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Towards a draft policy framework for Work-Integrated Learning (WIL)

Towards a draft policy framework for Work-Integrated Learning (WIL)…


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The top 6 skills employers want by Laura Brewer


1. Flexibility/Adaptability:  Chances are, your job will change substantially over the course of your career, even if you stay in the same field. Employers want people who can adapt to change quickly, juggle multiple tasks and work with a variety of people. You can show this on your…


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19 Ways to identify workplace psychopaths

by Mike Lehr

Psychopaths work to amass their power – workplace psychopaths included. Emotion is not in the equation. This means they're immune to others' feelings, including their own. They won't hesitate to suffer what might be humiliating to their co-workers as long as it advances their power. This might appear as an unabashed 'yes person' willing to do anything to advance. Consequently, egotists and narcissists - who…


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THE OUTSOURCED SEVICES : Industrial Relations / Human Resources

Labour Arbitration Consulting And Training do provides the above services at a retainer / project basis

Here are the services :

- Chairing of disciplinary hearings

- Drafting of employment contracts

- Formulating of lawful HR policies and procedures

- Assist the employer with labour relations and conflict resolution

- Provide CCMA representation

- Assist the employer in relation to Retrenchment process

- Provide…


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The Difference Between Healthy and Unhealthy Conflict in the Workforce

When people think of conflict in the workforce, they often think of shouting, swearing, passive aggression, tantrums and other such lovely facets of human interaction. However, conflict not only can be a good thing, but a vital ingredient of a healthy and productive work environment.

This might be a new concept to you. If you know how to recognise the differences between good and bad conflict, you’ll be better equipped to facilitate the good kind in the work place. The kind of…


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.Net and Sequel Training Providers


Can anyone suggest providers in Gauteng or online courses for the following:-

  • .net
  • Sequel - To design databases/ to write commands/ design queries/ designer reports

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HR specialist versus HR generalist: which is better for SA?

by Cheyanne Ho

Over the last couple of years, there's been a debate in the industry about whether or not to employ an HR specialist or an HR generalist. HR, as a discipline, involves a number of different areas so being such a diverse discipline means that the opportunity for an HR professional either to master a particular area of interest (HR specialist) versus knowing a bit about all areas of HR (HR generalist) absolutely possible.…


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Sales Consultant

Sales Consultant position available at small to medium company based in Pretoria. The qualified person will be able to work from home from time to time. Salary to be discussed.

The duties include:

Implement Companies Sales Strategy.

Source New Clients.

Market Company.

Conduct Presentations with Potential New Clients.

Provide Progress Reports.

Attend Meetings.

Familiarise with Company Policies and Procedures.

Any other…


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Lessons we can learn from the modern American HR director

HR directors are still not as prevalent as they should be in the C-suite of South African companies. For those looking to make the step up to the board, it's worthwhile to learn what it takes to cut it as an HR director and what issues the average HR director faces on a daily basis. In this article, I look at the average modern American HR director to find out what type of individual occupies this position, what…


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Post-traumatic stress disorder in the workplace

by Celeste Olivier

People suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) often relate to the Humpty Dumpty nursery rhyme as it expresses just how they're feeling: shattered, wounded, torn apart and unlikely ever to be put back together again. PTSD results from exposure to an overwhelmingly stressful event or series of events, and can be caused by a wide range of trials such as: war, abuse, violent crime or natural disasters. To understand PTSD and how…


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Payment not honoured

We had officials who booked for a training  from a government department at the last minute they urgently emailed the registration form with names of the officials and where told to raise an invoice urgently for three officials and that the order was being raised for the payment since we were not on their preferred supplier database they asked us to  send the database forms which they had emailed to us which we did  come the day of the training only to have one attend out of the three…


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What happens when your best employee gets bored?

When an employee with admirable momentum and an unquestionable work ethic loses their dynamic drive, you could be close to saying goodbye to one of your best workers.

Boredom in the workplace sets in when an employee feels unchallenged, unmotivated or just undervalued. Yet, workers tend to keep these feelings to themselves. The tendency to hide boredom from seniors could be due to fear of…


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Good day

I would like to find out from if there is any way of getting a client to honor a Purchase Order (PO) that would have been issued and seemingly having been "overdue".

The client in question is a national government entity and issued a PO in October 2013 for us to conduct training for some of their senior management. The problem is up to now, this work still hasn't been done the reason being the entity is not yet ready.

This has been the story for…


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Need an Internal Moderation for 49129 Further Education and Training Certificate (FETC) Management and Administration NQF L4



I'm currently urgently looking for an Moderator for internal moderation on the above qualification registered with Serv Seta must be situated in Pretoria or Centurion.  Please forward your C.V to  Closing date Next week Friday 23 May for free lance Moderation

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Budget 2014: How to treat employer-provided bursaries in your payroll

by Lia Marus

Minister Gordhan's budget speech in February this year changed the way you need to deal with employer-provided bursaries in your payroll. Sonika van Wyk: legislation business consultant at CRS Technologies says that previously, if an employee earned over R100 000, the first R10 000 was tax free. Now, the threshold for tax-free benefits has changed.

At the moment, if your employee earns over R250 000 and they study a…


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Embrace HR technology to enable your workforce digitally

by Frew Murdoch

Roughly 17 years ago –the pre-Google age – there was not much of a relationship between HR technology and business. But since Google's launch, there has been a flood of HR technology revolutions, for example, LinkedIn was formed and smartphones entered the market. HR technology and your workforce are now driving the decisions that are made when we engage internally and externally in our businesses. This means digitally…


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Please comment on my new book on Workplace Conflict Resolution

Please can you take the time to read through this first chapter of my new Book - and give me some feedback. Thanks in advance! Brian Moore

Workplace Conflict Resolution through fun and peer-created values agreements - 4 2014

Chapter 1

After we woke up in the Namibian diamond mining town, we shivered as the cool and salty winds, of the Atlantic Ocean, blew willy-nilly across…


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Workers’ Day: integrating new employees

It was Worker’s day last week – May Day as it is known elsewhere. A day for workers to take it easy, relax, ignore their work and do their own thing. Of course, the cynical among us might say, ‘Isn’t that what they do every day?’

If that is what we get from our employees, we have to ask what we as…


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The Biggest South African Mystery of all Time


Business owners and managers are painfully aware of the constraints which skills shortages are placing on their ability to grow. At the same time we are sitting on a smoldering powder keg of unemployable youth.

The solution lies in our own hands, but why aren’t we seeing this?

South Africa: a rich legacy of mysteries-

We boast the Flying Dutchmen, a Dutch trading vessel which sank just off the Cape in 1641.  It is said that whoever…


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