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Book on basic business and finance principles

Hi, can anyone recommend a good textbook on basic business and finance principles (and I mean basic)?  I'd like to educate someone on the subject and would like to read a good book first.  It should be aimed at an audience who has no idea how a business works, and must include basic finance concepts such as profit/loss, what "shareholders" are, and so forth.  It would be preferable if it's written in easy-to-understand English.  If it includes information on company-related legislation, that…


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How can we help teachers build skills for "handling difficult learners?"

We started our pro-bono Dream Dynasty programme at Centenary Secondary School, in Durban on Wednesday 25/9/2012.

The Dream Dynasty – Focusing on the Dream in Education

Aims of the Dream Dynasty

  1. To build highly-prepared, well-supported, values-based and mentored dream-focused school leavers – who know what they want from life and know how to get it.
  2. To create a safe and…

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IRASA Western Cape Seminar Breakfast Discourse 12 October 2012

The Industrial Relations of South Africa (IRASA) Western Cape in association with the UCT Institute for Development and Labour Law has arranged a special treat:

a breakfast seminar at a very reasonable price 

to be hosted at the Leeuwenhof conference centre (Leeuwenhof is the historic official residence of the Premier)




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Right wing people in the Netherlands

When I read the heading in the newspaper this morning about people singing the old national anthem of South Africa and trying to stop the unveiling of a statue of Mandela, I was shocked that especially the latter was still happening in South Africa.  I continued reading and to my surprise I read that it did not take place in SA, but in Den Haag, Netherlands.

Being against the murders that are taking place in SA is totally acceptable and understandable, but that there are…


Added by Wilma de Villiers on September 26, 2012 at 8:00 — 1 Comment

ABET - the answer to education?

Adult basic education is a constitutional right in South Africa.  Adult education is seen as the vehicle for social change.  Literacy alone was not adequate to support real social transformation and ABET was meant to offer an adult route to a general education: formal and informal training.  There are 4 ABET levels and level 4 gives access to the first qualification on the National Qualifications Framework.

There are a high number of adults with less than 8 years of…


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Why do women work?

I was telling my husband this morning that there are so many people that think I am ‘crazy’ to continue my studies at ‘this age’.  I am enjoying it most of the time and I am doing it for myself.  It is the same as work, most of the time I enjoy my work.

I stopped working when our first child was born and started working, not for money, but because I ‘missed’ working.  I quote the following:

"Even though women emphasize monetary needs, money is not the driving…


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Marketing Facilitator for Simba Pepsico

Simba- Pepsico is looking for facilitators to assist us with co- facillitation of Marketing workshop and Marketing material we are looking for 2 co facillitators. Any interested parties please forward me qoutes and information on their profile to        

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Thank you everyone for all your positive responses, but unfortunately the workshop is overbooked and we cannot take any new registrations.

However we will be conducting the same workshop again in other provinces, date and venue will be posted to you soonest.

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Remember the Future


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Cape Town factory workers peed-off

Source: Fin24

Cape Town - Workers at a Cape Town factory are "peed off" because money is apparently deducted from their wages every time they exceed a  12-minute toilet break, it was reported on Wednesday.

The Daily Voice reported that Capewell Springs factory workers in Epping felt the time limit was unreasonable.

"This  is a violation of our human rights...[Two weeks ago] money was deducted  from my wages for time lost," 40-year-old Keith Hector said.



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Marikana Truth EMAIL HOAX!!!!


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Turning FET Colleges into Centres of Innovation – follow up to the FET Conference 29-30 August 2012.

While one cannot argue that skills development is crucial for any country to alleviate poverty, and become and maintain competitive in today’s ever-changing environment, we have no idea what skills will be required in the future.

By the time learners studying for a technical qualification reach third year, half of what they learned in first year will be out of date! And of those now in Grade 10, at least half will find employment in a job that right now, doesn’t exist; half of the…


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Diversity and Change

I was watching the news and they did a translation on what Julius Malema was saying when he addressed the the miners.

He was saying that the GOVERNMENT was pigs and that it eats it's own people.


I was shocked at how he was allowed and still allowed to say and act in such terrorism against our government and president and also our people.…


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Why did you join SKILLS UNIVERSE?

I joined Skills Universe because I readExploring the world of work. The network for training

companies, facilitators, assessors, HR staff & everyone interested in people at work.”


Working at a training provider I was immediately interested.  In the beginning I followed discussions, but

did not participate.  I joined the groups that interested me and became more and more interested in



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Is Skills Universe a CIVIL SOCIETY?

According to Galin (2000) civil society is conceived as an arena of popular opposition politics.  To my understanding it is an area outside of the family, business and the state.  A civil society wants to advance a common interest or interests.  Non-governmental organizations and churches are examples. The societies are independent of the government.  During the apartheids years in South Africa the ANC was also an example of a civil society, but now they are the ruling…


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If there is anything that require South Africa as a nation to succeed in gaining the upper-hand and proceeding in a growing  and sustainable economy that may work for all of us then we need to seriously look inwardly at ourselves as human capital and talent management experts.

Most of us are really glorified human resources administrators and training clerks that have no leadership nor management skills. We deal in facilitating a process of training, payroll administration, personnel…


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Those who achieve this unit standard will be able to conduct assessments within their fields of expertise once they have been assessed as competent and have registered as constituent assessors with the relevant SETA. They will be able to assess performance against specific unit…


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Redefining the meaning of success

There is an urgent need in the world, and particularly in countries like South Africa, for a new approach to business. An approach that moves from “profit for me” to “value for collective growth”.

In the USA, certified B Corporations are a new type of corporation which uses the power of business to solve social and environmental problems B Corps, unlike traditional businesses:

  • Meet comprehensive and transparent social and environmental performance standards
  • Meet…

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Good Day

I am registered freelance assessor with ff US: 12484, 116534, 244176, 244177, 244189, 244182, 244184, 246694, 11505, 113924, 114979, 242825, 11508, 13912, 13936, 113852, 113909, 119472 and 244578.

If anyone out there needs the service pertaining to above-mentioned, obviously we know what to do. Thank You 

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If any of us even have a notion that democratic South Africa has built a pool of highly skilled Leaders, political, labour or business Leaders, you will be shocked at what you are going to find in our country today.

The Lonmin saga rages on whilst all the main stakeholders are keeping numb. The question is who and how are we going to target blame. Our democracy, our healing process, our dignity in human rights, our values, the "Rainbow Nation", all of what we have worked on is at…


Added by Moegsien Harris on September 10, 2012 at 19:10 — 3 Comments

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