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Internal Communications

Often we find that internal communication between employees; whether senior managerial staff or lower level staff; is not where it should be. Once an employee feels welcomed, relaxed and at home within the company and co-workers become friendly, the communication tends to be blase', very relaxed and unprofessional.

Each company has its own culture,…


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Be The Best Communicator You Can Be

Our business at Talkwell revolves around the way individuals enhance their professionalism in the work area, from a communication perspective. Being in an industry where customer service, interpersonal skills and personal refinement is of utmost importance, it becomes second nature when having to notice and pinpoint when another person in passing is lacking in these areas. I therefore would like to draw your attention to an aspect that I find rather troubling and I am well aware that…


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The era of big data is upon us. The volume of valuable market data that is currently available to be mined is unprecedented. Converting raw data into knowledge provides market intelligence which is critical to the success of business. Big data is also having a game changing effect on enterprise wide risk management (ERM).  The impact of creating a high functioning and capable team to exploit the…


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Looking for a job

Good day Everyone I am a graduate in the TOURISM AND HOSPITALITY sector looking for a job i am unemployed at the moment i am a registered Assessor and facilitator both in training and development with the ETDP SETA i am available anytime

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The Dusi Canoe Marathon and your business

I watched the first few hundred boats through the second weir of the iconic Dusi Canoe Marathon a couple of weeks back. It’s a good place to be — the paddlers are still fresh and full of energy for their three-day journey, and they are close enough together for one to see plenty of action as they shoot through the narrow channel.

Here are five valuable business…


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The Toyota Way: Some Are Born Leaders, Others Can Learn the Skills

It is true that everyone possesses different skills, and it seems that some people are born for leadership. In truth, with desire, coaching, and practice, leadership skills can be learned. Michael Jordan did not make his high school basketball team, but with internal drive and continued practice, he became one of the greatest players ever.

 This is true of leadership skills. It may not be possible to change a person’s basic nature (being an introvert or extrovert, for…


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Eduloan simply delivers employee training

Sourcing the right training programme for your employees from a trustworthy training provider is not an easy task. The additional burden of finding cost effective courses that will give a return on investment can leave HR practitioners at a loss.

Companies who don’t have the necessary human resources experience are in danger of engaging with bogus training providers or participating in subpar training programmes.

However, Eduloans new Training Fund Management service is there…


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A professional image: is your website letting you down?

Most of us, searching for customers and trying to make a great first impression, pay a lot of attention to our ‘front of house’, whatever that might mean in our particular enterprise. It might mean spotless cutlery, bright uniforms, polished floors, or friendly greetings.

But our…


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Network at Work

No matter where you work- a company, public sector entity, university,  associations, non-profit or other organisation- networking is an essential communication skill and a pivotal professional capability in today’s workplace. It is the most effective way to get the job done, make things work, improve the processes and advance your career. Continued mergers and consolidations as well as downscaling in industry after industry suggests that no one is secure in their employment. You’ve heard it…


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EOI Process and other communications through Services Seta

It seems that Services Seta in particular is not communicating with its members adequately, or should i be so bold as to say that they believe that everything should be communicated non verbally so that the real reasons why certain communiques are sent  is to lessen the blow of unsuspecting service providers in rejecting their applications and proposals. 

The EOI is a case in point - since the origonal EOI process began, the standard reply has always been - "you will get a response by…


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Project Management facilitator, assessor & Moderator

Good day and compliments of the new year,

the is the period when training providers are busy trying to build a value added database of seasoned facilitators, assessor and moderators.

For a seasoned project management (US 50080) facilitator, assessor and moderator coupled with many other programmes, my story is simply; check my personal website for details at

book mark my…


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DA’s march for real jobs thwarted by ANC supporters

By Lia Marus

Yesterday, the Democratic Alliance (DA) staged their long-planned march on Luthuli House for real jobs . In a meeting between the DA, ANC and the JMPD, ANC representatives stated they "couldn't guarantee that there would be no violence". Well, this is exactly what happened: the DA marched peacefully but some people - "in ANC gear" - started throwing bricks at the marchers. What ever happened to the constitutionally guaranteed right of freedom of expression?



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Expert Advisor
A thought for Valentines day

 "How great is God! How small am I!
Lost, swallowed up in Love's immensity! God only there, not I"
(Experiencing a deeper Christian life - Andrew Murray)

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The Interpersonal Skills a Manager Needs

For a long time, IQ was lauded as the measurement of how likely one was to succeed. Many years and much research later, it was shown that in actual fact one’s EQ (emotional intelligence) is a clearer indicator of potential business success than not only a high IQ, but even of relevant previous experience.

The EQ is closely related to interpersonal skills. For someone in a managerial position,…


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Managing people, making a difference

Managing people within the South African labour-legislation framework can become a nightmare of us versus them, management against the unions, the boss cajoling employees. It may be any or all of these, but that is not where it starts or where it has to…


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Miners don’t appreciate what strikes do to the economy

I read, with horror, that around 200 members of the National Union of Mineworkers marched to the Mining Indaba, which was held in Cape Town this week, to protest against how Rio Tinto miners are supposedly being ill-treated in other parts of the world. Don’t they realise that another strike in the mining sector will merely 'strike' (pun intended) another nail in the coffin of our economy?

Don’t get me wrong - I do empathise with what the miners are trying to…


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Effective Management Development

Most Management Development interventions lack a sustained post training program to ensure the progress of the participant. It is critical to ensure that there is clear indication that your managers who participated in a Management Development Program are indeed making progress in addressing gaps identified.

One effective way of ensuring this is engaging your management team in a 360 degree management survey. During this process, based on Universal Management Competencies and eighteen…


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How to Recognise that an Employee is Ready for Promotion

It’s important that employees are rewarded for their efforts. Nothing is as demotivating as not being acknowledged for a job well-done. If work isn’t appreciated, it could lead to a decrease in job performance, or even losing employees all together.

An important way to reward good work is though promotion. However, while doing a good job is a key reason for promotion, it’s not the only requirement. It would be a big mistake to promote someone before they’re ready. Here’s how…


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Opportunities for senior citizens not a priority

I recently wrote an article on whether government’s plan to produce 30 000 artisans by 2030 is a plausible one.

According to the Ekurhuleni Skills and Training Center SA can reach this target if government provides development opportunities for older semi-skilled workers as well as young people.

This comment got me thinking about the current focus on youth development, youth employment, youth subsidies.

No-one doubts that investing in our young…


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Unfair discrimination: the ghost of actions past

The Employment Equity Amendment Act (2012), recently signed by the President, affects all of us. We cannot pretend that the workplace is representative of the population, particularly at senior levels. We have not done enough to bring black people, women and people with disabilities into meaningful, decision-making positions. 

We might ignore for a time the rising anger of affected people, but the fines attached to failure to comply should make business pay attention…


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