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Research into the spread of HIV/AIDS in South Africa

Research into the spread of HIV/AIDS in South Africa


Can you assist?


While reflecting recently on the escalating deaths from HIV in South Africa I found myself wondering why, despite the ongoing efforts towards education, treatment and prevention, does the rate of HIV infection continue to escalate.


I believe there is a need to establish a balance between treatment and prevention…


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A unique training opportunity for the right qualified candidates-

Let me describe what I need you to do and then this may help you decide if this is an opportunity that includes you.

  • Can you imagine yourself training groups of 10-12 parents at a time in an office or factory environment? 
  • Some of the participants in the room may not understand their important role of being a dad and that they are the primary eductaor of their own child. It will need your skill to help cross this bridge.
  • The training session will be one hour…

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Sales Intern

Ince (Pty) Ltd has a vacancy for a Sales Intern who will be based in Sandton, Johannesburg and will report to Sales Director. This individual will be responsible for performing administrative duties as well as getting exposure to the Sales portfolio in the Investor Communications, financial advertising and creative environment, exposure in printing and annual report production.


The incumbent will display the following skills and attributes:


Relevant Marketing…


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Project Management Intern

Ince- motiv Division



Ince (Pty) Ltd has a vacancy for a Project Management Intern who will be based in Sandton, Johannesburg and will report to Project Managers. Post matric qualification in Marketing / Project Management is required.

Intern will be exposured to agency experience in a creative environment, advertising, printing and studio. 

Good theoretical knowledge of corporate identity, branding and annual reports. Commercial…


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Real Leaders are Trigger-happy

Nobody can be forced to be a leader. To be a leader one has to want to be a leader – it requires a conscious decision. I know a few talented individuals who simply do not want to be leaders – they don’t want the responsibilities and stress that go with leadership positions. I also know some executives who are not great leaders, because they have not taken the conscious decision…


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An Open letter to the Minister of Higher Education and the Minister of Training and Public Enterprises.

I am an unemployed graduate, a product of the National Student Financial Aid Scheme with more than six years in the labour market, seemingly with no prospect of ever getting a job, and the interests in the NSFAS loan accumulating that I am in serious debt even before I get employed. The fact that I am not the only product of this scheme facing this problem means the scheme will inevitably face a sustainability crisis in the not so distant a future. It is a fact that the country is facing… Continue

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Self Esteem – “Serving others is good”… or is it?

Self Esteem –

“Serving others is good”… or is it?

Self esteem is central to our survival. It is the basis of our well being. Entire books have been written on the subject of self esteem and yet, there is no single one unifying definition of self esteem.

A confidence…


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How long should it take to teach labour law skills?

Can you learn enough about labour law in a two-day course to be able to manage industrial relations in your company?

Bruno Bruniquel raises the issue this week in his article about industrial relations training in South Africa.  “The problem is that training specialists usually don’t know labour relations and most labour lawyers don’t know how to train. To make matters worse, unit standards relating to labour relations are poorly written and do not cover all the actual training…


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Irish turf cutters don't give a sod for EU bog ruling

Sometimes as South Africans, we think that our problems are unique.  I received this article about Ireland and the European Union by email and thought that it would make interesting Friday reading.  

Down in the bog, amid a field of black strips of turf stacked like Jenga sticks, Michael Fitzmaurice looks up defiantly at the plane snooping on his industry.  The aircraft is on the lookout for anyone still cutting, piling or collecting turf – an endeavour that the EU deems…


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NEW BOOK "How TO Get Motivated At A Work Place " only R150.00

Managers and team leaders have a responsibility for motivation

in the workplace. Well motivated employees work so much better

and are so much more productive and creative as they approach

their work with interest and enthusiasm. As a manager, you can

create such a motivated…


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TENDER:Supervisory Development Programme

Enquiry No BST-1114/11 Supervisory Development Programme



Re Invitation to Tender for SOUTHGOLD EXPLORATION (PTY) LTD


Technical Enquiries                                         : Lenn van Niekerk (082 804 1302)       


Commercial Enquiries                                     : Trudie James (017 773…


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UN Human Rights Council adopts SA sponsored resolution on sexual orientation

 Gertrude Mtsweni COSATU Gender Co-ordinator 

COSATU has congratulated the South African Government on taking a bold step and providing progressive leadership on a topic which was previously considered ‘hands off’ in the United Nations.


The UN Human rights Council has passed the first ever resolution, sponsored by South Africa, and supported by Brazil, that affirms the universality of human rights…


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Kader Asmal - a South African academic and educator of international repute

Kader Asmal was born in Stanger KwaZulu Natal in 1934.  During the apartheid years, he obtained a Diploma in Education at Springfield College of Education, and Bachelor of Law degree from the London School of Economics. 

He went on to obtain Masters degrees in Arts and Law, and served as a Barrister in both London's Lincoln's Inn and King's Inn in Dublin.

He was a Lecturer in Law at Trinity College in Dublin, where he held the position of Dean of Arts from 1980 - 1986,…


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ILO Convention and Recommendation on Domestic Workers

The International Labour Organisation (ILO) has a commitment to promoting "decent work" internationally.  The ILO  broke new ground at its 100th Commemoration Conference in Geneva from 1-17 June 2011, by adopting a Convention and Recommendation for Domestic Workers.

The Convention and Recommendation recognises domestic workers as an integral part of the global workforce.  Domestic workers make a significant contribution to the international economy but their work is still undervalued…


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freelance facilitator

Hi all

I am looking ofr a position either permanent or contract. I have been in training since 2006. Registered assessor with Inseta. Can train at nqf level 4 & 5 or even lewer if required. Strong customer focussed and good communicator. Look forward to your replies. Kindly contact Danny on 0836118384 or

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Performance Improvement Management - A guide to Managing performance Improvement.

Summary: The Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) is designed to facilitate constructive discussion between a staff member and his or her manager or supervisor to clarify the work performance to be improved.

“There is a great man who makes every man feel small. But the real great man is the man who makes every man feel great. -- G.K. Chesterton

 I am a firm believer in Performance planning and the power of a well-planned and measurable Performance Improvement Plan…


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Never Give Up


I started my hobby (flying model aircraft) about 2 – 3 years ago. But due to financial reasons and some stupid decisions on my part, I had to stop the hobby and sold all the equipment (the stupid decision of mine). Anyway … a few years later I had an opportunity to restart the hobby. I obviously grabbed hold of the opportunity with both hands and started purchasing all the equipment again; the radio, the starter, the fuel, the plane, etc. I registered with the…


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What are your views on the QCTO, will this councill make it easier for training providers to get accreditation or will it just make the process longer?

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What would the business world look like without the trait of human empathy? Let’s face it, as objective, rational and data-driven as we seek to make our organisational systems, the underlying truth is that all organisations are simply structured collections of those pesky subjective, unpredictable non-linear ‘systems’ that we call human beings. Empathy is undoubtedly the most important leadership skill of our times, because it gets us out of our linear machine-minds and right into the thick of… Continue

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