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Madiba is fine and resting in Qunu

30 December 2011

Former President Nelson Mandela is in good health, good spirits and enjoying the festive season at his home in Qunu.


The Presidency has received calls from the media enquiring about Madiba's health. It appears that an end of year review done by a media house may have unfortunately triggered a rumour of ill-health. 


On behalf of government and the people of South Africa, President Jacob Zuma wishes Madiba a very happy and…


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SA President's 2012 New Year Message

Season's Greetings to all South Africans and all our guests from many parts of Africa and the world.


We have come to the end of yet another eventful and in some ways challenging year; a year that represents another critical milestone along our development as a young democratic nation.


No matter how we evaluate 2011, we can come to one conclusion. 


We are ending the year better off than we were back in January, and certainly far better off than…


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Where is the Trades aspect of the QCTO? Invisible?

With all the concern about the pending changes to the future of private providers, the uncertainty of the future of learnerships and the proposed roll-out of the National Artisan Moderating Body (NAMB) it is ironic that the demand for learnerships with a technical focus is growing exponentially. Judging by the trends below (obtained via trend analysis examining online searches in South Africa over the last 12 months), the demand is quite specifically focused on a limited number of…


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Financial Freedom for 2012 - Passive Income Business

What is Financial Freedom?

Being truly free has 2 parts.The first is having freedom to make choices NOT based on what things cost.Being financially free implies that you will ALWAYS have plenty of money to pay for any desired lifestyle that you may have.It is all about…


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Strange email

Hi Tamsin, Thanks for letting us niow about the strange email you received. We are aware that some members have received this email and can confirm that the person sending it is not a member of SkillsUniverse.

The SkillsUniverse system works in such a way that people cannot access your email address via the site. They can only send you a message via the site message system and you can always block these if you prefer.

However when I looked at your page I noticed that in a previous… Continue

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strange email

I would like to bring to the attention of the Skills Universe administrator/s that I have received a very suspicious email from a person who accessed my profile on this website - not a friend. Please would you contact me so I can give you more details. I suspect a number members received this email with subject line 'interesting'

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End of Year Media Statement by President Jacob Zuma

President Zuma's end of year message is repeated in full.  Please look for the Early Childhood Development, Education, and skills development sections of the message.

"We have reached the end of a very industrious year. We are pleased with the progress we have made this year, in which we scored through working with various sectors.


A lot was achieved in the government's programme of action locally and internationally.


We will mention just a few…


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Christmas Reflections - a poem by Des Squire

A time for giving, receiving and sharing

A time for reflection on all that has passed

A time to ponder, maybe just wonder

What might have been and what might have changed?

Reflect now and think - not of yourself

Of those in your life, you love or perhaps hate

Think of the good, forget all the bad

Forget all the hurt others have caused

Look at the good that surrounds you each day

Look for the good in all those you meet

Consider your faults, not…


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Planned Success

Planned success

That is a strange title because there is nothing like accidental success. The very work success means there was a planned goal that was to be achieved. You may say they are people that were trying to do something and some how without knowing how they bumped into success. Well again there was a predetermined goal that was to be achieved the method was not known but the result was envisioned.

Anyway I said that to say this. If you are to see success in your…


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27/12/2011 decalred Holiday



Whereas for some employees this might seem a good idea, for many employers holidays are associated with costs.


In essence, i fail to comprehend the rationale behind this declaration, it would be appreciated if more details are provided as to how did the presidency come to this conclusion


May be in future such developments should be attended to in advance to allow proper preparation by all affected, both  employers and…


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Acting President Kgalema Motlanthe declares 27 December 2011 a Public Holiday

14 December 2011

Acting President Kgalema Motlanthe has on Wednesday, 14th December 2011, in terms of Section 2A of the Public Holidays Act, 1994 (Act No.36 of 1994) declared   the 27th day of December 2011 as a public holiday throughout the Republic.

Enquiries: Thabo Masebe 082 410 8087

Issued by: The Presidency


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Never Be Ripped Off (Managing Risk of Non-Payment)

I have noticed that many service providers run into dishonesty from clients - particularly when payment is concerned. I have been asked many times what can be done - here I list some control measures which may or may not fit everyone's profile. Please add others or highlight examples.

First, let's examine the notion: "No service. No pay" or "No work. No pay". This common saying implies that payment follows service. Sometimes we are able to offer the…


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Making Decisions

Many of us these days are either semi self employed or fully self employed. In any case, decision making in business (ours or someone else's) has lost it's focus.

Much research was once directed at how decisions should be made. The models for decision making often started with "Identify (something eg. a goal, or objective, or need)" and ended with "Evaluate".

I want to present my own…


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Speech by Deputy President Motlanthe on 15th Anniversary of SA Constitution

Programme Director, Cheryl Carolous;

Chief Justice, Mogoeng Mogoeng;

Former Chief Justice, Sandile Ngcobo;

Deputy Chief Justice, Dikgang Moseneke;

Judge Present;

Former Justices;

Gauteng Premier, Nomvula Mokonyane;

Chairperson of the Constitutional Hill Trust, Cyril Ramaphosa;

Members of the Trust;

Excellencies Ambassadors and High Commissioners

Fellow South Africans


I thank you most sincerely for this…


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Listening to the silent talk

Listening to the silent talk

Page4-8 Extracted from Free-Thin-King

It's too much, we have to listen to our inner-voice now, this expect say this and this book say that everyone want to tell us to follow certain ways of living our own lives, because we are so desperate we just follow and take anything. i decided to be my own guru.       

This story happens secretly and quietly within all of us.

In a Regular…


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ETDP-SETA Contact Number

 Anyone trying to contact the ETDP-SETA can try:

Mr.Thabani Gula at 0829602018.


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Acceptance Speech by President Dr Zuma at award of Honorary Doctorate

On the occasion of being awarded an Honorary Doctorate Degree in Philosophy for his contribution to education and human development at the American University of Nigeria

Excellency the Vice President of the Republic of Nigeria,

Excellency the former Vice President of the Republic of Nigeria, Atiku Abubakar,

The Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the American University of Nigeria, Mr Ahmed Joda,

The President of the American…


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Global changes have an influence on education and training in South-Africa.  We are a diverse country ('different worlds in one world').

The approach to adult learning should change. In the FET College-environment there is no clear vision on what global change is and how we as training providers can contribute to technological development.  I am sure that there are more training providers that are in the same boat. …


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Communities of Practice

"Learning is central to human identity and we tend to think that it only takes place when we enroll for a workshop or course".


I read a book Communities of Practice by Wenger and found his view about how learning takes place very interesting. Learning is central to human identity and we tend to think that it only takes place when we enroll for a workshop or course.



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Seeking professional SA Artist with passport to attend symposium

From Facebook post in SAYC Western Cape by Renecia Wilson

10:06am Dec 7

Facebook friends....Need help ! Calling for professional South African artist with passport who is prepared to travel to Egypt on 24…


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