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Training provider needed

I need to obtain a Training service provider who is able to assist me with either a learnership retaining to this SAQA qualification, or alternatively are able to facilitate a skills programme(s)
FET Certificate: Generic Management (NQF L 4, SAQA ID: 57712) or alternatively Generic Management (NQF L5, SAQA ID:59201)

If anyone is able to assist me I can be contacted on 083 895 5210 or email
Thank you

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Training intervention strengthens credit knowledge in Rwanda

One hundred and sixty representatives from banks and Microfinance Institution (MFI’s) in Rwanda are currently undergoing an intensive 3-month credit awareness qualification.  The training stems from a need identified by Central Bank of Rwanda for deeper credit knowledge at banks and MFIs in the wake of making financial services available to SMME’s and individual entrepreneurs. Compuscan Academy, a specialist credit training company, won the tender to deliver the training to over 160 learners…


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Hi Des Squire- I appreciate is, I have included a lot of real life corruption case studies in it. I know some people will cry (What corruption). At some point, we must talk the talk and walk the walk. Take care Man----- .

Added by Dr John Mbuya on May 30, 2012 at 4:54 — 1 Comment

How i feel about The SKA Project

Is it just me or does the SKA project give you a  buzz similiar to the world cup. I am super excited not just for the possibility to see ET -lol!! not the movie, but extraterrestrials. The possibility of every sci-fi movie i have ever watched to come into reality play.


Ok, maybe i am seeing SKA for my own personal excitement. I do believe we will all benefit from The SKA Project, this new project can lead to so much more possibilities than just meets the 'EYE'. We could be…


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The Education, Training & Development landscape in South Africa is widespread and peopled by a variety of practitioners; from Trainers to Assessors and Moderators, to Coaches and Mentors and Learning Material Developers.  That means thousands of people who practice with varying degrees of success yet there is a small group of Practitioners who have made a name for themselves.  How do they manage it?  Each one has a strong moral compass from which they do not waver.  Each one believes in…


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The reasons why Recruiters don’t phone you back!

All you have to do is have a look at Hello Peter to see how extremely angry candidates get when Recruiters don’t go back to them. I understand their frustration as they took time out of their busy day to apply for the job, spent money to go for that interview, only to be abandoned and left hanging without any feedback on the final outcome of the recruitment process. I agree it is rude and unprofessional!

In my defence I have always tried to go back to candidates and I even received…


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Update on the Quality council for Trades and occupations (QCTO)

At a recent meeting of the Parliamentary Committee on Higher Education the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO) outlined its role and function.

In terms of it’s mandate the QCTO is required to advise the Minister on policy matters, design, development and maintenance of occupational standards, quality assurance of the qualifications, and promotion of the National Qualifications Framework.

The QCTO stressed that it wished to ensure that every qualification offered…


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National Constituency Capacity Building Workshop. 2012

 Every Private Training Provider in SA is yet reminded of APPETD capacity Building Workshop. To discuss NSDS III and Governance matters. The workshop is for free.

For more information you can contact Greatwill at: 011 234 3104/5.

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C=M+D-A. Where C= Corruption: M= Monopoly; D= Discretion and A= Accountability

Corruption equals monopoly plus discretion minus accountability. Whether the activity is public, private, or non-profit, whether you are in Washington or Ouagadougou, you will tend to find corruption when someone has monopoly power over a good or service, has the discretion to decide whether you receive it and how much you get, and is not accountable. (extracts from my forth coming book)

Added by Dr John Mbuya on May 27, 2012 at 7:28 — 1 Comment

Just about every company says it innovates. Yeah right!

Companies like to use the word "innovation" all the time. CEOs, Annual Reports and Press Releases are full of it. Businesses throw around the term to show they're on the cutting edge of everything from IT to customer service. But that doesn't mean the companies are actually doing any innovating. Instead they are using the word to convey everyday progress.

Innovation has become a cliché. Clayton Christensen, a professor at Harvard Business School and the author of 'The Innovator's…


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Hard work Pays off!

I just got such an amazing phone call from my mom, and i have the need to share.

She starts work at 8am but gets to work at 6:30am, she is always available to work overtime when needed be.

She told me that the other staff members always tells her she is mad to work so hard and to start work so early.

My mom is a very appreciative person. She had a slight stroke a few years ago and had to quit her previous very stressful job. Through physical reabilitation she was able to…


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Ithumeleng Rufus Madisha

Please send me your email address to and I will then be able to send you more detailed information re our earlier discussion.

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Why should you have all your jobs on your CV?

A candidate asked me why I thought it would be a good idea to have all of his jobs on his CV???  And I answered with the following 5 reasons:

  • You never know what a Recruiter is looking for. You may not have been successful for the current job, but now that they have seen all your experience, you may just match the next job that comes in.


  • Some recruiters will need all of this information to complete their recruitment process, and with the…

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Internship opportunity for tech-savvy graduates

Graduates interested in being considered for an opportunity to participate in…


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Empower a Community Today

Last year Compuscan Academy hosted free Money Management Workshops for over 100 individuals in communities across South Africa. This year, however, we are asking you to help us reach even more communities in need by nominating a community that you believe will benefit from the financial insight provided during these workshops.


In the words of Nelson Mandela: "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." At Compuscan Academy we…


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Public Speaking - sticking my neck out a bit...

I recently received a mail from Skills Universe regarding Andy Harrington the public speaker. I was delighted to receive a free ticket (I suspect that all the tickets were free?) I have been wanting to seriously step into public speaking for some time. Its part and part of the dream life that I am creating. He was good... really good and gave some excellent tips. I was one of the bold people that volunteered to try one of his speaking methodologies regarding…


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How to cultivate innovative thinking

I read somewhere recently that “Culture is the playing field of innovation”

Innovation is in essence a means of creating value for customers. It is a means of developing a “lofty vision”. It is a means of fulfilling dreams and aspirations.

When this happens in a business environment the company must be open to ideas and be “fertile ground” for the seeds of ideas to grow.

A company, an environment or an individual that is empowering and flexible will welcome ideas and…


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NPC extends deadline for comments on National Development Plan

The National Planning Commission (NPC) has extended the deadline for comments and inputs to be made on its National Development Plan until May.

"Due to the robustness of the current debate on the plan, the NPC has decided to further open for written submissions until 30th May 2012, with the intention of giving South Africans more time to make their voice heard in South Africa's first ever long term development plan," the Commission said on Monday.

So far the NPC has…


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National Constituency Capacity Building Workshop - DHET & APPETD

On behalf of DHET and APPETD you are invited to attend a workshop that will focus on the following:

NSDS III advocacy and legislation

What is NSDS III?

The development of the QCTO system and its impact on private providers

The amendments to the FET Act and its implications for private providers

The Green Paper for Post-school Education and Training.


Corporate governance and the new Companies Act

The new companies Act



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Estimate time taken to assess a unit standard

Hi there. I have recently become an assessor and I need to assess a unit standard, to help my company become accredited. They need to know how long it would take to assess each PoE. How do you estimate that? .

Added by Nerisha Bhajun-Visser on May 21, 2012 at 9:56 — No Comments

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