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Facilitators, Assessors and Moderators Wanted

Looking for contract personnell for First Aid, Fire Fighting, HIV AIDS and Forklift Training. Various standards. Location: KZN; GP ; Cape Town. Please reply with your qulifications, experience and contact details, no attachments, to

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Who is UCertifyOnline ?

UCertifyOnline is headed by Faizal Mukadam, the previous CEO of IT Business Campus and Global Computer Wholesalers, who has stepped down from his post to lead the online training portal.

UCertifyOnline is the online training company of the ITBC Group. It has been created and separated from the IT Business Campus brand as a standalone company. The purpose of UCertifyOnline is to drive the online training portal within South Africa, Africa and the World.

UCertifyOnline is expanding its… Continue

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Pro Bono Coaching

hi everyone

I am completing my coaching diploma and need to complete another 50 hours. If you know of anyone that could benefit from coaching and lives in the East Rand Area - I would love the opportunity.

What is coaching?

Coaching is about having someone be your thinking partner – to assist you from moving from where you are, to where you want to be – to create a new way of thinking – new perspectives – clearing blockages to your dreams and goals.

Coaching assists to… Continue

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Is the vuvuzela a gross health hazard?

I'm completely grossed out by what I heard recently. Unlike a decent musical instrument, this vuvuzela has no spit trap, which gives credibility to the claim that blowing thousands of these in a stadium creates a mist that shows up in the spotlights. Add to this the globs from the waving and shaking that must take place, and think beyond gross, think health risk. The Department of Health will probably be giving XDR-TB patients day passes to see the games instead of doing a proper investigation… Continue

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Old Mutual Learnerships

Learnerships – we’re looking for the BEST!

Know of anyone with a Senior Certificate (English and Maths), between 20 and 35, unemployed and

interested in a financial sector Learnership with Old Mutual?

They provide academic training and practical on-the-job experience. Successful learners obtain a nationally recognised qualification, boosting chances of future employment.

Applicants can email their CV to… Continue

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Another TA model used in organisations is Karpman’s Drama Triangle, (Karpman, 1971) which describes the three roles of the Persecutor, the Victim and the Rescuer.

An example of the roles played in a typical drama triangle at work is as follows:

You might have a manager who believes "My staff are useless, lazy, and untrustworthy.” He would be seen by his staff as the Persecutor. The subordinate might think, "I can never do anything right. The boss is cruel and demanding and… Continue

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Job Vacancy

AEL Facilitator Job Vacancy

The Team Building Institute (TBI) is the leading team building company within the Adventure related Experiential Learning (AEL) industry in South Africa.

We are currently seeking recent graduate or entry-level individuals who are searching for an opportunity to get involved in the dynamic and vibrant human development and training sector.

Job Description: To facilitate teams and team dynamics through experiential… Continue

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Good day good people.Help please

I just completed my assessor training course and haven't yet registered as the constituent assessor because i don't have any idea of where to start please help me with the information as to how do i go about it and how much does it cost.your help will be highly appreciated

Added by Carnell Diyale on December 2, 2009 at 16:57 — 2 Comments

Subliminal Conditioning within Institutions

Laing said psychiatry is an institution which like families, are groups whose members are ‘pledged to resist and stifle insights and tendencies towards human growth that might threaten their own power and expose them to attack from without.’ Strange as it may seem, Laing said one should not expect psychiatry to support liberation which I take to mean individuation. According to him, institutions use mystification and manipulation to condition their members, and so effective… Continue

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Disciplinary Enquiries: Consistent Application of the Rule

Having presided over countless disciplinary enquiries, I've pretty much seen and heard it all. The most common excuses that employees offer in these enquiries, is that they either didn't know about a rule (see a previous blog entry 'Disciplinary Enquiries: Awareness of Workplace Rules' on how to combat this) or that the rule hasn't been applied consistently across the board. The accused employee will complain that so-and-so also did xyz and nothing happened to them, or they were merely issued… Continue

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Strokes, Games and the Drama Triangle

Transactional Analysis as it may be applied in Organisations.



Human beings are stroke junkies. By stroke, I mean the TA term for a form of recognition, be it a smile, or a frown, or recognition for a job well done, or punishment for poor performance.

What is the stroke economy of your organisation? How much recognition is given for a job well done? How much attention is given for a job poorly… Continue

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