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Six key benefits of company-specific learning programmes

It makes performance sense for companies to use company-specific or customised learning programmes, based on organisational strategy. The infographic developed by SkillsEdge summarises the six key benefits.

Focuses on company-specific skills and subject matter. Not…


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Services Seta

Good morning

I just need to find out if anyone else is struggling to get responses from the Services Seta with regards to extension of accreditation that is expiring March 2016?  I am not getting any joy and have been sending mails and trying to speak to someone since November last year.  Has anyone got contact details for someone helpful at the Services Seta?

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Take Two in the Morning Before You Wake Up

Instantaneous response; that’s what we have come to expect today. If Google takes more than a second to return its search results, we want to throw our computer out the window. And heaven help the car in front of us if they fail to respond to the changed traffic light before it happens.



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Dr Ismail Lagardien appointed as Dean of Business and Economic Sciences at NMMU

The following report was issued by NMMU:


Dr Ismail Lagardien – who has two decades of experience in an academic and policy environment, and 15 years’ experience as a journalist – is the new Dean of Business and Economic Sciences at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan…


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Shopping Tips for Training Material

How do you decide to make a major purchase, such as a car,house or even clothing? You will most likely do the following:

  • Ensure you have the time to shop around
  • Narrow your choices down
  • Go to a reputable store
  • Understand what type of brand you are looking for. Will it be BMW or 1966 Volkswagen Beatle?
  • Know your budget. Are you going to go cheap and regret it later or spend a bit more now and have your product last?
  • Chat to some…

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INFOGRAPHIC: Process Tools for Effective Meeting Facilitation

In a previous video post, we made reference to the wide range of process tools used by good facilitators in group meeting environments. “They’ll have to be a story for another day,” we said. Well, good as our word, today is that day.

Using the seminal Ingrid Bens text, Facilitating With Ease, we have…


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Spotting the emotional intelligence of an interviewee

An emotionally intelligent team of employees adds to the success of the company. Hiring managers not only need to focus on how well a…


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Workshop: Learn How to Market your Consulting Practice (Professional & Consulting Services) in Tough Times

Johannesburg, March 10 – International Speaker and Reputation Management Consultant Deon Binneman today announced that he will facilitate a workshop on How to Market your Consulting Practice (Professional & Consulting Services) in Tough Times on the 18th March 18 at the Hotel Apollo, 158 Bram Fischer Drive, Randburg.

With the South African economy predicted to grow at only 0.8% this year and organizations…


Added by Deon Binneman on March 10, 2016 at 21:37 — 1 Comment

Differentiation - Another method of Learning and Instruction

We can write the best manuals in the world but the Facilitator still needs to have some structure in the classroom, and the Facilitator Guide can help a great deal here. I have been doing some research on various manners in which knowledge can be permanently transferred to adult learners. I came across Differentiated Instruction and looked into it. Some of the principles are known in our SA environment.

Although this methodology is used in the GET band,  I wonder if it cannot be used…


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Tax number

Good day
I'm looking for advice as a training provider, if you use freelancer facilitator with a daily rate of R2000.00, or more ;do they need to provide me with a tax number?

Added by Siphiwe Meffolo-Shabangu on March 8, 2016 at 18:41 — 2 Comments

Managing unhappy staff

Employees can become unhappy for any number of reasons. The most common problems found in the workplace are employees being upset with…


Added by Chantel Harris on March 8, 2016 at 15:20 — 6 Comments

Fasset Seta Accredited/Pastel/Fasset/Training Provider

Good day All,

I run a Training Business in Port Elizabeth.We are an authorised Pastel Training Center as well as Institute of Bookkeepers and Fasset Training Providers.We provide training nationally if the need arises as well as locally.

We are able to visit clients sites to provide classroom based training.

Please call me or send me an email should you require further information.



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Hope for all! Do you have a solution?

We all need HOPE!

In our travels around the country, working with and meeting diverse people, I have discovered that the greatest thing missing in our country is Hope.

I met a man, in the rural Western Cape, who runs a very successful tuckshop. They supply all the daily groceries needs in the area. And the most awesome calamari, fish and chips. People travel great distances, to buy from him.

J, designated “coloured”, in South Africa, told me a…


Added by Brian V Moore on February 26, 2016 at 13:58 — 3 Comments

Upskill the staff in your company

When employees upskill themselves it is most certainly to the benefit of the company. It only takes the right course to get things…


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URGENTLY: Freelance Facilitators, Assessors & Moderators for Qualification ECD 58761

Good day Colleagues

My client Future Families Enterprise, based in Pretoria, Gauteng still have open positions for adhoc contract with Freelance Facilitators, Assessors & Moderators for Qualification 58761.

To make sure you don't miss the opportunity for this project kicking off soon!

URGENTLY email Dudu Nxele. ( and she will sent you the SLA in this regard for completion.

The application must…


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Think before acting

Problems are at the center of what many people do at work every day and a fundamental part of every manager's role is finding ways to solve them. So, being a confident problem solver is really important to your success.…


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#Budget2016: The Numbers Education Providers Need to Know

Today was an active day on social media and news sites as Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan delivered his full budget speech in Parliament. The team at Bloomer Marketing compiled a high-level overview of this speech as well as some key resources and snippets as its relates to the South African education sector. To read the full budget speech …


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Democratic Constitution & Bill of Rights - Most unequal socio-economic & political society !

Call it what you like, it remains government with a strong nationalist foundation equal to that of an oppressive and discriminatory National Party government. Nationalism breeds discontent and justice and freedom are compromised.

Xenophobia is at the core of a fragmented government that tells the world of a democracy constitution when in fact most minority South African groups are disadvantaged through various discriminatory government policies and regulations that result in practices…


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Road Safety Education Programme

We wish to team up with a consultant who has extensive experience in Road Safety Education to engage in a three-year project to educate primary school learners on road safety matters.

Kindly contact me urgently if you have the experience.

Sbusiso Mathe


330 Antone Lembede Street

Salisbury Center


Tel: (031) 301 6579

Cellphone: 076 773 2746

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International Congress on Vocational & Professional Education & Training - Switzerland

Received this information courtesy of the UNESCO-UNEVOC site and thought that this may be interest to skills-universe members - particularly those who conference attendance will be funded.

Subject: VPET Congress: Detailed Programme available now

20 – 22 June 2016 in Winterthur,…


Added by sylvia hammond on February 18, 2016 at 12:22 — No Comments

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