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Registered Cape Town OD Consultant needed


I need a SABPP registered OD practitioner to assist with a project in Namibia. If you are suitably qualified and experienced and Cape Town based please call me urgently on 082 4667086

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Beyond Philanthropy:towards investing in the future Dr Mamphele Ramphele

“Education remains the tried and tested route out of poverty” – Dr Mamphele Ramphele did not mince her words or pull her punches in addressing the UCT Alumni Leadership Forum. Explaining her topic: Beyond Philanthropy: towards investing in the future, Dr Ramphele is adamant – our destiny as South Africans is greatness. But our intensely unequal society is undermining our potential for…


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National Curriculum Statement Implementation Review: Task Team Report to Select Committee

Of interest to those working in Education, and parents involved in their children's education.

This is a detailed Powerpoint presentation of the 2010-08 NCS Implementation Task Team Report.ppt report to the Select Committee - an Implementation Review of the National Curriculum Statement. .

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For all those that are part of the Services Seta- OLG is offering free moderator training 'til March for all Services Seta members. you need to atleast have 6 months of Assessor experience.

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Internship - Midrand

THALES Defence Systems is contributing towards skills development by providing opportunities to gain work experience in various skills areas.

It is therefore inviting applications for an Internship Programme that would run for a period of twelve (12) months.

Applications must be graduates in any one of the fields specified below and must be at least 18 to 35 years old.

Successful interns will be expected to sign an Internship…


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By Lisa Bradshaw (Email: Weblink:

Sun 29 Aug 2010

How many of you out there have been watching or just taking note of the Inaugural Youth Olympic games? I am for one very excited… Continue

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Pakistan Relief: Day Five - Gift of the Givers

Issued by Gift of the Givers 27 August 2010



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Address by the Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe to "Magubane at 80 International Conference:An Intellectual Celebration"

This address will be of interest to educationalists and skills development practitioners, and all those attempting to make a positive contribution to current South African issues.…


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Leadership is about Trust and Honesty

The future success of managers and leaders centre on their ability to develop and sustain the levels of trust in an organisation and its leadership. To ensure trust levels are maintained there needs to be transparency, openness and honesty in every respect. Managers have a responsibility to…


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Free OSA : On-Line Skills Assessments on MS Office for all your Staff

OSA : On Site Assessments:
We will offer Free on Sites Assessments to your current staff whether there in CBD areas or rural areas, All the candidates have to have is access to a PC that is online & that can connect to our Assessment Portal on our website. It is a personalised assessment. Upon Completion we will of a report back to the relevant authority .the report will included a suggested Level that we will recommend the Candidate to start on. Let's chat ! Cheers

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Whose business is this strike? More questions than answers.

For more than a week public sector strikers have been picketing vital public services of health and education. Why?

In a Business Day article yesterday (25.8.2010) John Brand refers to the Constitutional right to strike suggesting that “A violent class war by workers against employers is not the…


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Solutions for Lenders to Combat Identity Fraud in Africa

In the fight against fraud, especially in Africa, identification is the

solution to get to know your customers and keep track of your employees. In this

article we will take a closer look at how biometric technology can be put to use

in your business so you can be sure someone is who they say they are. In

addition, we will also look at a case study of a biometric financial card system

that was implemented in Uganda to illustrate what can be done to…


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Do you want to become a Specialist in Credit Management?

Register for the Certificate in Credit Management

The next exam dates for the ICM Certificate in Credit Management 1 – 3 and the Advanced Certificate in Credit Management 4 is the 6th of November 2010. As one of the four accredited colleges, Compuscan

Academy recommends this highly sought-after programme and encourages

you to enrol today to become a specialist in Credit Management. This

certificate programme will empower you to…


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National Certificate in Micro Finance

Are you a professional already in the micro finance industry wanting to increase or build your knowledge and skills? If so, then the National Certificate in Micro-Finance is specifically for you. All you

need is a minimum grade 10 qualification and are already working for a

micro-finance organisation to enrol.

This qualification will allow you to:

  • Understand micro-finance business principles
  • Understand the legal, ethical and professional needs of the…

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Pakistan Flood Relief: Day 3-4 Part Two

Issued by Gift of the Givers 26 August 2010…


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Assessors/Moderators needing assistance to register with SETA

Call on all Assessors/ Moderators. Let us assist you with your registration at the different Seta’s. Forward your CV together with all relevant qualifications and we will evaluate and quote our fees.’

e-mail address:…


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How to deal with Change

I wrote an article yesterday on the topic above. If you would like to read, comment or share your insights, please feel free...

Here is the link:

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Are you a registered Assessor/Facilitator looking for freelance training assignments?


ONLY cape town / Western cape area

Are you a registered Assessor/Facilitator looking for freelance training assignments? We are a training company who are currently compiling a database of freelance facilitators to give…


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Day 3-4 Part One: Islamabad

Issued by Gift of the Givers 26 August 2010


Greetings of Peace

Dear Recipients

Day 3-4 More has to be done rapidly, intelligently and efficiently. Hunger and Thirst are everywhere; rampant Infectious Disease will be joining them very soon. It's time for further planning, logistics and procurement.

First stop, Air Force Headquarters in Islamabad; meet Base Commander Shoaib Khan; thank him for 250 Food Packs…


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It stands to reason that most government officials, politicians and labour representatives have never been an entrepreneur, and will therefore never understand what make sustainable economic growth & development shift in positive gear.

It will only be at that stage of their lives, when they participate in production activity will they come to realise what the real ingredients are to leadership, strategy and processes. Educating the masses through formal theory processes…


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