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The value of 4-year degrees

Jack Hough has written a fascinating article on the real value of a four-year university education, in terms of value spent and value gained.

Reducing a degree to a financial decision, Hough takes the example of two matriculants – one who earns a degree using a financial loan, and by the age of thirty-four, starts adding to an index fund. The second young candidate starts out working at eighteen, invests the money he would have used for university, peaks at a lower wage than his… Continue

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Neethling Brain Instruments

I've attached a free e-book to explain the system. NBI is one of the world's leading batteries. Trainers, consultants, HR professionals, executive coaches, psychologists, business people from all walks of life, students and parents use the NBI products and services to help their clients and themselves take the guesswork out of personal and professional growth.

Available NBI™ Profiles: Adult Instrument; Teacher/Trainer; Eating Habits; Student; Parenting style; Leadership style;… Continue

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Ten Insights About Managing Talent

A Corporate Leadership Council report, based on extensive analysis of data from more than 150,000 employees in more than 200 organizations around the world, presents the chief human resources officer with 10 insights for increasing talent management effectiveness:

1. Product Brand Matters Little to Talent Attraction

2. Most Organizations Lack an Effective Employment Value Proposition (EVP)

3. Employees' Emotional Commitment Matters More Than Their Rational… Continue

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About Sincerity

Sincerity can be defined as the act of expressing the truth about our thoughts and feelings, free of lies and double mindedness. It comes in many forms, one of which is honesty. If the sincerity of your words is questionable, then nothing you say will be trusted.

By saying what we do not mean we only become unsure, not realizing that it is that exact reason we are indecisive.

Our own thought process needs us to be sincere most of all, because our minds need firm sure knowledge… Continue

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SA labour laws up for review

Labour Minister Membathisi Mdladlana is now in his eleventh year heading his department and shows no sign of slowing down. Speaking ahead of his budget speech to parliament Mdladlana explained that nearly all of the country's labour laws will be amended in the coming months.

The Labour Relations Act will be address more clearly the issue of labour broking and define exactly who is the employer in such working arrangements. The Unemployment Insurance Fund will also be amended so…


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Certified Business Professional (CBP) Training in August

Certified Business Professional
“The First Internationally Certified Business Skills Programme”

Business Management & Project Management
Business Etiquette & Business Communication
Customer Service
Leadership & Sales

Coming now in August!

Do not miss out on this opportunity!


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Justification Against Debt

I have studied the financial disciplines and have also seen the chaos of '95 in South Africa and what that caused. I have seen who profited and who lost from it. Also trained in banking and understand clearly how the system works, who it profits and who it costs. I know the philosophy behind the making and the use of debt. Also I have studied the economics involved, and in the present situation there is nothing in South Africa's way of thinking that can prevent interest rate… Continue

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Business Pulse Survey

This was the subject of this week's Business Pulse survey. We wanted to know which platform would be the choice for businesses at this point next year. The results broke down as follows:

LinkedIn -- 39 percent
Facebook -- 26 percent
Twitter -- 19 percent
Other -- 12 percent
MySpace -- 2 percent

Join our webinars on building LinkedIN profiles and making powerful connections.
Go to for more info

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The manager's cheat sheet: some essentials

Many managers in South African SMEs might find themselves dealing with more than just a company’s human resources. And despite the diverse workload, it’s still absolutely crucial to stay connected with the members of your team, whether it’s in the way you sit in your office chair, how you delegate tasks, or simply in giving credit where credit’s due.

If you can command the best body language and manage yourself first before getting along with employees - then meeting deadlines,… Continue

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International Training Project using Mobile Laptop Labs

We have just successfully completed a two-month training project in Serengeti, Tanzania involving a major wildlife tourism group. We flew in a lab of sixteen laptops to the clients premises and rotated two trainers. Trained / upgraded a total of sixty employees at various levels of computer literacy as well as an intro to MS Project. From the clients point of view, there was simply no comparison with their previous alternative of having to fly and accommodate this number of people in Arusha,… Continue

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ROI in training and development - is it a Myth?

I have done an ETDP course on ROI for T&D in the work place. Theoretically it seems sound however I find it difficult to isolate training as the main factor of improved revenue since there are too many variables that can influence the revenue.

Do you have a real world case study that you can share with me, where a major company is evaluating its training department on ROI as appose to cost?

One of our challenges is to convert our training department from a cost centre to a… Continue

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Computer Facilitator

Hi Guys

I'm looking for half day position to facilitate Computer, I'm working as a Lecturer in one of the Universities here in Gauteng but i've got flexible hours

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Talent Management - On Recruiting

“In short, hiring is the most important aspect of business and yet remains woefully misunderstood.”

Source: Wall Street Journal, 10.29.08,
review of Who: The A Method for Hiring,
Geoff Smart and Randy Street

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FCC 2009 Images

Is there anybody out there looking to get for their publication images from the FIFA Confederations Cup 2009. I am one of the accredited photographers by FIFA. I have currently the Bafana Bafana vs Iraq pictures. My schedule for the FCC 2009 is as follows

* 17 June 2009 - Bafana Bafana vs New Zealand - Royal Bafokeng

* 18 June 2009 - USA vs Brazil - Loftus

* 20 June 2009 - Iraq vs New Zealand - Ellis Park

* 21 June 2009 - Italy vs Brazil - Loftus

The… Continue

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Looking for 6 benchmark specialists in the steel and manufacturing industry

I have a request from a client to find 6 benchmark specialists that can we involved in a long term national project.

The experience needed is as follows:

High level experience in the manufacturing field.

Able to work with top executives on the project.

Manage the online tool to do the benchmarking.

Have own vehicle.

You may be retired and looking for short term/ flexible contract.

You will be trained and briefed on the… Continue

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Urgent need a Free lance Soft Skills Facilitator and Computer Facilitator PTA Only Please


I have a short contract for PTA Free lance Facilitator, to start a.s.a.p sal R700 per day PTA 30 days CPT 28 days this will include a 15 day Computer Skills course. Please forward your C.V to my email address.

Prev for PTA only

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It Is Still A World For Quality Talent

This series of BLOG'S deal with the important issue of managing talent.

For organizations to be sustainable, one of the key elements is to build a foundation for current and future success. How often do we see new ventures, structure and system implementations where the design was really good, the training was excellent but still after a year most of the people who were the drivers for innovation and change, or those who had the expertise to implement, left for greener pastures. The… Continue

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This book presents the pillars of banking approach to managing banks.

The aims of this book are to:

• define what banking is all about;

• origin and evolution of money

• an overview of the monetary system in the USA

• bankng basics

• the role of the FED

• history of inflation in the 1970s

• forms of money

• money laundering

• functions and nature of banking business

• historical developments in the South African… Continue

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ABOUT THIS BOOK .................

This book presents the fundamentals of managing risk.

The aims of this book are to:

• define a risk manager;

• define what risk management is all about;

• define various categories of risk;

It is hoped that the book will appeal to students at undergraduate, graduate or post experience level in business or management, or on related professional courses. It is also hoped that the book will appeal not only to those aspiring to… Continue

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