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POPI compliance: Checks and employment references

by Faan Coetzee and Silindokuhle Malaza

The introduction of the Protection of Personal Information Act, No 4 of 2013 (POPI) (not yet in force) will affect you, the employer, when you want to verify candidates' credentials. Employment references would include those from past employers and, where appropriate, a background investigation into the applicant's criminal and credit history. It's imperative that when you ask for employment…


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EEA update: Not adhering to equal pay for work of equal value is an act of unfair discrimination

By Fiona Leppan and Benjamin Cripps

Section 6(4) of the Employment Equity Amendment Act, No 47 of 2013 (EEA), states that if an employer doesn't stick to the 'equal pay for work of equal value' rule, this is an act of unfair discrimination. In real terms, what does this mean?

Recently, the minister of labour distributed draft regulations to the EEA, which lay out exactly what an act of unfair discrimination – under the equal pay…


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7 Career-damaging Actions or Phrases To Avoid In The Workplace

As the world of career hunting becomes more competitive,…


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4 Steps To More Meaningful Conversations

George Bernard Shaw said, “The single biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” It does not take a wise person to explain that there is something wrong in the way people communicate and connect with one another. Communication is an art that has to be perfected in order for it to be used to your advantage. Just take a look at these few pointers and you are well on your way to improved communication.

Step 1: Take…


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Managing repeat offenders in the workplace

I am often asked to help deal with a troublesome employee where the ‘trouble’ has been going on for some time. But there is no record of any previous counselling or disciplinary action. Can anything be done?

In a small organisation, or where happy relationships between staff and managers are the norm, minor…


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Can you force employees to apply for their own jobs or face retrenchment?

by Ivan Israelstam

If you ever land up at the CCMA, you'll see retrenchment laws well summarised on their wall notices. Unfortunately, employers only get to see these summaries when it's too late, they've possibly unfairly dismissed an employee and the legal process has begun. In this article, find out what's the truth when it comes to retrenchment laws.

You don't need your employees' "permission" to retrench…


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Have an employment practices liability policy considering dismissal…

... Otherwise you could pay through your nose at the CCMA

by Mitch Marescia

In South Africa, there are an average of 800 employee versus employer cases a day at the CCMA. Of these, at least half are won by the aggrieved employee. The CCMA can award up to 12 months of an employees' salary if you're on the wrong side of, for example, an unfair dismissal case. It's clear that if you don't have insurance cover for your…


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On the Forbes List’s Ladies and Professional Aggression

The latest Forbes’s list of global billionaires welcomes more newcomers than ever. The additions include moguls hailing from the US, China, Germany and Brazil. With a combined worth of US$510 billion, the group are currently worth more than the GDP of Norway.

Another record has been set with…


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The value of assessment centres in your recruitment strategy

by Lia Marus

 Last week, the HR Pulse team attended the 34th Annual Assessment Centre Study Group (ACSG) Conference at the Protea Hotel in Stellenbosch. Some of the top professionals in the assessment centre field participated in this event and provided insights into the assessment centre landscape. According to the ACSG committee, assessment centres have proven to provide rich layers of information for managerial…


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Is the National Development Plan the answer to SA’s unemployment problem?

The South African economy is in a crisis – even the World Bank thinks so. In its economic update at the beginning of February, the bank revised its economic growth outlook for South Africa to 2.7% from a previously predicted forecast of 3.2%. In an address to the Potchefstroom Business School at the end of last year, Professor Raymond Parsons – special policy advisor at Business Unity South Africa (BUSA) - stated that South Africa could be aiming for a growth…


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Talent mapping: How to navigate your workforce

Talent mapping by Frew Murdoch

Talent mapping is a formalised process of aligning the talent on hand to the talent required to meet business strategy and goals. This means that it's an excellent method of talent planning. Talent managers need to focus their efforts on aligning talent management with strategic planning to see increasingly greater value in talent mapping. However, creating a comprehensive and value-generating talent plan is…


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"A la Carte" Restaurant Communication

I recently attended a business lunch at a restaurant that I had not visited in several months. On arrival, I was greeted by the waiters and manager at the door and was then shown to my table. Once I was seated, the waiter handed me a menu and immediately asked me what I would like to drink. Seeing that I had just sat down, I decided to take a few minutes to make the decision. General greetings and exchanging of handshakes took place and within two minutes of having been seated,…


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PPE that is not in the OSH act will save your employees’ lives

Safety first! by Jan Hollenbach

It's sad that, yet again, the issue of incidents, accidents and fatalities in the industry have come to the fore. Many of the responses to these dilemmas have been along the lines of "we must maintain or increase our safety standards at the operation beyond what the OSH act requires". Should we rather not upskill or empower our employees who're involved in our operations? Having considered some of the…


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Crushing That Job Interview!

Attending a job interview can be quite nerve wracking. This process can either make or break the person involved. The process can sometimes be long and frustrating and you really have to have a very thick skin in order to withstand all the personal and uncomfortable questions that you will be asked. Self preparation is very important and often many people who find themselves working through this process find it tough to prepare themselves correctly and as much as possible. Many times…


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Skills degradation and obsolescence caused by long periods of unemployment need to be addressed


It can take up to 6 months or more to find a job during a period of unemployment. Globally, on average, the unemployed are experiencing longer periods of joblessness than before the financial crisis. Employers are favouring the newly unemployed when jobs do become available. This increases the risk of skills degradation and obsolescence. The resultant skills mismatch…


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What You Need in the Perfect Secretary

Secretaries are often not given the credit they deserve, but they help keep things going smoothly and in many instances are the first impression a client or visitor will have of the boss, and by implication the whole company. So it’s important that you have the right man or woman for the job.

Do you need a receptionist, secretary or executive administrator?

First things first, let’s distinguish what position you need to fill. There are…


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Dealing with Unwanted Calls and Callers

I am certain that at some stage you have received one of "those" calls. The question is, in what manner are we dealing with them?

When training and exercising one's voice, I always encourage my clients to not scream, shout or strain their vocal chords in any way. Obviously, it is easier to remember this aspect during the voice training session. However, to remember this aspect and many others at all times, becomes tough especially when you are new at voice…


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Shining at meetings: Power Phrases

You have a chance to shine at meetings, here are examples of some powerful phrases you can use. 

What do you do when someone expresses your idea and takes credit for it?

Speak up. Don’t let it pass, and don’t say: “Hey, that was my idea! You stole it!” Instead, say:

"I believe that idea started with a comment I made earlier. I want to elaborate on my thinking."

"That is what I was referring to when I said… I am glad you like my idea, and I like the way you…


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New Management Textbook

Our new book "General Management for South African Business" is now available.…


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Do our Kids Communicate like Techno-Tarzans?

As a follow up from my recent post, today's blog will deal with how we change our communication in terms of what we say and how, in order to fit in with the culture of a company and to suit the client's needs and requirements. According to George Bernard Shaw, "The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place." Communication is the manner in which we create a true connection with each other and it assists us in relaying messages…


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