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Stress-less Strategies


Thank you for taking Key Steps to "be the difference that makes the difference"

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A simple pot of tea.

I remember, many years ago, when tea leaves were used to make tea. A teapot often came with a beautiful snug cover, called a tea cosy, just to keep the teapot warm. There was even a mini industry - where the local grandmothers would compete with each other to create the best and most beautiful tea cosies .

Tea making was an art, and many long discussions went around the process. Some people warmed the pot first, others put their tea in first - others the hot water. There were… Continue

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I opened my personal email account to check my mail. To my surprise i received 4 emails from so called recruiting companies requesting my CV, a good copy of my ID, as well as any other documents, such as certificates and / or reference letters, that can support my application.

The scary thought is, Firstly i have not applied for any positions and secondly it is not so long ago i read on the Skills- Universe about this recruiting scam. Now my question is: how did they get my email? An… Continue

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Grilled cheese and all-nighters: what really counts in a CEO

There is a rumour that Warren Buffet went to a fifteen-course Japanese banquet and ate nothing – because he only eats spaghetti, hamburgers and grilled cheese sandwiches. But do CEOs need to be charismatic, people-pleasing demagogues just because an empire rests on their shoulders?

Steven Kaplan, Mark Klebanov and Morten Sorensen recently completed a study called “Which C.E.O. Characteristics and Abilities Matter?” In it, they looked at 316 CEOs and their companies’ performances, and… Continue

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Tertiary institutions

What might the future hold for private universities in South Africa? What makes a private university credible?

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Will our 2010 service delivery score an own goal?

RO's article service perception.doc

2010 provides us with an opportunity to showcase our country and our talents; all visitors will need to check into hotels and boarding establishments, and they'll all need to eat and drink. Riaan Oosthuizen's article - previously published on - asks whether… Continue

Added by sylvia hammond on May 23, 2009 at 22:30 — 2 Comments

Quality and risk management systems

Dear All

Is your company ready to implement HACCP and ISO? you can contact Wofgang Huber at Isologic. Website is www.isologic.

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Changes in store for university courses

New Minister of Higher Education and Training, Dr Blade Nzimande, has signalled his intention to look into university curricula in an effort to make them more relevant to South Africa.

“Curriculum is a deep, deep challenge – it is one of the most immediate things that we’ve got to tackle,” Nzimande said this week.

“While it relates to the international, global world, it is also a curriculum that is rooted in our own reality in terms of culture and developmental… Continue

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Does your company prepare you for retirement?

Your job defines who you are. A job gives you an identity, meaning and a sense of competence. Retiring from a job involves more than simply ending a career. Work also provides goals and challenges, routines, social activities, financial security and if you are lucky social support and a sense of belonging. We may have expectations of retirement and after retiring, find that the reality is not what was expected.

I would like to… Continue

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How Are You Using Future Trend Analysis In Your Business?

I am a researcher for Shaping Tomorrow - - and I was wondering how you use future trends in your business. Since the credit crunch we are operating in a new world of business and if you are not aware of this then you may well be left behind.

Your thoughts and insights will be appreciated.

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Onboarding insights: a little human touch

Onboarding or inclusion in the business world is about ensuring every employee brings their number one game to work, with the end result of an engaged workforce and a lucrative enterprise.

A dictionary definition of inclusion reads: “A sense of belonging: feeling respected, valued for who you are; feeling a level of supportive energy and commitment from others so that you can do your best work.”

In a South African context, when a layer of cultural diversity is added to the… Continue

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Quality Assurance IT and Fine Arts - Frustrated SDF currently

Good day all,

I have become rather frustrated with the admin process at MERSETA. I have sent numerous emails to the Quality Assurer at MERSETA to conclude last years Learnership. I did email Dr. R Patel, and at least one learnership is on the way to completition I hope. It's been 3months and counting...

I need to source a Quality Assurer to assess and moderate a Learnership of IT and Fine Arts. Does anyone have any SETA contacts to assist with this?

Thank… Continue

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Scams in the recruitment environment

Fax Scam!

I am still receiving feedback from candidates who receive an unsolicited email requesting them to fax their updated CV and supporting documents (which generally includes ID, Drivers licence and certificates). The fax number 086 email to fax number and in some cases they also claim to be contacting you from one of the larger recruitment agencies! Unfortunately scammers use this information to steel your identity and qualifications and in the worse case marry you off or open… Continue

Added by Denise Mc Creadie on May 15, 2009 at 17:15 — 3 Comments

Looking for a learnership/training in office Administrator

Hi! im looking for a learnership training for office administrator im a reception but i dont have enough material or any paper work, yes i have experience but its had for me to apply to other companies because of not having qualification. any one with information to assist me please call me 078 5135 359 or email me any format of material that will relate in my experience of reception i'll be glad if i can get something that will help to inprove my skill email

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Government debates moving skills development from the Labour Dept

ANC Secretary General Gwede Mantashe has confirmed that the ruling party is discussing moving the Skills directorate from the Labour Department to the newly formed department of Higher Education and Training.

Speculation about moving the skills development initiatives that are run by the Department of Labour to the Education Department has been simmering for many years.

The establishment of a new government under President Jacob Zuma has ushered in a new era with an… Continue

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The going just got tough for BAs

"As lower skilled and manual labor jobs decrease in availability, the education held by blue-collar workers is no longer adequate to obtain an ideal job. In order to adapt, these individuals have turned to higher education opportunities.

"This trend has caused a boon in the lower cost, more flexible education alternatives such that today, there are around the same number of people holding bachelor's degrees as there were people who held high school diplomas in 1950."

Is… Continue

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Mr President posted on behalf of Harlan Cloete

Mr President

11 May 2009

Harlan CA Cloete

On Saturday, May 9, my daughter and I were glued to the television set as we joined millions of South Africans to witness the inauguration of the 4th South African president. It also provided an instant opportunity for father and daughter to reflect on the road South Africans have travelled to realise their collective dreams. It made me feel immensely proud that the father of our nation, Nelson Mandela also graced the event with his… Continue

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Life’s Lessons from Little Leaders

It is in times like these that we need to look, to our children, for the kind of lessons that will sustain us, and our businesses.

I recently rigged up a 25 metre, three-rope bridge, between one tree and another. Our 8 year old boy, Lliam, looked at the bridge and whooped with delight. Within seconds he was up the tree and on to the bridge. He soon worked out his balance, and how to place his feet. Within in minutes he was in the 2nd… Continue

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Ownership - Victim or Victor?

One of the most amazing things that I have observed, time and again, in our transformational team building programs - is how easily some people give away ownership for their lives. In so doing they destroy themselves, their relationships and groups that they belong to.

The deeply ingrained, Industrial revolution-linked, top-down management style prevalent in many families, companies and organizations, has left behind a bundle of… Continue

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Online education helps families

This article at my makes the connection that the majority of parents who are working full or part-time are the same parents who are living below the poverty level. The article places online education as quite a good way for both parents and their children to get cheaper and more accessible education.

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