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Training request on Project Management for your interest

I am Mechanical engineer, and I manage projects in my company, I request courses in project management to help me to manage my projects, also course lead to PMP certificate

Name: Mahir Hassan


Company: ARC

Position at Company:Engineer

Work Phone NO:+249912535762

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Training Request I received for your interest

I would like to have your training calender and brochure, we are in beverage manufacturing such as cold drinks all flavors, Juices etc. We have to design the trainings for our staff.

Name: Nadeem Rehman


Company: Gourmet Group Pakistan

Position: General Manager Human Resources

Work Phone NO: +923004727879

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Business for Sale


Kathy Ramsewak and her husband are Services SETA Assessors and Moderator for the past 5 years. They have consulted to many companies and built quite a solid reputation.

When the idea of RPL centers came about, the SETA asked them if they would be interested. They decided to give it shot and became accredited just over a year ago. They are currently accredited for Contact Center Level 2 and Business Administration Level 3.

Current… Continue

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Seta Frustrations

Hi All

I have experienced so much frustration with the Setas in the past couple of months and was wondering how everyone else is experiencing their dealings with Setas. I would like to invite you to share your views and frustrations with your relevant Seta's with me. Maybe we could find some golden pathway in sharing our frustrations!

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The Power of Understanding Leadership Styles

What makes a good leader? Is it their personality? Is everyone a leader? Are leaders better than each other?

Leaders are not better than each other. Everyone is a leader, some people just dont know what kind of a leader they are, hence they are playing to their strenghts. Leaders are born. My reasoning is based on the fact that everyone is born with a particular social style, Yes we all at some point learn to change our social styles temporarily when the circumstances require.… Continue

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Counter Offers - Attraction & Retention meets, at whose expense?

I have read the many websites picked up on a google search on the topic of Counter Offers and have my own views, but what are your thoughts on this topic.

I have just had a Senior Executive go through a significant & efficient Recruitment process with one of my clients. During my initial discussions, he gave no indication that he would consider a counter offer. He was flown to Cape Town by my client. The interview went well from both sides and he was very positive about the… Continue

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Internship position at Neotel

Have you recently completed your bachelor’s degree, B-Tech or NhD in science or commerce with specialization in Industrial Engineering, Process Engineering, Information Systems, or the like, with an IT background?

Do you want to join the high-paced competitive world of the ICT industry?

Neotel is offering a Graduate Intern Programme in Business Process Management, in 6-month segments. This is a unique opportunity to launch your career… Continue

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Skills and service delivery riots

A recent Indaba on the service delivery protests included the comments below:

The turn-around strategy would be submitted to Cabinet by December this year and municipalities were expected to formulate their own specific strategies, within the framework of the national turn-around plan by March next year. The indaba comes in the wake of service delivery protests around the country.

Communities took to the streets in various areas protesting against the lack of delivery and… Continue

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Networking as a Learning Curve

I am hugely appreciative of this blog originated by Alan and Sylvia, facilitating connection between those of us focused on people development and business achievement. This is new ground for me and I would like tips on how to make it work properly for myself and others.

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It’s Friend Friday on the Skills Universe

The Skills Universe is a virtual workplace where 2 600 members can meet & discuss business issues: asking questions and sharing knowledge.

The value of any network increases exponentially as the number of members grows. That works for the Skills Universe as a whole, but also works for your personal network. The more connections you have, the greater the benefit to you.

Here are a few things you can do to increase the value of the Skills Universe virtual workplace to… Continue

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Free State University decision condemned

Professor Jonathan Jansen is well known as someone with strong views and the determination to express them in public when necessary. This served him well during his time as Dean of Education at Pretoria University.

At his inaugural lecture at the University of the Free State on Friday he announced that the institution would drop charges against the four students involved in the infamous Reitz Residence scandal.

His desire to draw a line under the incident on move on to… Continue

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That Christmas party nightmare!

It's that time of year when the lucky HR officer gets to organise the end of year function!!

You may have seen this before - it has been doing the rounds on the internet for a while - but I think its worth reading again!!



FROM: Patty Lewis, Human Resources Director

TO: All Employees

DATE: October 01, 2003

RE: Gala Christmas… Continue

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Calling all Services SETA Registered Employers and Accredited Training Providers

The Services SETA invites you to attend the national SSICTO (SSETA Industry Council for Trades and Occupations) Roadshow for information sharing sessions on the changing skills development landscape and the developments within the Services SETA related to this change.

The following areas will be addressed:

- New Skills Development Landscape

- Mapping Organisation Structures to the Organising

Framework of Occupations


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Social Media – Prove you are not boring

By Charlotte Kemp

Now I know this is not everyone’s idea of ‘proper’ church, but we thought it was awesome. On Sunday, our minister baked a chocolate cake – from raw ingredients, into the microwave, left to stand and then ready to eat – by the end of his sermon. He didn’t miss a beat, the illustration was perfectly in line with the topic and he had the audience’s enthralled attention for the whole time. And I guarantee we will all remember the point of the sermon for weeks to… Continue

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Nactu Submission on Labour Broking

Nactu Final document on labour broker.doc

It has been pointed out to me that we published a number of the submissions to the Parliamentary Committee investigating Temporary Employment Services (TES) or "Labour Brokers", but did not include the Nactu submission.

Nactu's submission is now attached. Thank you… Continue

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We are currently looking for a registered Assessor with Services SETA on the following unit stds;

Business Writing Skills

Unit std ID: 12153

Interpretation and use of information from texts

Unit std ID: 119457

Presentation of texts for a Range of Communicative Contexts

Unit std ID: 119465

Your urgent assistance would be highly… Continue

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Professional Travel Guide writers needed

At we have no office! Our team members are placed all over the globe. We work from the beach or in the mountains, in cities or at the countryside, at home with kids or whilst traveling. is a collaboratively written travel guide (with a non-profit approach).

If you like to write, want to contribute and share your favourite restaurant in your hometown or some info on your traveling experiences, you share your… Continue

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Updated list of Service Seta Unit Standards

Dear all,

I have finally got my registration with Service Seta. I am registered for US 110057, 113924, 114959, 114974, 119459, 119465, 119636, 14352, 8420, 8618, 9960. There are quite a few unit standards that have expired and I have been trying to find an updated list of unit standards for Service Seta. Their website is no help and neither is contacting their offices. Can anyone help me with an updated list of unit standards for Service Seta or maybe a contact as to where to find… Continue

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Collaborative Assistance - policy information

I am looking for some collaborative assistance. I have a client who is the HR Executive of a large company in Cape Town. He is trying to find suitable HR policies on the following:

1) An MBA / MBL policy document (specifically for people studying an MBA / MBL).

2) A policy on Farewell parties !!

Can anyone assist me please ?


Trevor Gildenhuys

Talent Network

Collaboration is a recursive… Continue

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60 Learnerships offered by the Law Society of South Africa and the SASSETA

The “Candidate Attorney’s” learnership allows for attendance at a School for Legal Practice (ten centres) and service as a candidate attorney.

The distance school (with only 30 days attendance)

and the ‘night’ school present the candidate attorney who cannot be out of the office for six

months, with an exciting option.

Funding has been made available to L.E.A.D (the Legal Education and Development division… Continue

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