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After I retired, my wife insisted that I accompany her on her trips to Tygervalley.

Unfortunately, like most men, I found shopping boring and preferred to get in and get out. Equally unfortunate, my wife is like most women - she loves to browse.

Yesterday my dear wife received the following letter from Tygervalley :

Dear Mrs. Harris ,

Over the past six months, your husband has caused quite a commotion in our store. We cannot tolerate this…


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Culture and Behaviour Leadership - 8

The challenge in getting small businesses to realise that their skills and expertise are sorely needed is slowly gaining some momentum.

What we really need to think of is how we can circumvent big business from using and abusing their extravant control over entrepreneurs. We need to create opportunies for entrepreneurs to emerge in a thriving economy where both the Corporate sector, Government sector and small businesses can identify the importance in putting all shoulders to the…


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E- Learning Platform

I am researching what e-platform would be best for me to upload and sell courses online. What platforms do you suggest?

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Training Required: 85 Senior Communication Officers & Assistant Directors Free State






1.1       Government Communication and Information System (GCIS) is a national government communication agency established in 1998. It provides strategic leadership and…


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Thank You

Thank you Sylvia for your kind words. It is a very difficult time, trying to come to grips and accepting what has happened. We were together for 36 years. She was only 61


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To all Skills Universe members

Please keep me and my family in your thoughts! My wife passed away suddenly on Thursday 23rd August. We were married for 36 years and I miss her like hell!

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The Economic meltdown in the global scenario sends us a clear challenge in finding solutions to the impact it has on humanity, environment and conservation, but more important the impact that it has on our culture 7 behaviour.

We need to debate and discuss what may be the answers to our co-existence, our transformation and our development in a true justice and trustworthy society that we can be proud of as a global socio-economic and political society in the making. We need to agree…


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New Employment Regulations 2013


We will no longer accept a doctor's certificate as proof of sickness. If you are able to get to the doctor, you are able to come to work.


Kort Kort pregnant is banned. You must first apply to your superiors and with their approval you’ll then be allowed to be pregnant. It will only be allowed once in 10yrs and you only get 1 month maternity leave. No male shall get leave related…


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What did you want to become when u where little? Do you still want to become that?

I recently spotted this question on twitter from Northlink College and it got me thinking of everything i wanted to pursue when i was young and to search my passion in so many directions it was endless. I was all revved up, full gear.

I ended up doing nothing i was passionate for or felt strongly enough in my bones to fight and say that this was what i wanted to become.

Reading novels and watching progams had a huge influence in my career choice.

My dreams and ideas…


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Student debt: The ultimate price to pay

A report by ABNdigital says that SA could be heading for a major fall as student debt continues to spiral out of control. This crisis could potentially cause greater damage than the recession of 2008 yet there is no end in sight to the financial commitments made by a desperate and unknowing student population.

The message to young people is that their hope, opportunity, future depends on a higher education, and some have bought into the idea that they need to get that education at any…


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Understanding delegation

When managers delegate they provide a framework and structure for employees. Employees know what is expected and what has to be done. It remains the manager’s responsibility to ensure each employee plays their part. Managers must select the right people for the right jobs, and assign them tasks that suit their skills and abilities. When managers delegate they must retain control and authority as they are still responsible and accountable.

Delegation is not empowerment

“I try hard not…


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It is evident that the global economic, political and social world is in disarray and the collapse of the Capitalist Economics and greedy Governments are fast becoming a reality.

The Capitalistic and Oppressive reign of terror over humanity are being aggressively challenged by the masses throughout the world. People have witnessed thousands of children, women, fathers, brothers and sons being massacred by vicious governments who are controlled by greedy and wealthy people who run…


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A senseless loss of life

The loss of life uncalled for

Why did they have to die?

Families left behind

Children without fathers

Wives without husbands

Sadness all around

Dear God - what has become of us?

Why such disregard for life?

Why not discuss - not demand?

Violence to gain attention

Why do leaders incite this violence?

Who to blame?

Not the question

The question is

Who caused these deaths?

Those responsible - no matter who

Must pay the…


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Do something about violence!

Before posting the blog I took a few minutes to think about the heading.  I did not want it to sign negative.  Being negative will not help to solve a problem.  So I decided on the heading: Do something about violence, because that can give us hope … we can DO something!


The cover page of Die Burger with a photo of policemen and the bodies of the mine workers takes up half of the…


Added by Wilma de Villiers on August 17, 2012 at 8:32 — 16 Comments

Training materials needed

I am looking for the following training materials for 2 day training sessions for each course.

• Record management / Bookkeeping

• Drafting business proposals / plans

• Sales / marketing (advertising/ promotions / branding / pricing and displaying, etc)

• The basics of networking

The materials should have if possible:

(a) a Learner Guide, (b)Learner Workbook, (C)Assessor Guide, (d)Facilitator Guide and (e) Matrix and all assessment targets formatives and…


Added by Victoria Siphiwe Mamvura-Gava on August 16, 2012 at 18:56 — 1 Comment

Is there an opportunity to review public private partnership?, or collaboration tactics

In the Sundaytimes article dated 1 July 2012 by Caiphus Kgosana and Thabo Mokone , under the caption “Back to School for Cadres” the Authors quote the Gauteng ANC Secretary, Mr David Makhura stating that the ANC amongst others, “ plans to halt the deployment of unqualified and unsuitable members to top positions in the government and parastatals” Mr Makhura maintained that the “ ANC has faced the barrage of criticisms as a result of a string of politically connected people who are either…


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Minister Manuel's address at launch of the first National Development Plan for South Africa

15 August 2012

South Africa belongs to all its peoples.

We, the people, belong to one another.

We live the rainbow.

Our homes, neighbourhoods, villages, towns, and cities are safe and filled with laughter.

Through our institutions, we order our lives.

The faces of our children tell of the future we have crafted.

Ladies and Gentlemen, that is our vision for South Africa in 2030, anchored in our Constitution. Today, we want to remind…


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Well the "Chickens have finally come to roost" as the global economic tides show very favourable towards a sustainable economic growth path for the Southern African Region.

The question that really requires an answer is "Are we Ready" for this challenge and its many opportunities. It is acknowledged that the United States of America asa well as Europe has failed in its quest to become the super powers over the developing world. It is clear that they can learn a lot from Africa as the…


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2.1 million Rand fraudulent maintenance payments recovered by Department of Justice

Reporting to a Select Committee, Department of Justice Director-General Nonkululeko Sindane explained that the majority of beneficiaries of maintenance payments are minor children and people living with disabilities.  In the 2011/12 financial year, 68 cases of fraud and corruption involving R2.6 million were investigated and R2.1 million has been recovered.

As part of the departmental objective is to improve service delivery and reduce fraud, electronic payments have been introduced. …


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When the assessment system fails the student

I believe most of us know of instances where lecturers or other staff members of learning institutions actually collaborate with students to cheat in examinations. This also happens after the examinations, for example where assessors are instructed by their superiors to inflate the examination results so that the learning institution will not look bad. Any such practice is a disservice to the students because ultimately students are required to perform jobs for which their studies were…


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