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WCS Ticket Fiasco

FIFA world cup offers 2 ticket products. Match tickets to watch individual matches (4 per match for up to 7 matches) and Team specific Ticket Series TST's ( 3 to 7 matches to a max of 4 TST)

During the 2nd round applications I booked for 2 matches in Durban and 3 matches TST following Holland. I got one sms to tell me my ticket application was unsuccessful. I queried this week which ticket application was unsuccesful and I was told both much to my surprise. 2 applications warrents 2 sms I… Continue

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THSBS offers Bridging Programmes for school leavers and work seekers to build skills needed to succeed in finding employment. These Bridging Programmes cover specially designed modules in:

The work environment: what Employers expect from new staff

Office etiquette

Personal presentation

Office… Continue

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Interview With Yourself - I Love This (Re-post)

Today I’m going to interview somebody really special on my blog. And that would be you. Exactly, you, the one who’s looking at the screen right now. You are a very important person and it’s an honor for me to interview you. I prepared a list of 33 questions and I’m really looking forward to hear your answers.

Yes, this is an interview. With you. Why? Because you’re important, that’s why.

1. What Do You Do For A Living?

You may not know what you’re really doing for a living.… Continue

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THSBS offers the SA Host Service Excellence two-day training programme and the Welcome Visitor Experience half-day customer service training programme. These programmes are facilitated by qualified and registered specialists with experience across all sectors. Visit for further information.…


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The Thusanani Post-Matric Work Readiness Programme

Young people enter the world of work for the first time and are faced with many challenges i.e. the transition from student to employee, adjusting to their new work environment and navigating the many global career challenges of the 21st century. Therefore Stanley Hutcheson and Associates (SHA) have developed the Thusanani Post-Matric Work Readiness Programme (WRP).

Based on our successful implementation of the Thusanani Work Readiness Programme, for the past 5 years, SHA has… Continue

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HR Reporting Protocols

I need to do a presentation on HR reporting protocols. I'm not sure how to approach this topic. Can someone assist please

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Haiti relief effort shows limits of technology

Who’s leading who?

Watching the Haiti tragedy on various TV stations, often with tears in my eyes, I reach a stage where I have to switch off the television to protect my emotional wellbeing. However, even after switching off, the scenes remain in my head – and most particularly I turn over in my mind - the Questions!

Why is it – with so much at their disposal the Americans are able to deliver so little? Let’s acknowledge the enormous contribution and generosity that the… Continue

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Dear Training Provider

During the last 3 years, METSA has been involved in the implementation and coordination of various training projects in Mpumalanga and Limpopo provinces, and also for a number of Large and established Training providers.

We have noticed that a number of Training Providers from other provinces are implementing project in Mpumalanga. Often – to their detriment. The… Continue

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An important legal precedent

A recent Supreme Court of Appeal judgment in a case involving the Tswane Metro should be read by all concerned with the challenge of maintaining standards and blindly implementing employment equity requirements. It primarily covers the rights employees have to communicate their concerns when they believe ignoring standards will have adverse effects on the work place and the general public.
Significant is the need for proper training and testing of resources.
See Case No 532/08.

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Mason New Venture Creation Advertisement

Mason Complete Office Solutions in partnership with the W&RSETA and Sappi is pleased to announce the GO WISE (Getting Our Women Involved in Self Employment) New Venture Creation Programme. The GO WISE programme is aimed at equipping learners/emerging entrepreneurs who have interest in the Retail sector with small business management skills and an opportunity to own a fully equipped franchised stationery business.

This 1 year programme is structured to enable candidates to… Continue

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How can attorneys become successful networkers?

For many attorneys, the word “networking” conjures up trepidation and concern about their own inadequacies about not being able to “schmooze,” coupled with misconceptions ranging from not having enough time and not having “star” power, to networking being a waste of time that robs them of valuable billable hours. So it’s no surprise that networking often ranks on the lower rungs of business development activities. By holding these misconceptions to be true, attorneys are really doing themselves… Continue

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Youth Development funding from SETA

Can anyone assist me with a contact person at SETA to obtain information on funding for youth development.

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Green skills and green opportunities, the other side of the pervasive fear of climate change impacts.

When have we not heard about the reality, that we as humanity are facing one of the greatest challenges our civilization has ever had to confront? Make no bones about it; we are in an age of great uncertainty with regards to the stability of our planetary climate. I just cannot help but think, that instead just tackling this critical threat to our civilization and the planet we live on, we need to consider it also has a great opportunity for positive change. For innovation, new ideas, new forms… Continue

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Final tally: 86.1% of respondents would like to complete a bachelors in training and devlopment

Tackling continuing professional development (CPD) in the education, training and development sector is challenging for both organisations and practitioners. With the vast amount of training providers offering a range of programmes to cater to the markets needs. Not unexpected though, at the end of the day, many practitioners want a degree to reflect their competence and level of professionalism.

36 professionals in education and training completed the short survey. 86.1% definitely… Continue

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Expert Advisor
Skills development money starts flowing

I think it is an absolute tragedy that our schools are letting us down to such an extent that children have to be re-taught the basics in order to enter not only institutions of higher learning, but FET colleges as well. Out of every 20 young people tested for the National Certificate Vocational (NCV) readiness at level 2 (post Grade 9), at least 3 out of every 5 are not at the appropriate mathematics or language proficiency level! These young people have to be re-trained so that they are not… Continue

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Higher Education, artisans and the future Seta landscape

2010 will be a year both of consolidation and of review and formulation of plans for 2011.

Minister Blade Nzimande faced Justice Malala’s penetrating questions on the Justice Factor – the Sunday morning “must-view” show at 09h30 on eNews channel.

What has the ANC achieved since they took over? Yes, they’ve implemented outcomes based education but why is it necessary for universities to conduct their own assessments of students? Justice said that matric results don’t seem to have… Continue

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Are you taking on too much?

Some people take on too much. They want to please others, or help and be involved, so they are always willing to take on more responsibilities than they can comfortably cope with.

In the office, we are sometimes pressurized to take on added responsibilities. With our current workload we then find it impossible to complete everything and become stressed as a result.

In business, we don't want to lose a sale so we take on too much work or make promises we cannot deliver… Continue

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One - on - one time is important for your personal relationship with your children.

One - on - one time.

Nothing builds relationships as well as spending time alone with people. Plan to spend some one-on-one time with each family member regularly.

If you have never done it, you will be surprised just how powerful it can be. When you find you are alone with only one of your children, you will have much more patience and can focus better on their conversation. Perhaps one Saturday morning/afternoon per month with each child. Have your children decide what they… Continue

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The Paper Chase: Kick the clutter and get organised.

The Paper Chase.

We live in a consumer world, we are seduced into buying stuff we don’t need, get things in the mail we did not ask for and instead of giving or throwing this stuff away, we hang onto it for years, until it eventually takes over our lives. Our homes are filled with all sorts of clutter that make us disorganised and even a little crazy. Spring is just around the corner so now would be a great time to sort out your home once and for all. There are two main types of… Continue

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Minister Blade Nzimande outlines post-matric options for youth

On Wednesday 13th January 2010 Higher Education and Training Minister Dr Blade Nzimande held a media conference on post-school options for thos who finished school at the end of 2009.

The full text of his statement is published below.

The next few months will see progress towards many of the goals we have set for the Department of Higher Education and Training. We have in the past seven months been shaping this new department, bringing the skills component of the…


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