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Greetings of Peace

Dear Recipients


Members of SKISA Team South Africa are raring to "Go for Gold" at the forthcoming Gift of the Givers International Kanazawa Cup Tournament scheduled for 30 April 2011 at the Fred Crookes Sports Centre, Durban University of Technology campus.


An important aspect of this tournament is the…


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What is Wealth?

Wikipedia says;  

“Wealth is the abundance of valuable resources or material possessions, or the control of such assets.”

But I disagree, wealth is the measure of your capability to do what you want to do, when you want to do it, where you want to do it and with whom you want to do it with. The extent of your immediate available choice.

 We have all been led to believe that wealth is all about material possessions, but in fact wealth is…


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Learning material on sale

When I'm not trying to become a writer, I consult as a skills development specialist. And so I'd like to introduce my world of work to the world. I run a skills development company called Ewurum Consulting (EC) whose focus is the skills development of corporate South Africa. I hope that my blog friends will help publicize my venture and by so doing help sustain the Great Agony encumbered upon me by my artistic demands.....hahaha. For more please visit My Training Co on this link:… Continue

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Article on the state of ABET and what needs to be done!

Leading into the Easter weekend I thought I would trawl for an interesting article that would be more practical and action focused. Dr.John Aitchison's thought provoking article on Adult Basic Education and Training (ABET) certainly fits the bill. Currently we are being bombarded by SETA-based issues and coverage, it makes a really nice change to see something straightforward and targeted at resolving problems, which John is really good at.…


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Gazette of SETA board appointments by Dr. Nzimande and DHET!

Dear All, for everyone's interest here is the new gazetted list of the revised boards of all the SETA's as per the new board constitutions. Makes for interesting reading!



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Update Nzimande versus Blumenthal, article on court proceedings

For those of you following the current battle between embattled Services SETA CEO Dr. Ivor Blumenthal and the Minister of Higher Education and Training, Dr. Nzimande might find this article by Sue Blaine from the Business Day an interesting read.

From my perspective the report seems to focus more on the rising specter of resource control, that the behind-the-scenes objective is ultimately the Services SETA levy income and who has access and control of the levies. For me, stepping…


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Facilitators, Assessors and Moderators required in KZN, Gauteng, North West, and Cape Town. For a skills programme for Level 4, junior Government officials. For more info: Kindly contact, Manda Mabeb…

Facilitators, Assessors and Moderators required in KZN, Gauteng, North West, and Cape Town. For a skills programme for Level 4, junior Government officials.

For more info:

Kindly contact, Manda Mabeba

021 881 3196 or e-mail me on:



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Time Management is a big thing - the difference between success or failure

Time - is money

So we do need to spend it wisely (Spend it) just like we would spend money.

These are some of the tips that have worked for me:

Clear my desk every evening

Make a list of jobs I need to get done the next day (Order of Priority)

Finish each task one at a time - Sales in the morning - the calls when everyone is fresh

Transfer the jobs not done on the one day to the next day.

FOR all of this I keep a large black hardcover book -…


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Work Smarter by Choosing Distance Learning

Some of the best advice given to credit providers during an economic downturn is to work smarter. This is especially important when you evaluate ways on how to cut costs and improve your employees’ performance.

Choosing distance learning over costly in-person training is one of the ways of working smarter during tough economic times in achieving your organizational goals. The capabilities and experience of your employees during these financial adverse times, make…


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How To Focus And Get Things Done.

When I meet a new client I can almost guarantee that one of the things they are going to say to me is that they “struggle with time management”.  Life just seems to be getting busier and busier and often there just seems to be more and more work to be done in a day.


This week I thought I would share with you four different coping tactics that I recommend to my clients that you can implement straight away in your business.


  1. Plan In…

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I have a client that is urgently looking for a provider that will take candidate attorneys through a learnership. Please get in touch with me on This is rather urgent. I have been through the SASSETA website but find it difficult to traverse.



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looking for job

I am a graduate and looking for any company that can offer me a junior position nor any position that will help me to advance my career level. I am hard working,energy driven,fast learner and eager to learn. I love working with people ,I have good personality and presentable. I bring my abilities and willingness.

For my cv you can contact me on :

Kind Regards

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Managing Incapacity

Incapacity or the inability to perform the functions of a job can be the result of illness, lack of knowledge, or simply being incapable of doing the job. Not having the ability to do the job due to ill health is very different to being incapable of doing the job for some other reason. When considering the management of incapacity it is important that clarity exists.


Managing incapacity where the employee is incapable of doing the work is relatively simple and most managers…


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Serving the wrong outcome?


I am of the opinion that training moved from servicing the operation towards providing qualifications?  There is a real difference between the two - or not?


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SAP eLearning course

The development team at Synergy Learning Solutions have been hard at work developing an eLearning course for SAP Navigation and Overview (a basic introduction to SAP). This course is fully interactive and contains audio and assessments. For further details contact us on


Synergy Learning Solutions specialises in taking your existing training material and converting it into an eLearning…


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We Offer National Credit Act Compliance Audits!

With the onset of the National Credit Act (NCA) you may find yourself in a situation where compliance issues have a noticeable impact on the processes and procedures followed in your business when you grant credit.

The NCA provides specific guidelines in terms of credit agreements, credit granting procedures, fee structures, and consumer rights as well as on the collection of debt that you need to abide by.

Non-compliance to any of these provisions can have a severe…


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Keep your kids from getting HIV

Keep Your Kids from Getting HIV

With acknowledgement to -

I downloaded this article from the internet and trust it will be of benefit to some readers. Comments and feedback will be welcome particularly if we can relate the content to South Africa.

If you are a mom or guardian of a teenager, you need to educate yourself and those you love on how to protect… Continue

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6th Annual Labour Film Festival




2011 Labour Film Festivals kickoff on…


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The 3 Things That Get In The Way Of Your Dreams!

We all have dreams and goals that we want to achieve in our lives.  For most of us mere mortals this is a difficult, on-going process.  We seem to get focused, take a few steps forward, a step back, or for some reason or other our plans seem to get de-railed completely.


Sometimes this is because of factors beyond our control but often our success or lack of it lies more with us than we realise.


Over the years, working with many different people, I have found…


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What Do New Year's Resolutions & Goals Have In Common?

What do New Years Resolutions & Goals Have in Common?


Quite a lot really! 


For most of us here in South Africa work pretty much grinds to a halt over the Christmas & New Year period.  Through tradition New Year is the time when we evaluate our lives and set resolutions.  However, 70% of people don’t even bother to do this anymore because by the 10th of January, most resolutions made have already fallen by the wayside.  After a few…


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