety…


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Learn How To Market Your Consulting Practice And Expertise on the 1st April

I’m writing to invite you or your Business Development Manager to attend a very special interactive workshop, to boost your marketing efforts for your professional service and consulting practice.

The workshop “How to Market your Consulting Practice and Expertise”, is happening the 1st April at the Apollo Hotel in Ferndale. The Goal of the workshop: To Market your Consulting Practice and Expertise Successfully and Elegantly, helping you – saving you time and…


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Human population unspeakable danger

Human population unspeakable danger


Without shying away from calling a spade a spade. Every intellectual is trying to avoid this issue but let’s just face it this time, of cause I might sound hypocritical but let’s just face it. Human population is equally problematic to global warming. Regardless of having agreed with Al Gore that population stabilization education and family planning accessibility is a solution. I’m still arguing the fact that it seems not working in China.…


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Good morning Everyone

can anyone please help me to secure and internship ? I am currently doing a 6months contract in the HRD DEPARTMENT which is expiring at the end of this month and More to that i have previously participated in an internship at SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT in 2012 ,S so i want to add more expirience to my cv especially

in the Training department

I have a diploma in HR as well as certificates of Assessor and SDF

I can be contacted on…


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Notification of Bid Award

Notification of Bid Award


The Services Sector Education and Training Authority (SSETA) is a statutory body established through the

Skills Development Act of 1998 to enable its stakeholders to advance skills levels in the sector in accordance…


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Services Seta Cancellation of Bid Proc-T256

Cancellation of Bid: PROC-T256

 The appointment of a Service Provider for the Analysis and Management of Discretionary Grant Funded Project relating to Previous Funding Cycles.

The Services Sector Education and Training Authority (Services SETA) advertised the need to appoint a service provider to Analyse and Manage the Discretionary Grant funded projects relating to previous funding cycles in Tender Bulletin (No.2853) Vol.595…


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Required - Accredited Provider Generic Management SAQA ID 59201

Hi all,

Looking for accredited training providers offering skills programmes sitting underneath the qualification ID 59201 (specifically the certificate generic management, certificat skills development management and certificate strategic management).


Also needing someone to align some existing course materials and create an assessment for the unit standards withing those specialities.


Waiting for a response from Service SETA, but thought I…


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Services SETA Co-op & NPO Capacity Building Workshops

The Services Sector Education & Training Authority (Services SETA) cordially invites all Co-operatives & Non-Profit Organisations (specifically Non-Governmental Organisations & Community Based Organisations) to its Business Capacity Building & Engagement Workshops covering:

• How to Apply for Services SETA Skills Development Funding 

• How to Apply for Tenders & Write a Tender Application

• Business Writing Skills

Focus group sessions to engage…


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What is an Accredited Facilitator?

I often come across job advertisements requiring “accredited facilitators” and this got me wondering as to exactly what they mean. As with my previous posts, do pardon my ignorance, I’m only a year and a few months old in this industry. My understanding has been that, you get accredited by SETAS as an Assessor and or/Moderator and that anyone with the necessary skills and experience can become a facilitator. Can anyone give clarity on this please? Does being an accredited facilitator mean…


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Data: big new trend in human resources

An increased number of people working in human resources management are using the treasure troves of employee data available to them to make decisions regarding staff members.

Decisions are being made about salaries, promotions and benefit programmes.

Human resources manager Andrew Martin, who works for the Joey chain of restaurants, which operates 30 locations in British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario and…


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ECD: Recognition of Prior Learning

I have very little experience in RPL.  What I have realized over the years that there are many myths and/ or misunderstandings regarding the RPL processes. RPL is a path that we are now investigating and preparing for. 

I googled and found valuable websites, especially regarding ECD RPL in Australia.  I also looked at their diagnostic tool but am not sure what the criteria exactly are for a diagnostic tool.  The purpose of the tool is clear to me but not the…


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Statement: Fire at Van der Sterr Building

On Sunday morning, 22 February 2015, a fire damaged parts of the Van der Sterr-building on the campus of Stellenbosch University (SU).

Just before 09:00 a fire alarm was activated in the control room of Campus Security and within 10 minutes Campus Security, the fire brigade and senior SU-staff were on the scene. By 09:15 it was confirmed that no staff or students were inside the building. At around 11:00 the fire was under control. On Sunday afternoon the fire brigade was still on the…


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High-tech happiness sensor helps bosses to measure workplace happiness

Hi Tech happiness sensor helps bosses to measure workplace happiness

Sigmund Freud said that love and work are the cornerstones of our humanness. People who find their lives rewarding and fulfilling both at home and at work are found to be generally more successful in the workplace. Happy workers…


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Diversity Team Building, or Diversity Training?

Would you choose Diversity Team building or Traditional Diversity Training?

Both diversity interventions have a place in the business, or government arenas.

Traditional Diversity Training.

With skills and understanding being developed in this form of diversity training, there are often individual, intellectual changes.

The delegates will get to know why we view the world…


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