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The ROI Content Every Education Provider Website Needs

For generations both students and parents have looked at private higher education as an investment with a view on gaining “tangible returns”. These returns whether in the form of a secure job after graduation, potential for career advancement or even the opportunity for increased income play an important…


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Top Tips to Address in Your Firm’s or Company’s Social Media Policy

Recently employees from prominent South African companies hit the headlines for wrong reasons when it was discovered that staff were ‘insulting’ people on Facebook and Twitter. Let’s just say that these companies are not the only to have been troubled by employees’ social media usage. Any quick search on Google will be peppered with articles about how employees were sacked for talking about people, their bosses or customers in a derogatory manner on any of the big social media…


Added by Karl Smith - The Networking Guy on February 4, 2016 at 14:35 — 3 Comments

Beware the poison of prejudice – set our children free...

The free spirits of our children, are in our hands.

Thirty Zulu community leaders sat in a dusty rural school room. It was 1995 in the newly free South Africa, at a village called Molweni, near the great harbour city of Durban.

The delegates watched and listened as I showed and spoke…


Added by Brian V Moore on February 3, 2016 at 10:00 — 19 Comments

Re" how to apply for an honors degree

Hello all, now that the Det has finally confirmed in writing that my NQF - N6 is equivalent to a degree and that I have 360 credits, which  institution  or university will give me accreditat ion to study further for an honors degree?

Can someone help out. University of South Africa failed me in the past however that is before I got a confirmation.  I do value your opinions and suggestions.

Thank you

Added by Anna Pheladi Tleane on January 31, 2016 at 11:06 — 2 Comments

Top 5 Health Information Technology Careers

If you’re looking to break into a technical career within the health industry or are a newcomer to the job market but want an exciting career where your work impacts the lives of many, then you need to check out careers in the information technology (IT) field. Not knowing where to start or attempting to choose a path can seem daunting and intimidating but have heart, a beginning in any of the related fields will almost certainly guarantee that your choice will lead to a challenging and…


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Register for the workshop

South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) will be hosting a workshop to engage with NQF leaders and stakeholders around the 2014 and 2017 NQF Impact Studies.
Interested stakeholders and individuals are hereby invited to attend. To enquire or register for the workshop, email:

Added by Thokozani Absalom on January 22, 2016 at 22:30 — No Comments

Achieving Personal Vision for Unprecedented Success


The year has started and people are of good cheer, full of optimism about the year ahead. There is a great deal of

sentiment about what one is going to do differently this year. Yet all of it gives me a sense of shallowness, don’t…


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Using the stages of team development for improved efficacy

You can’t expect a new team to work well together at first. Sadly, the reality is that there will be teething problems during the first days, weeks and months of a team working together. As much as you would like to hit the ground running with your new team, a period of adjustment is needed until the team is able to work effectively.


This model was first proposed by group dynamics researcher Barry Tuckman in his…


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About women abuse. Men, I need your help!

I read a really strong and hard – hitting article "No men, you are not entitled", by the president of the ANC women's league, Bathabile Dlamini.

Everything, that she writes, is true.  Women are being abused, diminished, taken advantage of and side-stepped - in this male dominated and male-privileged world.

It happens…


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eLearning Africa 2016 11th International Conference ICT for Development Education & Training

For skills-universe members - this looks like a relevant conference to those members involved in ICT and eLearning.

"The event will take place from May 24 – 26, 2016, in Cairo, Egypt ( We would be delighted if you could make a reference to this conference and include it in…


Added by sylvia hammond on January 19, 2016 at 15:40 — 1 Comment

London Conference on Employer Engagement in Education and Training 2016

The following conference announcement arrived in my email inbox and I immediately thought of a number of skills-universe members who would make a valuable contribution to the conference. So I've posted and forwarded to you all for your information - and hopefully an African contribution.

London Conference on Employer engagement in Education and Training 2016.

Conference registration now open and call for papers launched



Added by sylvia hammond on January 16, 2016 at 13:47 — 1 Comment

Corporate Training Simulations Are Replacing On-Site Training Sessions

Computers and electronic media permeate almost all aspects of modern life. Computer based training has infiltrated schools, higher institutions of learning, the military and the corporate world. Virtual reality is replacing old style job based hands-on training in educational institutions, government and in corporate entities.

War games moved from mock battle fields to video game like simulations, training of corporate managers from training seminars with uninspiring PowerPoint…


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Leaving a Legacy. Lessons from Dr. Ian Player


Tons of destructive bombs and missiles were raining down, in the snow covered forests of Northern Italy. Young South African men and their foes, were screaming and dying.


In a calm between the bombing, the shell-shocked soldiers began to talk. “What will happen, if we die? What will our families do without us?”

A young tank commander, spoke up, “Let’s rather…


Added by Brian V Moore on January 12, 2016 at 8:55 — 1 Comment

The Unwelcoming Workplace. Simply, waiting for Conflict.

Imagine arriving, on your first day of work, at a company where everybody has different cultures and speak another language. They also have different religious, traditions and public holidays, that don't match yours.

The existing people have absolutely no understanding, of your religious, traditional, spiritual, cultural and family…


Added by Brian V Moore on January 8, 2016 at 11:09 — 2 Comments

We are all biased. Recognise it, set yourself free and change the World!

We are all biased. Recognise it, set yourself free and change the World!


Bias is a very interesting, unjust, and natural human condition.

Yet, it is a symptom of the human mind - that will continue to suppress, and deny transformation and inclusion, in the world.

South Africa, and its people, still suffer terribly through bias and exclusion.

Opportunities, employment, business & workplace conflict, are often based upon whether a…


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Careers that are in danger in 2016

As we go into the new year, it’s important to take stock of what will be relevant still - this is especially the case as technology has so rapidly progressed. We need to be able to keep up in a number of ways - of particular importance is keeping up in terms of business, especially to ask how relevant our services or products are.

For example, it wasn’t so long ago where people skilled in VCR repairs were essential for modern families; there was…


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What is transformation? What does it mean, and how can we achieve it?

I remember talking to a group of managers, a few years ago, at a very big Richard’s Bay operation. I mentioned that one of our programs was transformational teambuilding.

A very stressed manager, immediately stood up, and said “You need to take the word transformation out of the description, of…


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If we clear our minds, in 2016, we can create our own destiny!

An open letter to all South Africans.

Many South Africans feel like the victims of their current circumstances. They focus on the…


Added by Brian V Moore on December 30, 2015 at 11:32 — 4 Comments


The year that was, 2015 - is just a few days before we refer to it as "last year". Most of us look back and check attainment of the goals we set for ourselves in the beginning of 2015. One best thing is that i am still alive, saved and serving the Lord Jesus Christ alone. I thank God for keeping me through it all - i am ALIVE!

Coming back to goals, yes i have achieved others - most significantly academically this was my best year - choices i made about myself some years ago -…


Added by Dr King Costa on December 19, 2015 at 20:37 — 1 Comment

What to look for in a PA

Personal Assistants aren’t given the necessary credit that they deserve. Many may think that all they do all day long is sit on the…


Added by Chantel Harris on December 17, 2015 at 15:05 — No Comments

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