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HI all

Exturnal Moderator for all the Trades at a good rate please mail me

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Old Mutual Learner's Scholarship Progamme 2010

The Old Mutual Learners’ Scholarship Programme 2010

Do you know someone who could benefit from this…


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Is there anyone that can assist me with a tempory/permanent employment where I can apply my professional skils as an ETD Practitioner. Please contact me on 0798962659.

I really would apreciate the help.

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Is there anyone out there who can use my professionalism as an ETD Practitioner.

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It is necessary for us to see the NSDS iii as the greatest challenge for private providers whether it be assessors, moderators, verifiers, trainers, training providers, material developers and researchers etc. and see the many opportunities for all.

The public institutions and schools are not able to facilitate all of training and if you consider the FET's to be ready to take on the challenge, then I dare say that many of them do not have the infra-structure in order to carry…


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Grooming for Success

Check out the article in the Business Report of The Star today entitled Grooming for Success.

When embarking on a company training programme, the employee needs to have effective study skills which are easy to understand and apply. Unfortunately, most corporate training involves handing out a lot of theory which the individual is expected to know, or 'memorise', and when they arrive in the workplace they find that they cannot actually apply what they have learned. Those companies that…


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Hi, I am in the process fo obtaining my accreditation, and for the purpose of my POE, I am looking for an oranisation/institute that would afford me the opportunity of facilitating a training. Any assistance/advise would be appreciated. Many thanks, Di.

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Trade Test

Does anyone have any advice on how to register a trade in South Africa?



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South Africa - it does not matter

For all in Mzantsi,

Please play this attached file with your sound turned up to full.

SA - It Does Not Matter.pps

(For those not totally familiar with Powerpoint, if it opens as a presentation, click slideshow (the little TV down at the bottom) and when it ends right click to end the…


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Dealing with Difficult People at Work

A large portion of our day is spent communicating and interacting with colleagues and other individuals in the workplace. Often, our success or failure depends on how well we are able to communicate with others and on our ability to gain trust and co-operation.

Unfortunately however, not all people are alike and communication becomes very difficult when dealing with individuals who are considered to be displaying 'difficult' personalities or behavioural traits.…

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Retrenched? And you have some HR experience?

We are urgently looking for an HR practitioner to assist on a project for one month - based in Pta: Centurion. Would require an HR all rounder and VIP exposure would be an added advantage. Please contact me urgently:

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Must Read Instructions: how to "fly our flag" :)


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Bridging the learning environment and the workplace


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Info on the QCTO

I have heard rumours that small private training service providers are no longer going to be able to provide training according to the new National Skills Development Strategy and that this issue was tabled to be discussed in Parliament from the 14th until today (the 18th) of June. Does anyone have any clarity on this issue? Also will the QCTO now be in charge of the SETA's instead of SAQA? Who do we contact if we have problems with the SETA?

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There is no doubt in my mind that South Africa have of the best entrepreneurs in the world.

We as knowledgeable experts in the field of human capital development need to show Leadership and Vision and face the challenges and certainly the entrepreneurial opportunities that will emerge from projects like the 2010 World Cup. These opportunities can only present itself by positive entrepreneurs who have the talents of identifying the many opportunities facing us, and it is up to…


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It is a view that designated African, Coloured & Asian South Africans need to emancipate to their rightful positions in the Socio - Economic and Political environments that are now underpinned in our country's demoracy.

The NSDS iii is clearly a means to assist and support the historically disadvantaged in accessing education, skills training & development, whom many of them remain socially and economically disempowered. One of the key elements to the disempowerment of…


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The World Cup will be over in 4 weeks and then what?

We have had this dream about the World Cup. As is the nature of people it stops at the "World Cup." We have lived the dream for four years now. Even I watched soccer with my family as the spirit was in the air, and I am not a sport watching person.I like to enjoy the day when the sun is up.

My question what now? The tourists will go home soon [well in a few weeks time] I experienced tourists while riding my horse on Sunday by being waved at madly by total strangers. I must admit a lot… Continue

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Has anyone taken a ride on the Gautrain?

Hi all, I read that more than 20 000 people in Gauteng decided to spend their Sunday on the Gautrain - leading to it operating at 130% capacity. More than 40 000 people used the service over the weekend.

Did any Skills Universe members ride the Gautrain - and take pictures? If you did please let us know on the Skills Universe. You can upload the pics onto the site - us Cape Town-based people are very envious!

Do you think this was a once-off because the service is new, or do…


Added by Alan Hammond on June 14, 2010 at 15:01 — 8 Comments

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