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Steps to Financial Freedom

I am happy to say that my book is starting to take off in a big way- I've spoken at the Jozi Book Fair and had articles in Drum, Entrepreneur and Leef magazines and The Ripple Effect newspaper. Next week I'm doing a workshop at the Swazi Sun. I feel so blessed!

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Smile & Move

It's all about a "Smovement" of service-minded people. I hope you like… Continue

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ANC Youth League representation on labour brokering

In the interests of balance, we are trying to publish all points of view related to the contentious issue of Labour Broking. This is the submission of the ANC Youth League.

Floyd Shivambu, ANC YL National Spokesperson, 26 August 2009

The ANC YL presentation and persuasion of the Portfolio Committee on Labour on the question of Labour Brokering is premised on the practical experiences of many young people across the country. The ANC YL’s 23rd National Congress gave… Continue

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COSATU, FAWU, NEHAWU, NUM, NUMSA, SACCAWU and SATAWU submission on labour broking

Prakashnee Govender, COSATU Parliamentary Officer, 26 August 2009

Presented to the Portfolio Committee on Labour on 26 August 2009


1. Introduction

1.1 The Need for Further Hearings at a Local Level

1.2 Other Forms of Atypical Employment

2. Decent Work and labour broking

3. Exposing the Myths, Lies and Deception

4. The Rights Affected

5. Conclusion


COSATU, and the affiliates present here… Continue

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Not a crisis of capitalism – just a crisis of neo-liberalism

Dr Stephen Gelb - not a crisis of capitalism.doc

Economists are in the dog-box! They completely failed to predict the global economic slump.

What were the underlying causes of this crisis? Dr Stephen Gelb shared the platform with Professor Adam Habib at the Annual Labour Law Conference, and provided… Continue

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Free the market, reduce wages and solve unemployment – crazy idea says Professor Adam Habib.

Free the market - Crazy says Prof Habib.doc

Professor Adam Habib addressed the topic: “Job Creation and Skills Upgrading – Challenges in an Economic Slump” at the 22nd Annual Labour Law Conference. If you missed the opportunity to be updated by leading academics and practitioners, you will find this summary goes to the… Continue

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Gautrain and 2010 could not happen without labour brokers

Members of parliament and a range of stakeholders are taking part in public hearings on the proposed amendments to labour laws to regulate the practice of labour broking.

The first presentation was from the consulting engineers and project management sector, delivered by Doug Armstrong.

According to Armstrong, projects such as the Gautrain and the stadiums built for the 2010 Fifa World Cup would not be possible without the flexibility that the use of labour broking… Continue

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Where just about ANYONE can be a success.

My Key focus - Be Motivated Today

· Passionately helping others better themselves and their financial situation.

· To generate residual or passive income – for myself and my teams

Financial Intelligence is key to unlocking South Africa’s potential and will go a long way in alleviating some of SA’s biggest problems…

Network Marketing is an accessible vehicle that I believe can transform the ordinary man in the street! Combined with the growing… Continue

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Do you know the social cost of occupational injury and disease?

In Das Kapital Karl Marx noted that in England the challenge of Health and Safety was not that there were no laws, but rather that there was a lack both of the will and the capacity to implement the laws.

Richard Spoor opened his presentation to the 22 Annual Labour Law Conference by making the comparison between this description of industrial England in the late 1800’s and South Africa today.

In workplaces there is a responsibility on employers to provide a safe… Continue

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Introducing a Training Layoff Scheme, regularising Labour Brokers, and enhancing Occupational Safety – the Minister of Labour’s agenda.

Labour Minister Membathisi Mdladlana is justifiably proud that the Unemployment Insurance Fund is in a position of surplus and able to contribute to securing jobs; in 1998 the fund was in the red. In September, details of the Training Layoff scheme will be announced - utilising the UIF surplus, with contributions from the National Skills Fund, which accrues from 20% of the skills development levies paid by companies with payrolls over R500, 000.00 per annum.

Addressing the 22nd Annual… Continue

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Lack of work opportunities for women and black lawyers hampers transformation of the Labour Courts.

Judge President Zondo in his conference welcoming speech to the 22nd Annual Labour Law Conference stressed the importance of giving women and black lawyers the opportunity to prove themselves. He speaks from experience – his own career received a boost when labour clients placed their faith in him, allowing him to start up a law firm, giving him essential experience in preparation for his successful career as Judge and Judge President. Currently there are 9 judges, and although progress has… Continue

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A giant Leap for education

John Gilmour has done impressive work for basic education in the Western Cape. Through his not-for-profit Leap Science and Maths Schools – with initial funding from the Shuttleworth Foundation - the school has achieved a matric pass rate of 94%, with 70% continuing on to tertiary-level education.

According to an article in the M&G (written by Barrie Terblanch), the results in Langa prior to the Leap School… Continue

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Services SETA Constituent Assessor / Moderator Queries, Assessor/Moderator Training 2009

Good Afternoon

My name is Anne Whittle, and I am responsible for the Constituent Assessor / Moderator process within the Services SETA. I would appreciate it if you could forward queries, complaints etc. to me with regard to Assessor / Moderator issues and I will do my best to assist. I will also be updating my page on a daily basis with current information, so please visit to vent/enquire/complain and hopefully once you have been properly assisted, compliment.

You can… Continue

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The Dinokeng Scenarios

I would recommend everyone reading the exercise recently carried out (by a large discussion group) known as the Dinokeng Scenarios. It will make you think and probably scare you to bits........but best one knows what the potential future possibilities are. A particularly serious issue is the impact that global competition will have on countries that do not build a strong knowledge economy, which in the case of SA, looks very doubtful with our poor educational status and depletion of skills in… Continue

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A Great Opportunity for You.

I would like to invite you to explore a unique concept which was established with a relatively new company based in Cape Town, South Africa.

The company is called Be Motivated Today and offers anyone an online motivational and empowerment program which will help you become successful through:

· daily motivation

· videos

· books and

· success courses.

With BMT you can also earn a passive income just by inviting others to the website.

Its a unique… Continue

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Pricing of assessment.

Herewith my thinking on the assessment pricing topic. I hope that posting a seperate blog rather than a reply is not poor web etiquette, something in which I am unschooled!

In the context of professional services I believe that pricing has to be based on cost as opposed to concepts such as “what the market will bear”, which is essentially where the discussion seems to be right now. Prices per credit/unit standard etc, although genuine attempts to find a rational basis for pricing,… Continue

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SMME's and Industries to be helped with R6 Billion

a recent article in "Die Burger" stated that the Government plans to tackle the Economical Crisis by giving R6 Billion to Small, Micro and Medium Enterprises, especially in the Motor, Clothing & Texstyle industries, and bigger motivation for the production of capital goods that will support and assist the country's infrastructure.

Mr. Zwelinzima Vavi, of Cosatu and Mr. Bobby Godsell of Busa is in negotiation for an "averall package to avoid retrencements", which will be… Continue

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As is the case with government elections, the SETA movement usually gets busy around the time restructuring and similar performance reviews / renewal proposals are due for consideration. Their standard party trick is to host a number of road shows and the like with appetizing appeals for constituants to attend. They then have all attendees sign the attendance register to demonstrate to their respective boards their level of active support around the country and the fact that they do engage… Continue

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Looking for an Assessor for SAQA US ID: 8648

I'm urgently looking for a qualified Assessor for Unit Standard: 8648 Values & Ethics.

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