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WOMEN'S DAY: REMEMBERING 1956: 'Wathint' abafazi, wathint' imbokodo'

9 August 1956: 20 000 women of all races marched to the Union Buildings, Pretoria, to hand over a petition against the Urban Areas Act.

The march against the pass laws was organised under the banner of the Federation of South African Women.

The Federation challenged the idea that 'a woman's place is in the kitchen', declaring it instead to be everywhere'.

Although Prime Minister J.G. Strijdom was not at the Union Buildings to accept the petition, the women of… Continue

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Education Week Convention and Learning expo 2010

Hi Fikile,

My name is Ayesha Sidar I was reading your blog about the FET colleges....I don't have your contact details but I would like to talk to you or send you information about a conference and learning expo that my company has organised together with the Ministry's of Basic and Higher Education called Education Week which takes place in Johannesburg 28 -30 September 2010 at the Emperor's Palace.

Brief description:

Your invitation to participate, collaborate and connect… Continue

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Is it your truth or the meaning you attach to your words that works?

Tap to the Power of the Meaning Factor.

After having…


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How do we get more students

Good day all,

I work as an assessor for a NPO Training Center, I have such a passion for what I am doing but the problem is that we do not get the numbers of students we need to keep the center going.

We cater for the less fortunate so our course prices are very low but the standards is very high.

What do we do to get more students?? Why does everyone complain about prices of Training Centers but are also not willing to support the centers who really wants to…


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Merging small business in HR, Training Or Recruitment

We all know times are tough and with the recession and BEE laws, some small businesses in Training and HR have closed shop because they do not have enough clients. Why do big business merge when the going gets tough? I have a strong standing Recruitment Company with even more potential for growth and think I can contribute to some accredited trainer who is struggling to find work since my clients have more faith in me than a new service provider trying to impress. I am also considering…


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Is There a Debate On the Future of FET NATED Courses

Bureaucracy with its redtape can leave people misinformed thereby taking decisions that are in sharp contrast to national aspirations in matters of national importance. I was informed by authorities at one FET college that the DoHE&T is in the process of fazing out FET Nated courses which will be completely non-existent come year 2015. The said authorities were pretending to be talking from a well informed platform and they have already started doing away with N4, enrolling only their…


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Keep flying our flag and shout for education!

I did say earlier that it is not about who governs but how they govern! This is very confusing in South Africa because of our apartheid past. If we are white and we don’t vote ANC it’s because we obviously want to go back to an apartheid South Africa and if we are black and we don’t want to vote ANC we are traitors. I think I understand this turmoil in our young…


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Renew your licence online

The City of Cape Town has launched a new website that allows for online vehicle licence renewal, which could mean the end of having stand in long queues.

The City of Cape Town site also features a list of motor vehicle registration and licensing offices, if you do need to pay them a call in person, along with a section entitled Frequently Asked Questions.

"The site aims to reduce the number of telephone inquiries and the queues in the city's offices," said Trevor Blake, the… Continue

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We as members of civil society can never allow xenephobia to continue to threaten the lives of members of society irrespective of religion, culture, nationality nor any other diverse factors that allow the gangsters, criminals who continue to terrorise, kill and maim innocent law abiding people.

To just be a passive bystander in hearing and seeing how these satanic members of the very society that espouse as GOD fearing people can allow these criminal elements to kill, maim…


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If any of us want to really serve humanity and that include our family, friends, neighbours and community as a whole, we need to show and practise exceptional values and qualities that are really inborn in our heart.

It is therefore a practise that our team culture is a winner. We further practise and live in honesty, we are reliable and transparent. We use our knowledge and that which we are competent in, with confidence and with a positive approach. With these factors come…


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New Zealand congratulates the Rainbow Nation on its hosting of the 2010 World Cup and promises more of the same to Rugby supporters for the Rugby World Cup in 2011.

All Saffers…


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Hi All

YOUNG MINDS PEER GROUP is having a spelling championship (spelling bee)

on the 6th of august 2010 in pretoria if you are intrested just contact me on 0786785028.

I will give you full details about the event.

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We have been running the very successful Psychology of Communication (general communication and team communication) and Psychology of Sales workshops for the last 4 years. And it really is going well as people want more of improving interactions with other people. We have now also expanded the workshops to Europe (5 countries).…


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We thought you would find the below article from the front-page of the Sunday Times dated 25 July 2010, of…


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Self Empowerment

Self Empowerment program in the community.

11, 12 & 13 August

08h00 to 15h00

Place Itsoseng Student Health

University of Pretoria

Mamelodi East Campus

(Old Vista Campus)

Food, refreshments supplied

R300 (includes manual etc)

Some references from previous programs…


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I am a degreed speech and drama specialist with 25 years experience. I cringe at the service standards within South Africa and was deeply concerned about our government employing facilitators from the USA Disneyworld who came here pre world cup to train our nation on what customer service should be. I attended two workshops and found the content irrelevant to our unique new democracy. There was very little evidence of any research having been done prior to the training and all…


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Good Moring all, I just wanted to let everyone know that i am new and looking forward to meeting most of you and learning a lot in this blog. Kelebogile Morare

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Employment equity specialist needed urgently

Employment equity specialist needed…


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The aim of this programme is to look at the business manager’s role in tasks that may have been traditionally considered HR’s role. The workshop will focus on how business managers and HR can work together…


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How to invoke Change,

not impose it!
“Bridging the gap between knowing and doing…"…


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