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Computer Clinic…


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Swicon360 People have been assisting clients with cutting edge Human Capital Management solutions for more than 30 years, and will be conducting a series of high impact Public Workshops in June, July and August. These…


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The system applied when registering Assessors, Moderators, Verifiers and Accredited Training Providers is flawed with unnecessaryprocesses that can only lead to mismanagement and corruption.

Many of the people who peruse the necessary documentation and who make the necessary recommendations are not necessarily competent and sufficiently informed on the processes that need to be followed in order to be involved in these important decision making. To first be accredited by one…


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'N Nogge Ding Wat Kom - Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-B BEE)

My understanding is that government will push ahead with B-B BEE inspite of the fact that it has failed the people, the impoverished masses.

The few "GREEDY GLUTTERS" have taken the opportunities and wealth all for themselves at the expense mof the masses. No other country in the world has spit out so many millionaires without the input of a "DIME" what utter rubbish of making the masses believe that they are all included in this B-B BEE when the few rich got RICHER and the…


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Transformation of the Skills Training and Development Landscape

It is my strong view that specialist in the human capital development landscape need to openly and collectively voice its support for the next phase in developing education & training that talks to a National Human Resources Development Strategy (NHRDS).

If it does'nt do this with expert knowledge of developing a sustainable and measureable national economy that talk to various economic sectors, it is as doomed as what the result was in the education skills training and…


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One of the best email I ever read!!!! An Oldie But Worth Sharing Again & Again ...

Two Choices

What would you do? make the choice. Don't look for a punch line, there isn't one. Read it anyway. My question is: Would you have made the same choice?

At a fundraising dinner for a school that serves children with learning disabilities, the father of one of the students delivered a speech that would never be forgotten by…


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Life Skills Facilitator Training in Storytelling which is Endorsed by the HWSETA

Call the Rain cc has established itself as an innovative training company that uses storytelling in the fight against HIV / Aids . It uses the One Bokkie Story as a methodology in succeeding in encouraging voluntary counselling and testing . Companies such as Daimler Chrysler SA, McCain Foods, SA Metals, Diarybelle and over 50 other companies have used this approach in their peer education programmes. Learning material has been written against unit…


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Do we really believe that government has been well informed on the transformation of skills training & development?

It isapparent that the universities and universities of technology is well on its way in helping to build the national skills base in line with the objectivesand purposes of its mandates. It is also significant to note that the school systems are also moving towards the same objectives and purposes. What are the concerns and issues around getting the SETA's…


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The SERVICES SETA cordially invites you to attend the National Skills Development Strategy III

A consultative road show presented by the SERVICES SETA

CEO, Mr Ivor Blumenthal.

The event is fully sponsored by the SERVICES SETA for all paying and non-levy paying members, training providers, registered SDF’s and Assessors, industry

experts and Practitioners.

For enquiries and to RSVP: Please…


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Research in Learning and Development in South Africa

Hi there all fellow facilitators,

Please would you assist me in completing the following survey which I am conducting for my CPD in ODETD and for my work at the SABPP. Thank you.…

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Developing Course Material


Can someone pls contact me I need a person to develop course material

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Positivity and racial harmony. Madiba's legacy, our challenge.

South African’s who lived through the dying days of apartheid and the early rise of our new democracy recall the amazing shift that occurred in this country after the release of Nelson Mandela. We recognize the powerful impact of Madiba’s magnanimity towards his former oppressors, his warmth and graciousness towards people of all races. He is a wonderful example for us all to follow. Can you recall the pride that flowed through our hearts when our rugby team won the 1995 World Cup? How… Continue

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The Tourism Business School (THSBS) in conjunction with the Sunday Tribune will publish 2 Supplements to co-incide with the World Cup aimed at welcoming all Visitors to KZN and Durban and encouraging them to visit our many varied attractions.

The Supplements are directed at creating a buzz in the Zulu Kingdom and to draw attention to featured leisure, cultural, adventure and sport activities. Features will focus on specific places of interests; activities; shopping centres;…


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The future of South Africa lies in our hands

Ever wondered how will you be remembered? You, the training and development practitioners of this pivotal time in our history?

I sometimes wonder how many of you realize the huge responsibility that has been placed on your shoulders. You may be a facilitator or material developer; the work of…


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The Power Of Positivity in the workplace

Employees determine how things are going throughout the workday and within the organization by observing how managers/supervisors are acting at any given moment.And,because Employees collect 80% of their information from non- verbal cues managers/supervisors give off ,and not from the words they speak,it's how managers/supervisors act that matters to Employees.If managers/supervisors have a worried expression constantly on their face,everyone in the workplace is affected - and not in a good…


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NSDS3 - Hmmmmm

Having had a quick squiz through the proposed NSDS3 I see that once again Public institutions - colleges, tech, varsities etc - are being supported to improve. Now, while improvement is always great - I really hope that NSDS 3 puts in some clear parameters on what has to happen.

Whilst private providers generally have to be responsive to the world of work and its training needs or they don't make a buck - i generally see the more entrenched public bodies just doing…


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Services Seta Registered Assessor

So, I finally received my Report from the Services Seta, which states that I have been registered as an assessor. I had been waiting for it since December but, to be quite honest, I expected to wait six months instead of the six weeks I had been promised. It was only the second time in the past few months that I experienced such an overwhelming sense of achievement. The first was when the sustainability report I produced for my previous employer was voted the Best Report for 2008 within…


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Success comes from saying "I Can"

The way we think on a daily basis ultimately determines personal success or failure. When we cultivate positive thoughts we have a tendency to behave in a positive manner but if our thoughts…


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Liz Findlay

As an external Moderator fro the Services Seta I would like to add a viewpoint for your consideration.
There are many Training Providers out there not adhering to the basic quality assurance procedures and yes the few good providers will suffer as a result of the stringent measures introduced. We are there to provide quality qualifications to the learnes and that is forgotten in the mix

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