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Trade union defends strikers against 'trashing' allegations

Announcement from SAMWU:

Trashing : The Good The Bad and the Exaggerated

SAMWU has noted press coverage on trashing and the comments of well known media commentators such as Tim Modise, and others who have used terms like ‘mayhem’ to describe the situation in municipalities where rubbish has been spilled onto the streets.

This union has called on all of its members not to trash, and will continue to do so. We acknowledge that it is… Continue

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International Masters Programmes for Trade Unionists

The Global Labour University

International Masters Programmes for Trade Unionists

Masters Programme "Labour Policy and Globalisation"

In January 2007 the GLU Masters programme with a focus on Labour and Development started at the University of the Witwatersrand (WITS), Johannesburg, South Africa. The core courses are: Labour and Development & Economic Policy, Globalisation and Labour.

Coupled with their Research Project which involves interaction with… Continue

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EE Report - October 2009

Hi all,
With the changes to the EE report for this years submission, does anyone know of any seminars or information sessions that are taking place to equip us with the necessary knowledge to complete this report?

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Attention small businesses that fall within BEE status

Black Business Supplier Development Programme


[ Black includes African, Indian and Coloured ]

· Apply Now!

For the government incentive/grant programme designed to assist, establish, promote, and develop your business.

(Black businesses includes African, Indian and Coloured enterprises with a minimum share-ownership of 51%)

· Benefits

The Incentive Programme is an… Continue

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The object of liberal training - 1909

I enjoyed finding this speech by chance, delivered by Woodrow Wilson, President of the United States in 1909:

"The object of liberal training is not learning, but discipline and the enlightenment of the mind. The educated man is to be discovered by his point of view, by the temper of his mind, by his attitude towards life and his fair way of thinking.

"He can see, he can discriminate, he can combine ideas and perceive wither they lead; he has insight and… Continue

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With all the identity fraud going around, it might be a good idea to check your details.

Check your marital status:


Check if you are alive or dead:



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Leadership for a New Economy

Leadership for a New Economy.doc

Academia has the responsibility to develop a theoretical foundation – an academic base – to develop a system of capital that is socially responsible. If we continue to educate executives, accountants, teachers - without inculcating how they contribute to our economy, to our country, then… Continue

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The 3 rules of project management

So – Its day one. I’m up earlier than the birds and the creatures of the night are starting to go to bed. I have been dreading this day for more than two weeks.

Today is “Project Planning” day.

I’ve realized early in my career that planning is the most important part of any project, just as Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I can go into a day without breakfast, but inevitably by 10AM I am worth about as much as that ‘creature of the night’ going to… Continue

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The Power of Continous Training

I have been working with a dynamic financial services company of 42 staff, since June 2008. My mandate was to lower the staff turnover and change the negative culture. The company had a staff turnover of 60%. After doing a needs analysis I designed and implemented a holistic programme delivering both soft skills and technical skills. The results are phenomenal. We turned the whole company around - we dropped the employee turnover down to 7% and upped the production by 20%. The company culture… Continue

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Construction (Roads and Infrastructure)Related Training Materials

Please help.

I am looking to buy training materials for some in house training I need to do and am finding it impossible. This is not accredited training and is just something we want to do to create an interest in further learning, to establish training needs, create some uniformity and awareness of standards within the company.

We would like to do this with our Foremen and Operators and plan to build on this project with accredited training by training providers through out the… Continue

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A university wish list

It’s sad that many people go to university before they are aware of the options available to them – in terms of establishing a career and networking a future for themselves. By that same token, it’s good that many go simply to live free of the worries that come with pursuing a high-flying career, making money, and carving a way for themselves.

But there are some things I regret from having gone to university fresh from a small town (having just turned eighteen) with precious few… Continue

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A different view from a 16 year old ?

I've read the comments and Blog (HIV/Aids related issues) and commented myself on this very important issue. Needless to say that this will be an everlasting subject as long as the numbers grow and the true statistics will never be true to the actual reality.

Thus the reason why I have asked my 16 year old daugther to write something about her view on this subject and related issues such as sex and STD's. This will give us maybe a better understanding towards our new Generation and I would… Continue

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Proclamation gives legal powers to new government Ministers

The Presidency has issued a proclamation that gives legal authority to the new education ministers, Blade Nzimande and Angie Motsheka.

All legislation in the education sector previously referred to the Minister of Education as the responsible Minister. President Jacob Zuma split the functions in his cabinet with Nzimande responsible for Higher Education and Training and Motsheka responsible for schools as Minister for Basic Education.

However the legal authority of the new… Continue

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The Social Plan - Turnaround Solutions/Interventions

I would like to hear from anyone who has registered with the NPI or Productivity SA as a service provider. The financial audit requirements appear to be a bit onerous so I am wondering if anyone has any advice to offer?

Turnaroundsolutions & ProductivitySA

The Social Plan Technical Support Facility, a unit of… Continue

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I read an interesting article: COMPANIES NOT RECLAIMING SKILLS REBATE, Cape Argus of July 1, 2009


The purpose of the SDA is to create a formal framwork to educate and upgrade people's skills.

Companies can claim back a percentage of the money spent on training. I cannot understand why companies do not send their staff more on training. I am fortunate to be at an institution that believes in staff development and not once that when I've applied to be send on a course,… Continue

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Do people fear creativity?

The answer is YES. We repress imagination/fantasy because of our fears associated with the unconscious, which is that mysterious space that we have been conditioned to avoid. We know this because PLAY and fantasy make people uncomfortable. One of the reasons is that ego-consciousness is afraid of what personal and collective unconscious content may project into the party. We fear TRUTH.

Jung views emotional dysfunction as most often a problem of psychological one-sidedness, usually… Continue

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Workers flex their muscles

Industrial relations is all about power. Employers usually want to pay their staff as little as they can, while workers want to earn as much as possible. The parties battle it out, sorry ‘negotiate’, until they come to an agreement.

We have seen a wave of industrial action lately, with even doctors learning to toi-toi to further their demands for more pay.

It does seem that Cosatu has a new sense of importance in Jacob Zuma’s South Africa and are using the opportunity to… Continue

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Use Keith Barends & Associates for all your Human Resources and Labour Law Solutions



Keith Barends started KB & Associates on the 19th of March 2003. Keith

focused his efforts in building an associate base, building up a client base,

as well as becoming accredited as a training provider with the Services SETA

and was granted Institutional Accreditation in October 2003


People are the core of the organisation; people make… Continue

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Ultimate Puzzle - ALT(Mx)

Test your right-brain skills. I am offering a FREE Brain Profile to anyone who can solve the puzzle at Ultimate Puzzle

The challenge you face is to discover a thinking process linked to the ancient mysteries: the Green Language, the Philosopher's Stone, and the Kabbalist's Daath. There is an innate language of thought, a right-brain heuristic, that is part of the puzzle and the key to your higher… Continue

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